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In a strategy game like Auto Chess, it is very important that you choose the battle formation because it will decide directly on the victory or defeat.

Each squad has different strengths and limitations, but today I will analyze with you 3 effective climbing ranks and a lot of players prefer to climb the rank.

#first. God - Mage squad

Heroes in the squad:

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  • 3 God: God of War, Grand heald, God of Thunder.
  • 4 Mage: The source, Shinning dragon, Thunder spirit, God of Thunder.
  • 4 other heroes: Soul reaper, Storm shaman, Tsunami (can be replaced by Siren) and Venormancer.

Passive of clan / system in the formation:

  • 3 God: 80% cooldown reduction for all heroes on your side.
  • 4 Mage: Armor of all rival heroes is reduced by 35%.
  • 2 Warlock: Damage from skills and basic attacks on your side is accompanied by 10% lifesteal.

It can be said that this is a "legendary" squad from the time Auto Chess game was released until now. With his strength, in any season the God-Mage squad still promotes extremely high efficiency when climbing the rank.

Although not an easy-to-play lineup, due to its popularity and efficiency, it is always preferred by auto chess players.

Review of the God - Mage squad:


  • Has an almost absolute cooldown coming from the Divinity within his house to help the hero use the ability constantly. At the same time, the ability to regenerate energy from The source makes the skill use optimal.
  • There is an enormous amount of magic damage because the amount of enemy magic armor has been reduced. Wide-area damage skills easily wipe out opponents.
  • The ability to suck blood from the Warlock clan to control the health of the accompanying heroes.


  • Lack of resistance, only God of War is a tanker.
  • The health of the heroes in the squad is quite thin.
  • It's difficult to change the roster because the Divinity is intrinsic to all other races, and the roster is expensive, making it difficult to make a full squad.

#2. Human - Mage - Dragon squad

Heroes in the squad:

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  • 6 Human: The source, Argali knight, Flamming wizard, Pirate captain, Dragon knight, Tortola elder.
  • 6 Mage: The source, Shinning dragon, Thunder spirit, Flamming wizard, Tortola elder and God of thunder.
  • 3 Dragon: Shinning dragon, Venom, Dragon knight.

Passive of clan / system in squad:

  • 6 Human: The heroes of the Human faction you attack have a 60% chance of making the opponent's hero unable to use the ability for 4s.
  • 6 Mage: Armor of all rival heroes reduced by 100%.
  • 3 Dragon: When starting to fight the Dragon clan heroes will have 100 energy immediately.

Known as the enemy of God - Mage squad for the amount of magic damage dealt. This can be considered to be the team with the most shocking damage currently.

Review Human - Mage - Dragon squad:


  • Has an enormous amount of magic damage because the opponent's magic armor is almost reduced to 0.
  • Very strong and uncomfortable control from the ability to silence the skill.
  • Strong from every stage of the match makes it easy for you to win the series.


  • There is no pure hero to withstand, relatively thin squad.
  • Passive control is quite passive and cannot be completely overcome when approached.
  • The squad is quite difficult to build when there are many high cost heroes and low drop rates.

# 3. Goblin - Mech squad

The heroes in the squad:


  • 6 Goblin: Soul breaker, Sky breaker, Heaven bomber, Ripper, Venomancer and Devastator.
  • 4 Mech: Sky breaker, Heaven bomber, Devastator, Helicopter.
  • Other heroes: Pirate captain, Siren and Tsunami.

Passive of races / systems included in squad:

  • 6 Goblin: Armor of all allied heroes increases by 15 and restores 10 vitality per second.
  • 4 Mech: All heroes on your side every second will be restored to 40 life points.
  • 2 Marine: Magic resist of all allied heroes increases by 35%.

Considered the "national" lineup in terms of popularity. Although Goblin - Mech squad does not possess superior strength like many other squads, it is an extremely easy to play and extremely effective rank team.

Review Goblin - Mech squad:


  • As the strongest team at the beginning of the game with the trio of Soul breaker, Sky breaker and Heaven bomber.
  • Able to increase armor and recover most strongly in the game.
  • The squad is both resilient and has great damage.
  • Most of the heroes are quite cheap.


  • Quite weak in the middle of the game when there were not enough 6 Goblin.
  • Quite a lot of users led to the situation of competing for chess pieces in a match.
  • The key pieces are all $ 5 heroes, making it difficult to get all the squad.
  • Strongly countered by very dominant teams.

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his general article about 3 Rank climbing squad in Auto Chess the most effective today. Hope the article will be useful to you. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

I wish you happy gaming ha ha

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