The 10 best Instagram analytics tools and metrics


10 best Instagram analytics tools - Regardless of the type of digital marketing strategy you use in your business, regular analysis and tracking of important metrics is the best way to measure your ad performance.

This is no different from Instagram. Tracking and analyzing your data will be the key to success if your business is an e-commerce store, affiliate-based business, agency or SAAS business.

However, when it comes to social media and SEO, there are plenty of tools to choose from and you should look for paid or free tools. So, in this post, we will mention the 10 best tools on Instagram we know and why you should use them more than any other tool.

Why should you care about data analytics on Instagram?

Which tool delivers the highest ROI? No one can say for sure, but after reading this post, we hope you better understand what will be best suited for your type of business.

Data analysis is essential for growing your business on Instagram and your social media channel in general.

You get an integrated analytics tool on Instagram, but it's very basic, especially compared to Facebook business manager and doesn't provide enough in-depth data on how you do it. However, it's easy to get started with these basic tools that will be enough for many new Instagram launchers to be with them.

In addition, Instagram recently changed their APIs so a lot of tools don't work anymore. Either way, we have filtered them out and selected the tools we consider to provide the highest value, the highest accuracy, and give you more than all the other tools provided. .

If you need some advice or tips regarding understanding the metrics on Instagram, keep reading.

The most important metric to follow on Instagram

In general, you divide your Instagram performance analysis into 3 parts.

  • The data shown on the side

  • Account number

  • The number of followers

When you want to grow your Instagram account, it's essential to know which numbers to look for, especially if you also want to use third party tools to help you.

These are the most important metrics to understand in order to get a basic overview of your overall performance and what's going on, on your account and posts. That's a guide, but if you already know this metric, you are omitting the best suggested Instagram tool below.


The data shown on the side

Instagram impressions are measured by the total number of times your posts are served to any user.

  • Why is it important:

Here are some good metrics to measure whether your audience sees your posts or not.

Reach rate on Instagram

The Instagram side algorithm is always changing and Instagram is no longer creating news feeds with you in chronological order, and it is also relevant and estimates the level of interaction when designing your news feed.

Compared to the number of impressions, if the same user sees your post twice, it will be counted as 2 impressions and 1 visit.

Measuring reach, you are allowed to evaluate the number of followers who actually see your content.

  • Why is it important:

By optimizing when you have the highest level of interaction on your side posts, you are scheduled for your side posts (see tool below) to post when you have the best reach for your audience. by his side.

You have a strategy to increase your reach and engagement depending on when and how you post.

This is a more general tip, but creating Instagram-appropriate content with 1: 1 posts and videos as well as creating compelling content will help your posts get promoted by Instagram algorithm and you are increase reach on his side.


Video views

The total number of views for your video post.

  • Why is it important:

Instagram and Facebook are favorite video content platforms. It's impossible to assert that videos are always superior to other formats, but you should definitely measure the organic views that your videos have compared to other formats.

If one format works better than the other, try advertising a few more. This metric is important to your content marketing strategy. Try to optimize to combine videos and images most effectively.

Participation rate

This is the most important metric for your content strategy on Instagram and social media in general. High participation comes with a lot of benefits.

The participation rate is determined by the total number of likes, shares, saves and comments you receive on your side posts.

If your post has 105 likes, 21 comments, 9 saves, and 15 shares = 150

The amount of participation for this post is 150

Interaction rate is calculated by the number of interactions compared to the total number of followers on your side:

If your post has 105 likes, 21 comments, 9 saves, 15 shares and you have 2500 followers

Interaction rate from this post = 150/2500 * 100 = 6%

However, getting a lot of engagement from the same people, doesn't add to the relevance of the Instagram algorithm. Your engagement must be unique and fake likes and comments will be easily caught by Instagram, so don't bother spending your time or money on this.

We will never ask anyone to buy engagement or otherwise to get fake engagement, but you are required to have your audience join, comment and like your post.

