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SeaGate is a familiar name for computer users, surely there are quite a few of you are using SeaGate HDD or external hard drive Backup Plus, right?

If Intel, KingSton, Samsung, HGST, ... use numbers, letters, hierarchies ... to classify their hard drive products, Seagate is extremely creative when using summoned beasts for its products.

And in this article I will share, explain in detail for you the meaning of the summoned beasts printed on the SeaGate hard drives!

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I. The meaning of the summoned beasts on the SeaGate hard drive

SeaGate HDDs are classified into 4 types, equivalent to 4 summoned beasts on their hard drive models.

These summoned beasts include: IRONWOLF, FIRECUDA, BARRACUDA and SKYHAWK - cool names aren't you @@ What an interesting, fancy way of distinguishing!

Okay, now I will go to explain in detail for each type by the illustrations for you to easily imagine offline!

#first. BARRACUDA: Barracuda

Regarding the name, I do not know much, but this is a type of hard drive suitable for the daily tasks of ordinary users, such as office work, playing games, saving learning materials ...

In addition to the regular Barracuda version, it also has a version BarraCuda PRO with more advanced parameters such as: faster rotation (7200RPM), read and write speed of the hard drive is also higher, especially the warranty period of 5 years instead of 2 years as usual BarraCuda.

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If you are looking for a durable hard drive that can help you plow the game stable 24/7/360, long-term warranty then Barracuda PRO is a pretty good choice. Those are my assumptions, but deciding which one to choose depends on your needs!

As for the appearance of both Barracuda PRO and Barracuda PRO versions are the same, except that Barracuda has the word PRO in the name only.

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#2. IRONWOLF: Steel wolf

As the name implies, the summoned beast with the cool white - black - red logo, IRONWOLF was created for network storage solutions. NAS - short for Network Attached Storage.

This hard drive is designed to read and write more specifically, for a longer life than regular Seagate HDD, it has extremely durable operation, continuous data reading and writing, while ensuring security. Secure your hard drive and data.

Similar to Barracuda, IronWolf also has 2 versions: IronWolf and IronWolf Pro.

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IronWolf will be the perfect choice for small and medium NAS systems, such as offices, schools ...

If you need a NAS system that works continuously, 24/7, more durable and more secure, such as those for data centers, large companies, IronWolf is the best choice for you. .

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# 3. SkyHawk: Falcon

A powerful, powerful bird like the lord of the sky - Falcon is the summoned beast of HDD SeaGate Skyhawk.

This is a line of hard drives specialized for surveillance systems that require a stability during operation, throughout its life cycle.

More specifically, it is also designed to safeguard data against physical influences from outside. Slightly disadvantaged compared to the brothers in the SeaGate when SkyHawk does not have the PRO version.

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# 4. FireCuda: Intel Optane and AMD StoreMI?

Why do I mention the 2 technologies of the 2 largest CPU companies in the world? Because the way it works is no different.

FireCuda is basically a normal HDD, like Seagate's other hard drives, but it gets 8GB of additional NAND memory - the kind of high-speed memory chip that's fitted on SSDs today.

8GB of SSD storage acts as a cache, containing the data you frequently access to help speed up processing significantly.

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And you probably guess what this product is aimed at. Yes, it is the brother gamers, no one wants to sit for an hour waiting to load the game. This is a very economical and effective investment, my friends!

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II. Epilogue

Yes, so we have just learned together basically about the Seagate family of hard drives and their respective summoned beasts.

Hopefully after this article you can choose a hard drive that suits your budget and needs. Good luck !

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