Top 20 marketing strategy tips for 2020


Top 20 marketing strategy tips for 2020_ With the advent of new technologies, there has been a major change in the marketing industry, focusing primarily on digital technologies. However, this does not diminish the importance of traditional marketing. In fact, it creates a new level of attention for a full marketing plan that takes care of all aspects of print and digital marketing.

Preparing such a plan for a business can be challenging. So it's best to hire a marketing team yourself. There are many ideas that need to be addressed on business goals and history that can help create a new marketing plan for 2020.

Below is a list of twenty marketing tips that can help build brand awareness, attract new businesses, bring in potential customers and launch businesses in the new year.

Identify your biggest marketing problem.

It is important to look at your current marketing strategy to see what is working, thereby driving your business and what is wasting your budget. Once you have identified problems and mistakes in the plan, address them and remove them from your campaign. Once you've eliminated less useful marketing material, you'll be able to enhance your existing marketing solution for your business and bring in new customers. You may find that direct mailers have few new visitors, but advertising in local facilities like local groceries has brought in new visitors. Using this information, create a marketing plan around you after removing direct mail campaigns from your plan.

Consistency is the key.

Leads want to see consistency. It is human nature to feel safer and more comfortable with consistency. This translates into interests from guests with the businesses they interact with. When you become consistent from marketing, people start recognizing you before they see your name or business. Consistency should not be present in marketing messages. You should also keep your business practices and regulations consistent. When you keep being consistent about such a high issue, you create a better product for your customers and your customers will have more confidence in your products.

Advertise businesses on social media.


With the digital era, social media has become familiar to everyone. People are constantly on their phones, ipads, laptops, in the media, liking Facebook posts, retweeting, pinning. Your business does not need to have a social media marketing presence on all platforms available. An auto repair shop sometimes doesn't have the best return on investment from taking advantage of instagram. However, they can benefit greatly from the regularly updated facebook page including business details, ads about current special offers and a chat available to rep questions. Consider what customers regularly take advantage of and create a presence there. In order for businesses to compete in today's market, you should be present in the media, actively leveraging your account to advertise. Social media marketing is essential for an online business promotion plan.

Communicate with channels social media.

The channel you use should be used to start communicating with customers. This is through asking their followers what they plan to do for a vacation or their favorite job for July 4. These types of posts start a conversation among their followers. friend. When you engage in conversations with your followers, they feel more connected to the brand. This increases brand recognition and loyalty. When you increase your brand presence to your customers (by providing recipes for delicious appetizers on social media, etc.), you start a conversation that includes your business name and continues. continue after you stop speaking. Imagine your followers happily explaining that they have a recipe or idea from your business.

Get involved in the community.

One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth. To increase word-of-mouth marketing in a natural way, you need to give people the good. Activities in the community may vary depending on the business. Many organizations in each city are in need of donations and volunteers. Contribution is a great way to increase goodwill with the brand. However, volunteering time and resources can make a really lasting impression on potential guests. To make the most of community events, remember to record and take photos. As much as possible. Invite former customers, staff family members, and community members.

Only one website.


Although you need to use social media platforms to promote, it is essential to have an active website. Although your existing customers will engage you online via your media, your customers are looking for you at major search engines like Google and Bing. Set up the web with information from your business and your items.

There is clear representation.

Make sure potential customers see everything your business has with a quick look through your homepage. Have a good slogan that represents your business.

There is an easy-to-use contact option.

Let your potential customers know that they are easy to contact you through deals or are interested in a product or service. A call and a form of contact are essential. We also suggest that you give potential guests how to contact them so they feel comfortable; Phone, email, chat, media. Make sure your contact information is clearly displayed on the homepage.

Make the web easy to navigate.


Web design should not be too complicated. Reasonable web organization with easy navigation. Drop down menu, accurate display information to keep anyone interested in browsing.

Publish content regularly.

Regularly updated and published on your web. As you accumulate more content, your rankings on the engine increase and your web will appear more and more continuously for those who are doing search for services. Affiliate marketing also helps drive traffic to this content.


In addition to the above tips, you need to create a blog. This blog should be part of the main site, but not the front page. This is where you build a rich collection of content. As your web has more content related to your industry, it continues to rank better. There are many great things that businesses should blog. The problem is not so much about writing businesses, but about writing industry-relevant content that is also interesting or useful for customers. Although blog content will vary depending on the business.

Question and Answer.

Most businesses have questions that they often face from customers. Have a blog on the site that answers frequently asked questions in your industry. This is also a great opportunity to branch out to other blog posts that provide more detail per answer.

Use old guest reviews.

Usually a previous customer can be very important for a new customer to help them make a purchase. Providing them with more in-depth evaluation information will help lead to the purchase.

Display work outside the office.

Gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the business to make customer relationships more personal.

Include a clear call to action.

It is essential for your marketing efforts to create a call to action for each form of advertising you display. Encourage people to access the web and show them the link. Ask your followers to follow social media and include relevant tags or page information. Example: Call now! Book today! Do not wait! You want to create a quick feeling and the necessary feeling for your guests and then immediately give them the solution to their needs.

Use email marketing.


Email marketing must be the job at the plan. The benefits of email marketing for businesses are exponential. It is a great way to advertise directly and it is one of the lowest-cost forms of advertising. You can take advantage of email marketing to send specific messages to your favorite audience. Emailing new promotions to customers who have purchased your service is a great way to directly generate sales.

Cooperation with other businesses.

Co-advertising is a way to get a well-known business name. This can be through affiliate marketing or through physical activity together. This is especially good strategy for community events. If your small business can't afford to regularly organize or be part of community events, you might want to consider partnering with other businesses. This is one way to get more presence in the community for less. And build valuable business relationships for affiliate marketing.

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Follow the opponent.

Find your opponent on facebook then visit their web. Find out how they work online. Check if they use a call to action, see the platform they advertise. Learning online marketing will give you a good idea of ​​what you want to use for your own digital marketing plan. Copy what you like and learn from what seems to be failing.