Optimize Database Wordpress by optimizing the Wp_Options table

Optimize your WordPress Database by optimizing the Wp_Options table - Okey baby! As you know, optimizing Database will help your website run more smoothly, but touching Database is a very annoying thing, so there are many plugins to help you optimize Database (such as WP-Optimize) effectively, but the optimization when you use the Plugin only works effectively when the tables in the Database are not really garbage data.

In case your data tables have a lot of data to clean up, using SQL command to execute is considered the most effective plan, and one of those using WordPress, you should know that optimizing the Wp_Options table is essential, Wp_Options is the place where most of the web settings, the plugin, the theme or the widget configuration will be saved here, so if you do However, the number of lines in Wp_Options is extremely horrible.

Optimize WordPress Database

As I said above over time, the wp_options table will swell with a lot of data, if you do not optimize, delete unnecessary data, your web will be slowed down, in this article I will guide you to optimize the Wp_Options table using PhpMyadmin on hosting.

Note: Please back up the data before performing database interventions, to ensure that when there are errors you can recover the data safely.

One cause of the data bloat is due to the periodic update of data, interface, plugin and improper activation when the version will not be cleaned. You will now receive tons of _wp_session_ in your database. As shown below, there are more than 3 million rows in wp_options which makes the data increase by more than 600 MB.

I have database wordpress

You can use the query below to see if you are experiencing this problem?

Optimize WordPress Database

Optimize WordPress Database

As you can see there is a lot of _wp_session_ in the data.

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Okey! Do not roll up more spend you can clear the _wp_session_ This goes safely.

I understand database wordpress 3

After finishing the cleaning _wp_session_ rows, this time the table is less than 1,000 rows and the capacity is reduced to 11 MB.

I u database wordpress 4

Okey! Just like that, you can free up Database space in WordPress already.

In addition, you can refer to how to delete unused photos in WordPress quickly, helping you to free up storage space effectively.


The data optimization is essential, the above is just a method for you to reduce unnecessary data, there are many things for you to do, to get a clean and standard data.

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