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Continuing to appear a new type of iPhone, besides genuine goods, portable goods, lock goods and construction goods, it is iPhone Bypass.

Similar to other unofficial iPhones, bypass iPhone is also extremely cheap. So what exactly is it? Should I buy an iPhone bypass? Please join me to find out more in this article!

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#first. ICloud wall

Apple is known for its excellent device security thanks to its iCloud cloud storage and storage platform.

Not to mention the data here, your access to the iPhone with non-genuine iCoud will be prevented by Activation Lock.

This is almost an insurmountable wall, or can only be overcome by Timing the time the server unlocks to unlock.

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Activation Lock will be activated when the device is brought back to its original state, but before that, it has iCloud to prevent the stolen device from being able to flashrom and sell like a new one.

Specifically, you will be at the activation screen with the word Hello of iPhone, and after a few steps, you will be asked to enter the correct username and password of iCloud before the device, to be able to activate and use. use

This is what makes the iPhone considered more secure than Android before, as Android can Hard reset and flashrom and then use normally without further verification of anything.

#2. What is iPhone bypass?

Apple's Checkra1n flaw has been successfully exploited and exploited by a group of hackers, and they also said that Apple will not be able to patch this vulnerability with software, and that the devices in the affected area will be from iPhone 4S for to iPhone X.

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More specifically, when the iPhone is connected to a Mac or Macbook and run the Checkra1n tool, the iPhone with any iCloud will be flashed back to rom => and then pass the Activation Lock to use normally with a hidden iCloud account.

Your device will have all the functions, but when you use Apple services, the old iCloud will appear and require you to enter the correct password, even if this account does not appear in the settings. order again.

Of course, you can skip this step, but to install the application, you will need a PC or your device needs jailbreak to install from third sources.

The bypass machine is even cheaper than the lock machine, only 1/3 of the price of genuine machines. Or you can bypass a non-master iCloud device with just over 100k

If an iPhone 7 sold at the price of 5 million, Lock about 3 million, then bypass only about 2 million, or even the thieves, the iCloud forgot machine cost only about more than 1 million.

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Too cheap compared to genuine prices. This will make iPhone theft hotter, and also spur sales in 2018 and 2019. Is this a new Apple strategy?

# 3. Conclude

Cheap bypass iPhone is really cheap, but currently there are still many limitations that have not been overcome. And people who buy a secondhand iPhone without knowing the technology, it's easy to bypass the iPhone. IPhone users should also be careful about stealing the holiday until spring

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