The 15 best websites to replace the Project Free TV website


The 15 best websites to replace the Project Free TV website - More and more people turn to websites where they can watch movies and TV shows without paying a penny. Such a popular website where you can watch free movies online is Project Free TV. Users are allowed to watch movies and TV series live for free without requiring them to pay any subscription fees unlike websites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Project Free TV has a large collection of TV shows, which is why many people often like this website. But, in many countries, Project Free TV is considered an illegal website because it hosts copyrighted content. In many countries, it is illegal to stream copyrighted content and therefore the government often blocks that website.

15 best websites to replace Project Free TV

If you cannot access Project Free TV and your browser shows an error while downloading it, chances are it has been blocked in your country. If that's the case for you, then you don't need to worry, as there are a few other sites like Project Free TV that allow you to watch movies and TV shows for free. Here, we present to you the top 15 websites that replace Project Free TV, which you have access to watch TV series and movies for free with no subscription fee.

  1. Popcornflix


If you like watching free movies with online TV shows, there is no better website than Popcornflix. Popcornflix was previously named Popcorn, it changed its name a few years ago. This website is popular because of its large collection of TV shows and movies.

All titles stored on the web are organized by genre so you can easily find your favorite movie or TV show with you. Moreover, the website also gives you the means to search for a movie or TV show by entering its name in the search box. You watch content in HD on the Popcornflix website.

  1. TV Tubi


Tubi TV is the most popular website for watching free movies and TV shows online. Tubi TV is similar to Project Free TV because customers are allowed to watch video content without paying any money. However, the Tubi TV collection is much bigger because you find most of the popular movies and TV shows here. This website does not disappoint classic moviegoers because there are a series of classic movies that you will see on the Tubi TV website.

The company behind Tubi TV has ensured that the website doesn't crash despite hosting copyrighted content. There are many redundant servers to ensure that users have constant access to content even when the website goes down. There are many titles to choose from. However, if you want to watch movies and TV shows on Tubi TV, you need to register yourself on the website. This is a free process, and once you sign up, you can start watching right away.

  1. Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is a Sony-owned website that hosts all popular Sony-produced movies. This website is similar to Project Free TV because of its great collection of movies. Here, you can watch many movies and TV shows owned by Sony. Sony Crackle was formerly known as ‘Crackle’. Because all TV shows and movies hosted here are provided by Sony, so this is a legitimate website to watch movies for free and you don't have to worry about the link not working.

Like Tubi TV, Sony Crackle also wants you to register on their website. This is a free procedure and then you get access to all the movies. However, there are some movies and TV shows not available in some countries. If you want to unlock the entire Sony Crackle collection, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) for it.

  1. SnagFilms


If you do not want to fill in the details and complete the registration process to watch free movies, SnagFilms is the right site for you. This perfect alternative to Project Free TV is a popular website hosting more than 5,000 movies and TV shows. You will certainly be impressed with the large collection of content and the variety of content you will see on SnagFilms. This website hosts new and classic movies and TV shows that cater to a large number of daily website visitors. If you are a fan of documentaries and originals, you are certainly impressed by the variety of documentary films offered by SnagFilms. You will find the unpopular movies here have received the highest ratings on IMDB.

  1. Viewster


When compared to Project Free TV, Viewster has a different working mode. It is a video demand service rather than a streaming website. However, Viewster hosts a large library of movies and TV shows. This is a perfectly legal website with all links working perfectly because the owner behind this website has acquired the legal rights to the video content you will find on the website. Founded in 2007, Viewster has emerged as the most popular venue for people who can't watch movies and other non-portal TV shows. Here, you are asked the movie or show you want to watch and it will be arranged by the developer within a few days.

For Anime content fans, Viewster has a large collection of popular cartoons and TV shows. You will not have to register to view content at Viewster. In addition, the content is not geographically restricted, which means you have access to the entire Viewster collection from any country without using a virtual private network.

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  1. Classic Cinema Online


For classic movie lovers, Classic Cinema Online is the perfect choice. If you can't find the movie anywhere else, chances are you'll find it on this website. Similar to Project Free TV, Classic Cinema Online is a website where you can watch movies for free. This website has a rich movie collection from the middle of 1900. In addition to classic films, the website also has popular TV shows to watch. Some of the classic movies worth watching that you see are The Magic Sword, Captain Scarlet, Dancing Pirate, Pinocchio, The Arizona Kid and Creature From The Haunted Sea, .... The film is organized into different categories such as Animation, Comedy, Documentary and Family.

