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Hello everyone, it's me again! Last time we explored the second part of the Series together Top the most anticipated games in 2020 and today I will continue to part 3 and also the last part of this Series with super interesting products.

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# 11. The Last of Us Part II

Original launch date: May 29, 2020

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Although not appearing in E3 2019 but The Last of Us Part II is making the gaming community all over the world stand still because of what the game showed through the trailer at the event. State of Play Past and the positive effects come from the resounding success from the section The Last of Us before.

With the extremely thorough preparation of Sony and Naughty Dog, The Last of Us Part II promises to bring players a realistic level of graphics, diverse gameplay along with an emotional storyline and I believe The game will be much more perfect than its predecessor.

Honestly, I am a big fan of The Last of Us and before the second season, I will have an article to summarize the whole story of Part 1 by those who love the game but don't know the full journey Feelings of the masterpiece The Last of Us (2013) is exactly "a waste of a life".

#twelfth. Doom Eternal

Meeting day: March 20, 2020

After the success of Doom version released in 2016, ID Software and Bathesda continued to release. Doom Eternal is not too difficult to understand.

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As far as I know, the events of Doom Eternal take place immediately after the end of the previous part and maybe the game will take place in an Earth devastated by the Eternal forces.

In recent times, ID Software has confirmed that the monsters in the game will be more crowded, smarter, possess more diverse skills and this contributes to making the battles in the game become more difficult. more.

In short, Doom Eternal will be a very attractive first-person shooter game, worthy of your experience in 2020.

# 13.Godfall

Meeting day: 2020

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To be honest, this is great news for me and almost all video game lovers around the world because the "top of the line" superhero called Godfall will be the first game. PS5 console - Sony's new blockbuster game console.

According to what is known at The Game Awards 2019, Godfall is a third-person role-playing action game and post-apocalyptic setting when the whole of humanity is at risk of extinction.

As for gameplay, Godfall will bring a tight action style along with mechanisms to equip characters, search for items, kill bosses to get treasures and the game will allow you to play single or play with your friends. up to 3 people.

As a first game on PS5, Godfall will definitely bring beautiful graphics along with epic action scenes and bring exciting and new experiences to players.

# 14. Minecraft Dungeons

Launch date: 2020

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Minecraft Dungeons is an action adventure game exploring dungeons in the Minecraft world and you can play single or co-op with your friends with up to four people.

Speaking of graphics, Minecraft Dungeons still has a pixel style with characteristic square blocks and details such as furniture, weapons, characters, monsters, ... are similar to the main versions of Minecraft.

In the game, players will have to complete difficult challenges in different locations and gradually discover the main story of the game and eventually have to confront the final boss of Minecraft Dungeons called Arch- Illager.

# 15. Halo Infinite

Meeting day: The end of 2020

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As a new upcoming release of the hit Halo series - one of the greatest monuments of the first-person shooter series, Halo Infinite is receiving a lot of attention and expectation. big come from the gaming community

With Halo Infinite, fans expect an intriguing storyline, improved multiplayer mode, the efficiency of new graphics engine technology and diverse gameplay with excellent gun fights, arsenal, and vehicles. giant.

However, can Halo Infinite help the Halo series revive and return to the glory of the past?

In my opinion, this is entirely possible because after launching in 2018, Microsoft confirmed that the game will be released in late 2020, which means Microsoft has invested a very long time to Completed, meticulously and meticulously cared for Halo Infinite to become as perfect as possible.


So is the end of the Series Top the most anticipated games in 2020 It is closed here and I hope my article will help you find good and suitable games for yourself in this year 2020.

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