Update Google Adwords: Add new features


Update Google Adwords - Google updated its algorithm and adwords now offers something very interesting: "pay only for conversions"

This is very interesting in the online business and especially in e-commerce. Now you have the option to pay only for conversions on websites you own. However, this does not work for offline or cross-device conversions.

CPA has been a feature used in AdWords bidding, but in principle CPA is always addressed. So it's interesting to see this move from Google and even on Display.

This smart display campaign and model is relatively new, so we encourage everyone in the industry to create their own experience. We made a small tutorial on how to get started with smart display campaigns and pay for conversions.

Before start

Before getting started, it's important to know that paying for conversions only applies to Smart Display Campaigns. Smart display campaigns are Google's new venture in display campaigns that combine multiple display products into one campaign. For example, by combining both contextual targeting with remarketing and a lot of other things we often see in display campaigns.

Therefore, we recommend that you only know what a Smart Display Campaign is before you begin. You can find more information from our previous posts.

Pay for conversion requests:

You must have had 100 conversions within the last 30 days. 90% of these 100 conversions must be made within 7 days of clicking on the ad.

Get started with PFC

  1. Create a new campaign in the new AdWords interface. Select display:


2. Select a target, for example, sell online if you focus on e-commerce or leads if you focus on leads, then select the Smart Display Campaign's option on wall

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3. On the next page, you have the new Conversion and Payment options:


This is great for e-commerce industry but also SAAS and other related online businesses. It is possible that any website or business is looking for sales or potential customers. Although you must have received 100 conversions within the last 30 days, this will not be much, depending on the product or service from you. We will know for sure that Google will not launch such features if they do not know whether it is profitable or not.

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There are customers who have worked with PFC and are getting great results.