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The year 2019 witnessed a very deep discount of external storage devices such as USB, HDD and especially SSD. Even the price of RAM is also discounted, with just over 500K VND, you already have a 120GB SATA III SSD.

Therefore, SSDs are now as popular as traditional HDDs we use. And whether you are using an SSD or a HDD, you must know how to optimize it to perform at the best performance, and the longest life span.

The blog also introduces you to some software to help you SSD optimization on the computer already. And for you to have more choices, in this article I will summarize all the hard drive optimization tools provided by the hard drive manufacturer itself.

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No matter how good third-party software is, it's not as good as the software that the manufacturers themselves make for their products.

So, if you are using the SSD hard drive of the following companies, you should immediately download the corresponding tool to use.

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#first. Summary of links to download tools for genuine SSD hard drive manufacturers

Here is a summary of the download links of SSD optimization tool of vendors like Samsung Electronic, San Disk, Crucial, Kingston Technology….

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1.1. Download Samsung's SSD hard drive optimization tool called Samsung Magician

Download here or here !

1.2. Download the SanDisk SSD optimization tool called SanDisk SSD Dashboard

Download here or here !

1.3. Download SSD hard disk optimization tool Transcend entitled Transcend SDD Scope

Download here or here !

1.4. Download the Corsair SSD optimization tool called Corsair SSD Toolbox

Download here or here !

1.5 Download Intel SSD hard drive optimization tool named Intel SSD Toolbox

Download here or here !

1.6 Download the Crucial SSD optimization tool called Crucial Storage Executive

Download here or here ! Only for 64-bit operating systems you guys.

1.7 Download Kingston's SSD hard disk optimization tool called SSD Manager

Download here or here !

And below I will guide you to use Samsung Magician software because there are quite a lot of software that I only use Samsung SSD home!

#2. Manual Samsung Magician software to optimize Samsung SSD

Not only famous for phones and memory chips for RAM, SAMSUNG's SSD hard drive is also extremely popular with users because of its stability, fast speed.

First, download and install the Samsung Magician tool as usual, as it is very easy, so I will not guide you anymore. Once installed, open the Samsung Magician tool, the main interface will look like the image below!

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Part Performance Benchmark Samsung Electronic is dedicated to help users can check the read / write speed of the hard drive.

To optimize the hard drive, move on to the section Performance Optimization => then select the SSD drive you are using in the box Select a Drive.

Here you click to turn on the feature Rapid mode enhances overall system performance.

RAPID Mode will increase the read / write speed and performance of the Windows system by using a portion of RAM to make the cache for SSD. But you should not use this feature if your computer's RAM <8GB okay!

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In addition, section Over Provisioning (OP) will cut some SSD hard drive capacity so that the SSD is never in a state of being full of data, because the data filling will reduce the performance and life of the hard drive.

You can click on Over Provisioning => select Set OP => and then press Recommended let the software estimate the best available disk space (Default: 64 GB) => and then click Set to complete.

=> For tools to optimize SSD hard drive of other brands, you do the same, where you do not understand, you can Google Translate to understand more about what it means.

# 3. Epilogue

So I have just shared for you the download link SSD optimization software of popular brands now.

In addition to the hard drive vendors above, if you also know more tools of other brands, please share below for you to exchange and learn offline.

Hopefully this article will help you use SSDs more reasonably and effectively. Good luck !

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