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Tet has come to my friends! Perhaps many of you here are intending to buy an item as a gift for your loved ones, parents or children ... right? So, which gift to choose meaningful, useful and most pleasing to both parties here?

#first. Request of a gift

Mainly a lot of little heart, isn't it? But if you are financially abundant, choose gifts according to the following criteria:

The bigger the gift, the happier the recipient: Yes, this is always true: V. You can choose flagship phones from big brands like Samsung and Apple. At the present time is the Galaxy Note 10 Serie or iPhone 11 Serie there, to make a gift to cherish offline!

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Gifts should match the gifts: For example, if you buy for tech people, you should buy a slightly better machine, for adults, you should choose devices with large battery capacity and large screen to be suitable for entertainment. For children who do not want to be addicted to games, they only buy mid-range devices….

Colors are also important in: For many people, giving presents also needs a little custom. On New Year's, they avoid giving black or white gifts, but instead the color should be better red, yellow, blue or green. Those are lucky colors. Smartphones are also available in these colors, but if not, you should include a case!

Now, we will get into a specific issue: Which machines to choose?

For example:

If you are giving your boss, wife or lover, you should choose a high-end device: Some typical names are: Aura Glow Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro Max are machines It is worth buying for this group.

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If you buy a device for a parent, but are afraid of the elderly with poor eyesight or may drop it, you should choose the price range of about 2 to 5 million, a large screen and a buffalo battery for easy repair.

These include devices like the Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20, Redmi Note 8 or Oppo K3 for example. However, remember that Samsung's Super AMOLED screen is not cheap either.

If you are afraid of older people who may easily break, choose a machine with an LCD screen, or buy an extra case for protection. The machines I have mentioned above have a lot of color choices, but you can choose blue for beauty. I think so 😛

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Next: Buying a gift for your child is also divided into 2 cases.

If you do not want your children to play games: You can choose Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Redmi 8 or Redmi 8A. These are mid-range devices, not enough configuration to play the current hot games like Lien Quan Mobile or PUBG Mobile. You will not need to worry about their game addiction problem.

Where you want to entertain your child: This setting is easier to choose, except for the above devices. That means you need to choose mid-range devices or flagships. And if you want a little more gaming, you can choose Gaming Phones like Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic or Asus ROG Phone.

# 3. Conclude

Buying a smartphone as a gift for Tet is also a good idea, isn't it? Are you going to buy a gift for anyone during Tet? And if you buy, which phone will you choose? Let's comment below for you to discuss for fun 🙂

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