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I have written an article about the saturated smartphone market. This means that the smartphone industry has grown to its peak and will decline in a while.

So until now, is there another device that can afford and be ready for smartphones? Please find yourself in this article right away!

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#first. Requirements for devices capable of replacing smartphones

The market is always like that!

Once an industry has grown to saturation, the market will soon be replaced by something better. The same thing happens when user demand increases or changes.

For example:

  • Landline phones replace the tree phones due to personal and private needs.
  • Mobile phones replace desk phones due to their greater mobility and privacy.
  • Smartphone replaces Feature phone due to the development of IoT, the need to operate on capacitive touch screens, the need for a larger screen, a better ecosystem, ...

And for now, users need to develop AI technology and better wireless data transmission technology.

Ie smartphone replacement device must hold what the smartphone can do, and more convenient for AI technology and data transmission.

So what is an ideal device to replace a smartphone?

Equipment-smartphone-replacement (1)

#2. Smartphone replacement device?

Here, I bring 2 ideas: Smartwatch and Smartglasses, ie smart watches and smart glasses.

First, for smartwatch: This will be a device that is more mobile than smartphones, and more convenient to manipulate with AI.

For example: Instead of taking your phone out of your pocket, you just need to raise your hand and manipulate the AI. Much more convenient and faster, right?

However, there are some things that smartwatches still haven't solved, namely screen size and device size. The first is the screen.

No one can wear an 18: 9 screen in their hands. The current screen of most smartwatches is only about 1-2 inches, and this makes basic operations more difficult than smartphones. Next is the size and weight.

Nobody wears a watch nearly 2 ounces in their hands, does they have to go to the gym?

So things like battery, camera number, basic sensor number, etc. won't be much. This will likely make the smartwatch lack many important features compared to smartphones.

Equipment for smartphones (2)

What about the glass?

Google and Apple have been researching and developing Smartglasses, but this project died prematurely because users were not ready to receive it, when the smartphone market was still quite busy.

Accordingly, Smartglasses seems to be the best in terms of usability compared to other devices. An integrated AI can predict and help you process information very quickly without too much manipulation.

Not as picky as Smartwatch, Smartglasses can have many design ways, just not too heavy. It can even be as big as a VR headset

According to the experience, Google Smartglasses died prematurely because the reception and processing of the user operation was not smooth, and the people around you watching you manipulating the device with gestures looked crazy.

If gesture manipulation on smartphones thrives in the next few years, then Smartglasses will be more feasible.

Equipment-smartphone-replacement (1)

# 3. Conclude

So what's the best device to replace smartphones, and when do you think this will happen? Please leave a comment about your thoughts at the bottom of this article so you guys can chat!

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