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Samsung just launched the Galaxy XCover Pro phone not too long ago, introduced as an ultra-durable, durable, water-resistant device ... the ostrich type. So aside from its beef, what else does this machine have?

#first. Samsung Xcover Pro hardware

The screen of the Samsung Xcover Pro is 6.3 inches, which is a LCD screen with Full HD + resolution

The screen is designed in a 20: 9 aspect ratio, and the design is punched.

Samsung Xcover Pro has all 3 cameras, including 2 rear cameras and 1 selfie camera. The two rear cameras of the device include a 25MP main camera and an 8MP sensor camera for super wide angle shooting. Single selfie camera has a resolution of 13MP.

In addition, the device supports 2 sims, a micro SD card, uses USB Type-C charging and has a 3.5mm jack.

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#2. Design by Samsung Xcover Pro

The design of Samsung Xcover Pro can withstand shock and water very well, durability of the machine meets US military standards MIL-STD-810G.

The back of the device is made of plastic with raised angles for better impact resistance, the frame is made of metal. The fingerprint sensor is located on the right side of the device.

Camera design: The cluster of 2 rear cameras is arranged vertically in the left corner of the back, the bottom is the Led Flash. The selfie camera is in the rather opaque screen.

Smartphone-Samsung-Xcover-Pro (1)

So far, Samsung Xcover Pro has only one black model.

# 3. Configuration of Samsung Xcover Pro

Samsung Xcover Pro is powered by Samsung's Exynos 9611 chip, has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

The battery has a capacity of 4050mAh, which supports 15W fast charging.

# 4. Software / OS of the machine

Samsung Xcover Pro runs on Android 9.0 operating system with its OneUI 2.0 user interface.

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# 5. Evaluate

If you are interested in Samsung products, you will probably see what they are trying to do here: Yes, it's restoring the Active!

Samsung Galaxy S Active is a flagship model with the US military's resistance to water and dust resistance.

Galaxy S Avtive debuted with the flagship Galaxy S each year, with a more aggressive design, more rugged and slightly changed in the configuration parameters. Samsung has developed Galaxy S8 Active in the past, and has abandoned it for more than 2 years.

Launch move Samsung XCover Pro show that they do not want to leave an audience of users who prefer super-durable, super-powerful machines, so they play more safely: Bringing Galaxy Active to the mid-range segment.

Smartphone-Samsung-Xcover-Pro (1)

Basically, this machine is similar to Sam's Galaxy A51, with a punched screen, mid-range configuration and dual cameras.

As for the user object is simple: Or beat the machine, or just want a cool machine and cattle.

It is unclear whether the Galaxy S Active series will be manufactured or not, but it is likely that they will be abandoned. This will make many people regret about a super cowboy flagship that they will not worry about breaking or entering the country when buying.

Smartphone-Samsung-Xcover-Pro (2)

And how do you feel about this device? Do you like a super-cool machine, or do you just need a waterproof device? Please leave your comment below this article.

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