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Minecraft is an infinite world, it has everything no different from our real life. That world is formed by a rich system of objects and items, most of which are inspired by life and are put into the game by the publisher.

I will continue the series to introduce about the objects in Minecraft and their uses in survival. And in today's article, I will introduce you to Doors in Minecraft game and some useful uses of them.

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#first. What is the door in Minecraft?

Door or Door in Minecraft is similar to our real life. They are an indoor ornament.

The most common use is to lock the paths, protect household objects from theft, every house must have a door so they are an indispensable item for every house. Doors in Minecraft have many types, but there are two main types are wooden doors and iron doors.

The formula of the door is also quite simple, they have a general formula to make, and the shape and color depends on the material of the door.

Perform: First of all, you must have iron, wooden boards (all kinds) of doors, all of which need 6 blocks. Then arrange them on the manufacturing table as shown that you already have a door.

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Doors have many types, depending on materials to make that they have different shapes and colors to choose from.

The main door types are:

  • Wood wooden door (made from wood planks)
  • Seamwood door (made from Sickle wood)
  • Oak doors (made from oak)
  • Spruce wood doors (made from spruce wood)
  • Birch wood doors (made from birch wood)
  • Dark oak door (made from dark oak)
  • Iron doors (made from iron ingots)

Depending on the type of home you can choose the appropriate door type. Order the doors in the image from left to right.


Note: These types of doors are only applicable to versions 1.8 and above, and from 1.8 and below, only oak doors.

You can search for doors in the villages where people live. Depending on the location of the village, there are different types of doors.

The wooden doors have a durability of 3 and the iron doors are 5. So you can collect them with a trophy or ax. Specifically, the collection time for wooden and iron doors is as follows:

  • Hands no 4.5 / 25 seconds
  • Woodwork 1.25 / 3.75 seconds
  • Stoneware 1.75 / 1.9 seconds
  • Ironwork 0.75 / 1.25 seconds
  • Yellow item 0.6 / 0.95 seconds
  • Diamond 0.4 / 0.65 seconds

#2. A few things to know about the door in Minecraft

Zombies can break the door when attacking you. They have quite a respectable power, its thrust can break a door with a durability of 3.

But if you play in easy mode, there will be no phenomenon, because they are only strong in hard mode. You can pick up the door again after being destroyed by the Zombie.

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The villagers can open and close like us. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in the house there will immediately be a few villagers in your house. That's not surprising because they can also open and close like us. When brought, they will automatically run into the house to escape the Zombie, so they can be entered anywhere.

Doors can be placed on hoppers, Pistonl and Slime. Thanks to these mechanisms you can leverage them to make unique machines or constructions.

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Doors can be opened with switches and red stones (iron doors are required). You can use the red stone in combination with the switches to open the door remotely.

In addition, if you place your stamped front table, it can make a unique automatic door. Note: If you place a red stone torch under the door, you won't be able to use the switch to open the door.

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When standing next to the door you can jump on them (next to the iron door). Taking advantage of this you can jump to many high places that normally can not jump.

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Use the door to hide things. You can hide the chest with the door by placing the door in the wrong direction and covering the other side. That way if the person outside opens the door, they won't be able to see the chest.

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Use the door to breathe underwater. When you want to conquer the sea, it's best to bring a door. When you're out of breathing bar, you just need to put the door open, then it will split the water and you can go in there to restore the breathing bar.

# 3. End

Above are some interesting things and The use of the door in Minecraft You need to know if you want to play this game well.

Hope that the article will be helpful to you. Wish you happy playing the game 😀

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