Open a reputable Forex account in Vietnam

There are 2 ways to open a reputable forex account in Vietnam: 1 is that you register yourself and open an account according to the instructions below, 2 is thanks to you IB / Support of the open floor for fast. However, whichever way you open it, Ad recommends opening an account in 1 of the 5 most reputable forex floors for now.

3 steps to open a forex trading account

To open a forex account at any trading floor, there are 5 main steps as follows:

Step 1: Register for a trading account

The personal information you need to prepare for registration includes:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Email contact
  • Phone number (will be verified via sms)

Also, you need to prepare the following documents to add to your profile at the request of the exchange:

  • Passport / ID card / Driver's license: to verify identity.
  • Bank statement / Electricity or Internet bill or Cable or phone TV / Tax return / Bank account confirmation ...: for address verification (must be issued within the last 6 months).

Note: your documents must be consistent with the registration information above, make sure your photos are clear and easy to read.

Step 2: Open an MT4 / MT5 account to trade

There are many floors when completing registration of personal information, the system will automatically open for you an MT4 or MT5 account. You can also create another account if you want. The default currency for the account will be USD.

Note on leverage options when creating an MT4 / MT5 account, you should refer to this article: Leverage in Forex - How to choose the appropriate leverage

Where you want Open forex demo account To practice trading, choose DEMO account type instead of REAL. Demo account will bring the most objective experience on how to trade and can evaluate the trading environment of the forex broker is right for you or not? Decide whether you should deposit real money to trade or not?

Step 3: Deposit money into MT4 / MT5 account and trade

You can deposit funds to trade instantly without having to wait until your documents are verified. Most forex brokers now support many deposit and withdrawal methods such as Internet Banking (Online Bank Transfer), Visa Card, Ngan Luong, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin…

After completing the deposit, download the MT4 / MT5 software to your computer or phone to trade. On the home page of all exchanges, there is a Platform button (Platform, or Trading Platform), or a Tool button. Click that button to find MT4 / MT5 software and download it.

See detailed instruction on how to use MT4 software HERE

Advice: Don't rush to trade right away, I suggest you take the time to learn about trading knowledge and trading methods before you start. Why? Because otherwise, you will incur a very high risk and may lose your account.

I do not guarantee that after you have read the trading knowledge and trading tactics,
You can make a lot of money, but first of all you need to be knowledgeable about the information you need to support your trading and minimize your risk. You will definitely lose less, and be more confident with your skills to gradually become an expert in FOREX field.

Refer: Detailed instructions for opening a forex account at Exness platform - 1 of the 5 most prestigious floors in Vietnam today.

Contact Hotline / zalo / viber / skype: 0988.384.166 or 0984.358.799 to open forex account quickly and support 24/7 trading.