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If you regularly use the applications included in the Microsoft Office suite, you probably know the feature Recent Files good Recent Documents (show the recently worked files) right.

Microsoft integrates this feature to assist you in the process of working, giving you quick access to recently opened files.

However, besides those advantages, there also exist certain inadequacies in this feature, more specifically, the impact on privacy / security ... of users, if you are sharing a basic computer. Quan.

All information about previous sessions, previously opened text files can be compromised and stolen easily with just a few mouse clicks.

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Yes, and to help you solve that problem, today I'll share with you a little tip, help you Turn off the Recent Documnets display feature in Microsoft Word application, Applicable on all versions.

#first. Disable displaying Recent Documents on the new version of Word application

Applies to Word 2007 and above.

To check the recently opened file, just click on the menu File => and select Open. Here, you click on the section Recent Documents.

All-file-da-mo-gan-day-on-word (1)

As the image above shows, a multitude of sessions on his application have been recorded. Now, to turn off those impressions, follow these steps:


+ Step 1: Click on File.

Word-file-in-a-word-on-word (2)

+ Step 2: Then choose Options with Word 2010 and above versions. As for the version of Word 2007 you choose Word Options Please.

word-file-processing-words-on-word (3)

+ Step 3: At the dialog box Word Options => you select Tab Advanced => Then drag the mouse down to the area Display.

At the section Show this number of Recent Documents, you can see the values ​​of recent active sessions, which are set by default 25.

You can increase that index to access documents quickly if you are using a personal computer (only you use it yourself)

word-file-processing-words-on-word (4)

Or off mode Recent Files by, replacing that value 0 => then press OK to save settings.

Word-file-in-a-word-on-word (5)

And this is the result after I've done it. It's empty 🙂

word-file-processing-words-on-word (6)

#2. How to turn off the display of Recent Documnets on the Word 2003 application

Note: I don't know if anyone still uses Word 2003 at the moment, but I will still guide you fully ^^ ^^ If you are using Word 2003, take attendance below: V

Particularly for Word 2003, the method is a bit different, click the menu Tools => and select Options.

word-file-processing-words-on-word (7)

At the dialog box Options => you switch to Tab General => and change the value in item Recently used file list about 0 => and click OK to save settings.

word-file-processing-words-on-word (8)

Similar to Word, with other applications such as Excel and PowerPoint, you can also set the same to turn off the display of recently opened files or increase the display of recent sessions (Recent Files) ... It depends on your needs.

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, here comes the tutorial turn off the display of recently opened files in Word I also have permission to finish. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.

Good luck !

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