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Oppo has just brought back the best-selling device in our country, that is the line Oppo F, and their latest device is the Oppo F15. This comeback is something to look forward to, and will Oppo F15 be able to succeed?

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#first. Oppo F15 hardware

Oppo F15 uses AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution. Water drop screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, 6.4 inch screen width is designed in 20: 9 ratio.

It has 4 rear cameras and 1 selfie camera. The cluster of 4 rear cameras includes a 48MP main camera, 1 8MP ultra wide angle camera, 1 8MP marco camera, and a 2MP depth sensor. On the front is a 16MP selfie camera.

Oppo F15 supports 2 sims, microSD memory card, using USB Type-C charging pins.

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#2. Design of Oppo F15

As I said above, Oppo F15 has a water drop screen design, the back of the device has a gradient color effect, and a fingerprint sensor is hidden under the screen.

Camera design: The rear camera assembly is vertically aligned to the left corner of the back. Next to the rear camera cluster is a long flash, it is parallel to the camera's direction.

The selfie camera fits neatly in the water droplet in front of the screen. It is also equipped with electronic anti-vibration as on the Oppo Reno line.

Oppo F15 comes with two basic colors for users to choose: White and Black.

# 3. Configuration of Oppo F15

Oppo F15 processor is Helio P70 chip with 8GB RAM and 128GB Rom (internal memory).

It is equipped with a 4025mAh battery and supports VOOC 3.0 fast charging (20W).

# 4. Software / OS of Oppo F15

It runs on Android 9.0 operating system with its Color OS 6.1 interface.

Review Oppo F15

# 5. Evaluate Oppo F15

Unlike previous predictions, that Oppo has abandoned the Oppo F line to focus more on the Oppo A, Oppo K and Oppo Reno lines, it is surprising that they have brought back the Oppo F series with the number 15, which is the next version. Oppo F11's responsibility

You probably didn't know: Oppo F is numbered by odd numbers. That means there will be Oppo F1, F3, F5, F7, F9, F11 and the correct version this time is Oppo F13 to succeed the previous F11 version.

But no, it seems that they want to avoid this unlucky number, and launch Oppo F15 as well, leaping in order.

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However, the machine did not break through in quality: It is still a holy combo that many people hate is ColorOS with MediaTek's chip, this is probably the legendary combo of the series. F that OPPO doesn't want to leave.

Currently, Son Tung M-TP is the brand face for OPPO Reno line. It is unclear whether Oppo will invite Tung to return to represent Oppo F anymore, but if this does not happen, then the sales of OPPO F15 will not be as bright as its predecessors, due to the absence of breakthrough, but not even Son Tung 🙂

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What do you think about this device? Does not having Son Tung matter to the sales of OPPO F15? Leave your comments below.

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