Why is it important:

User involvement is as high as possible. Not only do you get more likes and more changes in clicks and followers, but this also sends a better signal to Instagram, than you publish relevant and high quality content for your audience. .

However, you should expect your party interaction rate to decrease over time as your party account grows, which is a normal trend.

For small Instagram accounts, for example, an e-commerce business with 10,000 followers, you will receive a 10% interaction rate if you do well, but if you have 1,000,000 followers or have 20 million you can increase by 0.3% to 2%.


The number of followers

The total number of Instagram followers on your side.

  • Why is it important:

This is probably well known, but having a lot of followers has some benefits.

  • Your business will be more credible and reliable.

  • You will gain more exposure to more followers, which means more engagement, more clicks, more traffic and higher sales.

  • Having many followers also makes Instagram your side look more professional.

Growth rate with followers

Is the growth rate in the total number of followers.

For example: If you had 20,000 followers in January and 22,500 in February, the growth rate of your followers would be

(22,500-20,000) / 20,000 * 100 = 12.5%

  • Why is it important:

The steady and high growth of your followers shows you are doing a good job with your Instagram account and content strategy, as well as scheduling your own posts. If you have a negative growth or don't increase any followers, you need to change everything.

Top article

Top posts allow you to see the best performing posts you have, sorted by likes, shares, impressions or content you like, depending on your goals.

  • Why is it important:

Knowing what types of posts work best for your channel and your readers is important information. This information helps you build similar content structure and tailor your content strategy to this.

This metric also helps you better understand article performance and further optimization!

Metric data (age, gender, geographic location)

Clear information on Instagram gives you information about your followers and your target audience such as gender, geographic location, age, etc. Try and get to know your followers and the real people. follow you.

  • Why is it important:

The better you know about your followers. Such information will help create new ideas for the content as well as create relevant content.

This information is also used elsewhere in your business and surprises you with the knowledge and knowledge you have gained. However, no major decisions are made based on a small number of followers.

Instagram story metrics:

It's how often your audience flips through your side story, to see the next story you've published.

How often your audience touches left / back to see the last story on your side you published.

How often your audience swipes down to exit your story and return to their own Instagram feed.

How often your audience uses swipe up on Google to comment directly on a story from you or otherwise navigate to the content you link to in your side story.

Instagram advertising metrics:

This metric is for paid advertising using Instagram and is mentioned in another post here on our website with lots of valuable resources. However, some of the most important figures to keep in mind are:

The clickthrough rate for your ad.

  • Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click or CPC for each click on your ad. CPC will be Overall CPC or Linked CPC. Overall CPC is measured by any click on your ad and doesn't need to click through to your website.

Conversions are used to generate leads, sales, opt-ins or whatever you want your audience to convert and how many sales / leads, etc.

The best Instagram analytics tools:

The tools we mentioned in this post are not in any particular order and are just a list of the tools we like best.

  1. Instagram insights


This is the most popular measurement tool for Instagram users. It's easy to use, access and found in the Instagram app when you have a business account.

Using this tool, you track a lot of common metrics such as views, most popular posts, story views, reach and age among readers. However, you are not allowed to analyze your audience further and evaluate your performance compared to other similar profiles, etc.

However, the data is limited, does not allow data export, so if you want to process any data, you will have to use a third party tool, as mentioned below.


  • Easy to use

  • Free

  • Get an overview of your Instagram account easily

  • Integrated in Instagram application

  1. Icono-square


Iconosquare allows logging into the platform with a free trial and they will email a performance review with tips on how to optimize the content. Iconosapes provides 3 different services in their platform: Analytics, Activity, Publishing

Analytics is used to better understand your followers, target audience, discover new audiences, and accurately track and measure your statistics and performance. They provide more insight and value than many other tools, more than the control panel works very smoothly.

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Activity is used to connect multiple social media channels, to structure and handle your account in the same place. You can connect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts here. You can also follow, moderate comments and more, right from the integrated dashboard.

