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Zhao Yun is a very strong assassin general in Mobile Union. If you want to be a master, practice and play Trieu Van will be very effective.

This is also a champion that can carry the team, very strong from the middle and late game. However, in order to do this, you need to know how to build a pearl table for Trieu Van properly, and accurately.

Bang-ngoc-trieu-van-cuc-chuan (1)
Trieu Van pearl table built in the coalition mobile

This article I will give 3 pearl tables for Trieu Van to help climb the rank extremely effectively. You can refer to it, maybe these pearls will help you play the game better, easier to win 😀 Let's get started!

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#first. Trieu Van pearl table hit the death

The first and the most favorite gem of mine for Trieu Van is the critical hit.

Buil pearl how to have about 10% critical, have damage, attack speed above 15% is the most beautiful. Specifically, I built jade for Trieu Van as follows:

  • Ruby: (Attack Speed ​​/ Crit) x 5 and (Critical strike) x 5
  • purple gem (Attack Speed ​​/ Movement Speed) x 10
  • Sapphire (Physical attack / armor penetration) x 10
Bang-ngoc-trieu-van-cuc-chuan (1)
Trieu Van pearl table hit speed critical

Additional stats from jade:

  • + 18% attack speed
  • + 10.5% critical strike
  • + 9 physics
  • + 64 armor penetration
  • + 10% movement speed

You see, if there is 10% crit and 18% attack speed Zhao Yun will fight very fast. Occasionally explode critical damage at the first lever. Besides, you also have 10% speed to be able to approach the enemy.

If you go in the jungle you can clear monsters quickly, ganking is very effective, isn't it. I am very "satisfied" with this jewel, you just try to use and feel in the match. Especially early game. Now I will move on to the second gem board.

Bang-ngoc-trieu-van-cuc-chuan (2)
Go to the crimson pearl for Zhao Yun you will blast more critically

Note: With this pearl, Zhao Yun will have to increase the damage and damage damage. Thus the end of the enemy is effective.

#2. Trieu Van pearl table Full damage

In the jewel 2 of Zhao Yun we will go full armor penetration. This method is also very effective, it makes dame from the beginning of Trieu Van will be very large. Easy combo to kill enemy's network more. This gem will be:

  • Ruby: (Physical attack / armor penetration) x 10
  • purple gem (Attack Speed ​​/ Movement Speed) x 10
  • Sapphire (Physical attack / armor penetration) x 10
Bang-ngoc-trieu-van-cuc-chuan (1)
Trieu Van table of armor penetration

Additional stats from jade:

  • + 29 physics
  • + 100 armor penetration
  • + 10% running speed
  • + 10% attack speed

At the beginning of the game you buy more Short Sword (20 physical attacks), it will be very powerful. You can see in Lever 1 Trieu Van has 50 more physical and armor penetration 100 so how much damage will be done?

Not to mention the shock damage badges such as Magic, the extra points increase the damage, this jewel will make the enemy very scared.

Bang-ngoc-trieu-van-cuc-chuan (3)
Zhao Yun on jade full damage is also extremely strong

Its only weakness is that it doesn't have a critical chance. However, if you are accustomed to cumulative armor-piercing damage, you will not be very strong. Without a crit, the farm will be a bit slower.

Note: If you choose this gem board you need to prioritize on more armor piercing items such as Muramasa Sword, Spear Breaking or Spear Longinus. There is such damage to be maximized.

# 3. Trieu Van pearl table pure gladiator

Table pearl last I would like to share that is the standard gladiator. Why is it called a gladiator standard and is this gem strong on the board?

First you need to understand what a gladiator is like. Gladiators are not so strong as tanks, not shock damage as assassins can both cause pretty strong damage and have no resistance nor easily die.

Understandably, gladiators are average dame champions, average stamina. At the end of the game, gladiators can completely kill the ad, but if you rush to open the teamfight, it will evaporate.

Zhao Yun is essentially a gladiator who is a bit more assassin so this pearl board is still very effective for him. Specifically:

  • Ruby: (Attack Speed ​​/ Health / Armor) x 10
  • purple gem (Critical strike / health ratio) x 10
  • Sapphire (Physical attack / armor penetration) x 10

Trieu Van pearl table gladiator

Additional metrics:

  • + 9 physics
  • + 10% attack speed
  • + 5% critical strike
  • + 64 armor penetration
  • + 23 armor
  • + 937 blood

You can see this gem has a bit of attack speed, crit, damage and armor penetration enough to cause damage. Besides, there is armor and nearly 1000 health increased greatly. Therefore, Zhao Yun will be a gladiator who will deal damage and withstand if he uses this gem board.

If you are used to playing hard, fighting and withdrawing then this is the appropriate board. I confirm this gem board is also very strong because it increases the necessary stats for Trieu Van. Please try and leave a comment at the end of the article!

Note: If you choose this jewel you need to increase equipment and increase damage. There will usually be 2 items that deal 3 damage items. That would be very strong.

# 4. Conclude

So I have shared 3 Jade board for Zhao Yun So you can climb the rank and play more effectively already. Hopefully this information will help you play the game better to win more matches in the next match.

This is my personal opinion for reference so please give me suggestions to improve.

Finally, have fun playing games and see you again in upcoming articles.

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