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What is the word GG in the game? and how to use it properly for gaming?

Although the current technology has made great advances in the field of human-to-people communication when playing games, the most typical example is the chat, but we can not deny that at this time chat Text messaging is still one of the most popular forms.

And if you're a gamer of games like DotA, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) or League of Legends (LOL) ... then you've probably used the word GG to communicate with teammates, or enemy teams, right?

Or when watching major tournaments, you will also see the chat gamers are GG after the match is over.

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So exactly the word GG What does that mean? And how to use it for the most polite and civilized? If you are having the same questions as above, let us find the answer right in this article!

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#first. What do GG, GGWP in the game mean?

In this article I will take familiar games like DotA, CS: GO, LOL to explain for you to understand!

If the handshake, hug of players, players in sports such as soccer, volleyball, table tennis, ... gamers will use words like GG, GGWP instead of that.

GG is actually an acronym for the phrase Good Game, also GGWP stands for phrase Good Game Well Played, meaning both teams fight hard with their abilities and play well.

It is used to show respect for opponents, sportsmanship and a moderate attitude between the two playing teams rather than to show disdain, disdain as some negative components, buffalo children are still used.

The action of chatting "GG" when the game ended has appeared since the early years of the 21st century, when Online games are still something far away in Vietnam.

And from there it became a habit, a tradition of gamers. For example, as shown below, at the end of a tournament match of CS: GO, players of 2 teams Ago and GTV.Revolution (VN) all chat GG as a way to show respect for each other.

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#2. Using the phrase GG in the game so that it is reasonable and civilized?

Although the phrase GGWP and GG meaningful and purpose so many gamers still do not fully understand it, and use it indiscriminately, at the right time in the right place.

Typically, Vietnamese gamers are confused and defaulted that GG = Surrender like FF of League of Legends, this thinking is just so wrong.

By the way I also use League of Legends as an example to tell you about the mistake in using GG this.

For example, after you finish playing a League of Legends match, if your team loses and the opponent has a chat “gg” or “ggez” (ggez mean Good Game Easy) means it is showing contempt for your team.

Or to put it bluntly, it is cursing you and your team, ** this game is so easy ... but not meant to respect you like the few remaining, most of it.

If you win, the opposing team can chat or not, some also use words GG To imply that you guys are so mean, winning is lucky, something like that, very few people use it for the right purpose.

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Then, if you and your team are very strong, you can win team fights, but you cannot win right away.

And have teammates or total chat buddies GG or GG ĐI then it means "you've lost, you don't have to win, surrender" and then you are tripped by them, until then humiliating where to hide your face.

Or Conversely, when your team is losing and your teammates chat "GG" or "GG GO" as above, your teammates will understand as "surrender to you guys, you cannot win, lose, and fight."

I HAS TO BE HAPPENED, if you want your teammates to surrender, chat straight away "Give in"Or"FF go"Okay, don't be confused like this, very harmful.

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That is how words are used GG The most common of young buffaloes are Vietnamese and other countries. So, you should only chat GGWP or GG when the game is over, and should use the phrase GGWP in Vietnam rather than the word GG, and if you play in a foreign server, you can use whatever.

Avoid using phrases GGEZ, it is like you chat GG before the end of the game at Server LOL Vietnam, a word that expresses contempt for the opponent, you should not.

# 3. Epilogue

So I just explained to you the meaning as well How to use GG, GGWP when playing online games? Alright then.

Hopefully, through this article, you will know how to use the word GG in a more reasonable, civilized and polite manner. Be the true gamers offline. Have fun playing games ^^!

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