Publishing is used to create channel libraries, where you are scheduled to post articles and content, will be published in the right media channel at the right time, with the right description and tags. You also see what your Instagram account feed will look like with future posts, etc.



  • Detailed analysis and lots of useful data

  • Amazing visual control panel

  • Used for both Facebook + Instagram

  1. Union metrics


This is another great tool, providing excellent analytics services. It's easily customized to meet your needs, including real-time data so you stay up to date with your data and posts.

The data entered into Union Metrics is high quality and you will be researching, analyzing your competitors, monitoring the performance of your posts, discovering new content ideas, as well as campaign reporting. good.

They also provide free Twitter reports for limited data, but a great way to find out all about the platform is if you use Twitter as your media channel.



  • Real-time data points

  • Detailed analysis

  • Works with both Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Nice customization

  1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is another great option when it comes to social media management tools. Crowdfire is easy to get started and also offers several free learning videos, to help you participate in the platform.

Crowdfire party feature is divided into 5 groups:

This is where you curate articles, RSS feeds, images, etc. for your social media account.

This is the dashboard where you publish all your content and the platform you have linked to Crowdfire. You are linked Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn at the time of writing this article.

This is where you manage your followers / subscribers, followers pages or other related people, and track your competitors.

This is the analytics tab across your entire social account and offers almost every feature you'll be looking for.

Mentions keeps track of all mentions, comments in Crowdfire, and replies right from the platform.



  • Great video tutorial

  • Good function

  • Competitive analysis

  1. Plann


Plann or Plannthat is another great option when it comes to managing and analyzing Instagram. It offers a paid, free plan and is designed to improve and maximize the performance on your Instagram.

We have less experience with Plann, but that doesn't make it worse or better than anything else. It definitely gets the job done and has a different approach to managing and analyzing Instagram compared to other tools. This is mainly created for phones on the go and a lot of other stuff is created when you're on the computer.

With Plannthat you will:

  • Schedule posts

  • Multi-channel upload

  • Unlimited hashtag

  • Excellent performance analysis

  • Great app for iOS or Android

  • Drag and drop new posts

  • Check out the competition

  • Text overlay

  • Share on multiple devices

  • Repost


Ưu điểm:

  • Cung cấp gói miễn phí cũng như trả phí

  • Ứng dụng đẹp

  • Thiết kế tùy chỉnh tuyệt vời dành riêng cho Instagram

  • Tiết kiệm cho bạn rất nhiều thời gian

  1. Keyhole


Keyhole cung cấp  tính năng tuyệt vời tương tự như công cụ khác được đề cập, tuy nhiên chúng tôi thấy nó hữu ích hơn cho cơ quan hoặc doanh nghiệp có nhiều tài khoản xã hội, vì chiến lược giá bên họ. Tất cả  tính năng hay và thú vị chỉ có sẵn cho gói đắt tiền hơn và chúng tôi không nghĩ nó đáng đồng tiền cho doanh nghiệp nhỏ, những người chỉ muốn quản lý, phân tích, phát triển Instagram bên họ hay 1 kênh truyền thông xã hội khác.

Keyhole cũng có bản dùng thử miễn phí nhưng bắt đầu ở mức 49 $ / tháng lên tới 999 $ / tháng và 1000 $ + / tháng cho  cơ quan có rất nhiều tiền. Keyhole cũng có hỗ trợ tuyệt vời và cung cấp vài tính năng theo dõi, phân tích và hoạt động với cả Instagram, Youtube, Twitter và Facebook.

Ưu điểm:

  • Theo dõi, phân tích nâng cao cho đại lý và doanh nghiệp lớn hơn

  • Tích hợp tuyệt vời với FB, IG, Twitter và Youtube

  • Hỗ trợ tuyệt vời

  1. Tapinfluence


Tapinfluence sẽ cung cấp cho bạn nhiều thông tin chi tiết về  hồ sơ Instagram khác về lưu lượng truy cập, mức độ tương tác, đối tượng được nhắm mục tiêu, bài đăng hiệu suất tốt nhất.