  1. Internet Archive


Internet Archive is an archive of all the things you access on the Internet. Here you will find a large collection of books, movies, software and TV shows. Internet Archive is a San Francisco-based digital library with the purpose of providing access to all knowledge on Google. All collections of books, movies, TV shows, texts, applications, games and photos inside them are more than 15 petabytes. Since we are talking about movies and TV shows here, Internet Archive absolutely does not disappoint when talking about movies and shows. Here, you will see a large number of classic and popular movies. However, this website is completely legal and free, which is why it is banned in some countries. You can access it using your virtual provider network provider.

  1. Kshow123


Korean shows and movies are among the most viewed film genres in the country. Are you a fan of Korean movie parties and are looking for the best option to catch up on the internet? If you are like that, then KShow 123 is the best choice for you.

The best part about the website is that it has no complicated design. So you will not need to invest time to search for the things you love. In addition, this website also has Korean TV series.

Despite its plus point, it has lacuna. If you plan to enjoy hours of entertainment on this website, you need to be prepared for pop-ups on your computer. Since it is a free website, it needs those ads to promote their services.

  1. KissAsian


Unlike what we said in the previous section, this website offers a wide range of popular television programs related to Asia.

It is similar to the website on Project Free TV that it allows users to watch programs from several countries.

For choosing your favorite movie from your side, all you need to do is browse for dramas of different genres and choose your favorite movie from the following list. If you want to watch Anime content, then this website is also the perfect destination.

Go ahead and check out this great website if your goal is to see content specific to Asia, especially from the country mentioned above.

  1. Retrovision Classic Movies


As indicated by name, this website has an interesting retro movie library. Website hosting movies that your grandparents will surely like. Choose your genre and start watching your favorite movie or TV show right away. Minimal user interface on the website is what many people want. On top, you will find different genres like Adventure, Comedy, Classic TV, Crime, Drama, Horror, etc. No registration process and no ads during video playback are really impressive. Retrovision Classic Movies is a website for classic movie lovers because you will find some hard-to-find movies here.

  1. Sidereel


Sidereel is another popular website similar to Project Free TV and allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free. If you're not aware of website popularity, let us tell you that the site recently announced that it has gained millions of visitors a day. Sidereel gives you a list of the genres you have chosen to watch your favorite movie, TV show or web series. In addition to providing a large library of web series, popular TV shows and classic and new movies, Sidereel also provides information related to upcoming movies and shows. If you're watching a TV show and its new episode is coming soon, you'll be notified about it by Sidereel.

  1. CouchTuner


If you enjoy watching the latest movies or TV shows, CouchTuner is the website you must visit. The well-designed website has a very good collection of the latest movies, TV shows and other live events. Movies and TV shows from CouchTuner abound and you can watch your favorite content with high quality as long as you have a good internet connection. This is the most reliable free alternative that you choose to access when Project Free TV is not running. When you visit the CouchTuner website, you'll find that on the right side of the screen, all-time favorite TV shows are subscribed. You can also search for TV shows by typing in the search box on the website.

13. Movie25.Me


If Project Free TV does not work in your country or is unavailable due to server issues, you will be able to watch movies and TV shows at Movie25.Me. This website is home to a large number of popular movies and TV shows, which you can stream without paying any money. When you click on a favorite title on your side, you will see that the stream expansion website is available for that particular title. Typically, three or four streams are provided for you to watch movies / TV shows even when the stream is not working. On Movie25.Me, you search for content by new movies, highlights, top ratings and year of release. In addition, the option to select content by category is also provided by the website. We are sure that you will like the large Movie25.Me party digital library.

  1. ShareTV


ShareTV is the most recommended website when you talk about the best free alternatives. Many people visit ShareTV daily to watch movies, TV shows and other content. ShareTV also provides updates on Western TV shows including dance competitions, singing contests, talk shows and news from the US. You can also find other programs on this website if you like watching TV shows. This website is linked to various channels like NBC, Showtime and Fox. Therefore, you will receive regular updates about the program from this channel on the website. ShareTV has divided shows and movies into different categories like comedy, crime, drama, action, and adventure. You can also view the schedule of the TV program here.

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  1. TVDuck


TVDuck is another popular website for watching video content including movies and TV shows. This website allows you to watch movies and shows commonly found on popular subscription-based streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Vudu. This website includes popular TV shows such as Sherlock, Family, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and famous movies like Lord of the Rings, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Adventures of Tintin, Sons of Anarchy, Star Wars. The TVDuck side interface is quite simple, you just need to click on the title to start broadcasting. In addition, you will find information about upcoming TV shows and movies at TVDuck. In addition to streaming, you also have the option to download the video you want to watch.


We have provided you with 15 websites similar to Project Free TV to watch popular TV shows and movies. With Project Free TV not available in all countries around the world due to hosting copyrighted content, these Project Free TV alternatives are sure to help you watch movies and shows online for free. . As a result, some of these websites store illegal and copyrighted content, so we recommend using a virtual private network to access these sites to prevent any legal consequences.