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The objects in Minecraft are very rich and varied. They are all inspired by reality, especially during hunting and gathering. They are all created for the common purpose of serving your survival.

Surely you will not be able to know all the functions and applications of all the items in the game, me too.

But what I know, I will definitely share with you to learn 😀 I will share my knowledge about items in Minecraft in many future posts, because I cannot introduce them all in one article. Okay, hope you guys understand.

In today's article, I will present to you some general introduction about anvil in Minecraft.

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I. What is anvil?

The anvil in the game Minecraft is an iron item, it belongs to the group of decorations. Its main use will be repairing tools such as armor, swords, bows, mining equipment, felling, hoes, .... Besides, it is also used to name all the objects and animals in the game.

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The recipe for the anvil is quite simple:

First, you need to prepare yourself 3 iron blocks, 4 iron ingots, 1 manufacturing license.

=> Then you use the iron blocks prepared on the top row of the cells in the crafting table. Next, you put 3 iron ingots in the bottom row and 1 ingot in the middle. By following these steps, you will have an anvil.

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The hardness of the anvil is quite high, it has a hardness index of 5. So it is quite difficult to break and recover them with bare hands, because the time to recover an anvil by hand is 25 seconds.

So you better use the cup to collect them faster, specifically the speed of digging of the types of trophies is as follows: Wood Cup takes 3.75 seconds, stone cup takes 1.9 seconds, iron cup takes 1.25 seconds , the diamond trophy takes 0.95 seconds, the fastest is the gold cup only takes 0.65 seconds.

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II. Common uses of anvil

#first. Fix the things

As you all know the main use of anvil is to repair damaged items. The mechanics of fixing an anvil are as follows: First, you must prepare an anvil => Then proceed to repair in two ways.

  • The first method is to use two items of the same type that are equally damaged, then put them in an anvil to create a new item that is 5% more durable than the old ones.
  • The second way is that you put the item to be repaired and enclose some iron or gold into the anvil, which will eventually create a new item with the highest durability.

game-in-minecraft (9)

#2. Upgrade objects

The second most common use is for bagging. You can upgrade that item to a higher Lever by using an anvil.

To upgrade your item to a higher Lever, you must first use Enchant books placed with the item to upgrade to the anvil.

This feature can also be applied when you place the same items in an anvil. Items after upgrading will have a higher type index than before. Note when upgrading items you must have enough experience required.

# 3. To name

The next most common use is for naming objects in the game.

You can name each object you like, especially the mobs to make a difference. Give your own name so you can easily distinguish them from other objects and animals.

The naming of objects is quite simple. You just need to put them in the anvil => and then click on the input bar and change as you like.

As for the mobs, it is a bit more complicated. First, you have to prepare yourself a name object => Then do the same with how to change on objects.

Finally, get that card and assign it to the mobs you want to rename. In addition, you can name your favorite mobs by renaming them as soon as they are in the egg, so that when they hatch they will have the name without having to use the name tag anymore.

game-in-minecraft (7)

Attention: Any animal or object that has been assigned a Rinner Bone name tag will have their heads tilted to the ground. Very interesting right.

game-minecraft-game (2)

III. Some other uses of anvil

The anvil has extremely high hardness so it is very difficult to break them. You can test their hardness by destroying it with TNT.

Of course it will not be destroyed by TNT, but if dropped heavily or used many anvil it will crack and even break.

game-minecraft (11)

Anvil is a free mass like sand and gravel. They will fall without support. When dropped, they are accompanied by damage effects, depending on the height of the fall, they have different sizes of damage. They can kill you.

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Anvil can prevent TNT from exploding. They do not completely stop the TNT, but if you use an anvil placed on the TNT and detonate, the damage from the TNT will explode to zero. This application will be opposite when underwater.

The chest will remain open when the anvil is on it. Anvil is one of the few objects that can be placed on a chest that can still be opened, similar to a field.

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Use the anvil to enlarge the map in the game.

You can find anvils in nature. They often appear in blacksmith's houses and forest mansions.

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IV. End

Above are some basic things about Anvil in Minecraft. Wish you use them more effectively and apply well on the ability to survive in the game offline.

Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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