Thật tuyệt vời khi khám phá những người có ảnh hưởng mới, quản lý chiến dịch và nội dung trên Instagram cũng như tạo ra ý tưởng cho nội dung. Điều này có giá trị lớn cho doanh nghiệp nhỏ và lớn hơn, nhưng không chỉ tập trung vào phần phân tích, mà thay vào đó là tạo ra nền tảng ảnh hưởng vững chắc.


Ưu điểm:

  • Nền tảng tiếp thị có ảnh hưởng lớn

  • Dễ sử dụng

  • Đáng giá

  • Hoạt động tốt trong tập đoàn với công cụ phân tích IG khác

  1. Squarelovin


Squarelovin là công cụ tuyệt vời. Tính năng bên họ rất thú vị nếu bạn muốn tận dụng nội dung do người dùng tạo trên Instagram bên mình.

Công cụ bên họ rất chính xác, và bạn tối ưu hóa khi nào nên đăng, những gì để đăng,…. Bạn cũng theo dõi bộ lọc cụ thể bạn sử dụng và đo lường hiệu suất bên họ. Tuy sẽ không phải là số liệu quan trọng nhất, nhưng ngay cả điều nhỏ bé gây ảnh hưởng và cải thiện sự tham gia bên bạn.


Bạn được quản lý, phê duyệt / từ chối nội dung do người dùng tạo ngay trong bảng điều khiển cùng hoạt động hoàn hảo cho doanh nghiệp thương mại điện tử, nhà quảng cáo web khác.

Thêm sản phẩm, thẻ khi bạn lên lịch bài đăng và tích hợp liền mạch với trang chủ hoặc trang đích bên bạn. Và tất nhiên bạn cũng sẽ được phân tích và theo dõi tất cả dữ liệu này!


Ưu điểm:

  • Tuyệt vời cho doanh nghiệp thương mại điện tử!

  • Bảng điều khiển hình ảnh đẹp

  • Tốt cho việc xây dựng thương hiệu

  1. Social bakers


Đây cũng là lựa chọn tuyệt vời khi nói đến quản lý kênh truyền thông xã hội và phân tích Instagram. Nó cung cấp rất nhiều tuỳ chọn miễn phí cũng như  tùy chọn trả phí.


Chúng gồm rất nhiều tính năng, là nền tảng không chỉ giúp phân tích Instagram mà còn là công cụ tất cả trong 1 dành cho nhà tiếp thị truyền thông xã hội và doanh nghiệp muốn quản lý mọi thứ ở 1 vị trí.

Nó không được thiết kế riêng cho Instagram nhưng nó vẫn là sản phẩm rất đáng để thử.

Ưu điểm:

  • Danh sách nền tảng và tính năng khổng lồ

  • Công cụ tất cả trong 1

  • Khuyến nghị dựa trên AI

  1. Sprout


Sprout là công cụ cuối cùng trong số 10 công cụ phân tích Instagram yêu thích hàng đầu bên chúng tôi. Nó rất hoàn hảo và bao gồm bất cứ điều gì khác mà bạn sẽ cần cho Instagram bên mình để phát triển kênh truyền thông xã hội và kinh doanh.

Sprout social là nền tảng quản lý kênh truyền thông xã hội hoàn hảo với nhiều tính năng khác và có phần giống với vài tính năng khác được đề cập, nhưng với sự thay đổi bên riêng họ. Nó có  phân tích Instagram toàn diện và điểm dữ liệu chính xác. Bạn được phân tích đối thủ cạnh tranh với khám phá những ý tưởng sáng tạo nội dung mới và mọi thứ khác mà bạn mong đợi.

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Nó cũng  tích hợp với Facebook,, LinkedIn và Twitter.


Ưu điểm

  • Công cụ quản lý Instagram và SoMe tuyệt vời

  • Dễ sử dụng

  • Phân tích chi tiết đối thủ cạnh tranh