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As you all know, number 0 only exists in Excel file through a certain calculation result. However, it does not support anything in your calculation, but also contributes to make our data more gloomy 😀

Therefore, to identify the source of the lack of such positive. Today I will share with you 3 ways to hide a value of 0 in Excel the fastest.

Okey, we will go into the detailed tutorial now!

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Method # 1. Remove zero values ​​with Format Cells

+ Step 1: First you open the Excel file to be processed. Here you select / highlight the data to be hidden 0 => Then right click and select Format Cells.

Excel-3-way-in-position-0-in-1 (1)

+ Step 2: Dialog box Format Cells opens => here you switch to tabs Number => and select Custom => then enter the command line 0;-0;;@ on item Type => Then press OK.

Excel-03-excel-in-excel (2)

+ Step 3: Immediately, the results are equal 0 Excel worksheet has been hidden as shown below.


Method # 2. Eliminate a value of zero with Conditional Formatting

+ Step 1: Similar to how to filter numbers 0 In Method 1, you also need to create a selection for the worksheet value => and then click Conditional Formatting => and select New Rule.

Excel-03-excel-in-excel (4)

+ Step 2: Dialog box New Format Rule appears => here you click Format only cells that contain.

Excel-03-excel-in-excel-format (5)

+ Step 3: And in the next dialog, set it up in the section Format only cells with respectively:

  • Value Cells
  • equal to
  • And set the value to is 0 same picture

=> Then continue to press Format..


+ Step 4: Then open the tab Font at the dialog box Format Cells, you set Color is the moon color => and click OK to apply.

Excel-03-excel-in-excel (7)

And finally we get the results as shown below.


Method # 3. Automatically remove zero values ​​right on the Sheet

Different from the two ways of filtering values ​​(number 0) as above, with the number filtering method 0 On the Sheet you will only need to set once and from the next onwards when entering additional values ​​to return numbers 0 In Sheet, Excel will automatically filter the value by 0 that does not take time to format each piece of data.

+ Step 1: You click on the menu Excel-03-excel-in-excel (9)

=> And select Options.

Excel-03-excel-in-excel (10)

+ Step 2: Dialog box Options opens => here you switch to tabs Advanced => and then scroll down to the item Display options for this Wooksheet => and deselect at Show a zero in cells that have zero value.

=> Then press OK to set hidden values ​​equal to 0 on Sheet.


# 4. Epilogue

Okay, so I just gave you very detailed instructions 3 ways to hide zero values ​​in Excel Alright then.

And here, my article would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you. Good luck !

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