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So season 10 League of Legends has officially begun. In the first update of the new season, Riot has made a lot of changes that directly affect the gameplay.

In this article, let's learn and analyze the equipment that has been modified and remade in the new Arena of the Legs this new season.

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#first. The equipment has been reworked in the new season

* Training Gloves + Wooden Bow = Blue Bow (instead of Continuous Tournament):

  • Critical strikes reduce target's armor by 90%, effect lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Since launch, equipped Liên Hoàn Tiễn proved to be quite weak and rarely used. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to rework this equipment. New equipment will be very suitable when combined with the system Sát Thủ and pages with compound words Găng Đấu Tập other.

* Armor + Wooden Bow = Huge Power (instead of the Twin Blades of Ghost):

  • Upon receiving or dealing critical damage, the owner gains 2% increased damage, stacking up to a maximum of 100%. With 50 stacks, the owner gains 25 additional armor and 25 magic resist and increases their size, effective only in the round.
  • Ma Vũ Song Kiếm is a very buggy item Riot has been planning to remake for a long time. New equipment will be more offensive than defensive, but stacking is very difficult. Regarding the usage, the same with the above equipment is suitable for the system Sát Thủ and equipment to increase critical strike rate.

* Net Armor + Net Armor = Barbed Cloak (instead of Gai Armor)

  • Block critical damage instead of blocking critical damage. When hit by basic attacks, dealing 80/120/160 magic damage (increased by champion rank), regenerating effects every second.
  • This new equipment is still quite similar Giáp Gai old, a little increase in defensive ability, a little reduction in the ability to damage. The equipment is still suitable for the generals that carry damage to the team.

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#2. Equipment is modified

* Heart Ice:

  • Reduce 40% attack speed of surrounding enemies, combining multiple items on 1 champion that does not stack effects but only stacks range.
  • This can be considered as a buff to this equipment, the usage is still the same, consistent with the top tank and assassin generals.

* Frosty gloves:

  • Attack after freezing target's target for 1.5 seconds.
  • The old passive of this item is quite strong, especially when combined with champions and equipment that can dodge basic attacks, so it is used a lot. Therefore, this equipment is modified to be predictable.
  • With the new passive, this item will no longer be suitable for tank champions but instead suitable for champions with low energy, easy to use skills, especially Ezreal. Can be combined with equipment to increase energy, increase regeneration and water elements.

* Crossbow Lightning:

  • When the round begins, enemies within 3 cells are overturned and magic damage is equal to 200% of their maximum energy.
  • If the old passive can be used for both resisting and dealing damage champions, as long as it is compatible with the magic power, then with this new passive, surely the equipment can only be used against resistant champions can be ranked top or kill assassins. The modified equipment will counter well the skill-oriented tribes.

* Mercury Cloak:

  • Immunity restrained owner.
  • With the old passive, this equipment is almost not used, so increasing the power is a sure thing.
  • Through new editing, equipment has been quite strong buff. This will be an appropriate defense to go along with the main damage generals, counter the dominant team.

* Iron Solari Necklaces:

  • The bonus armor changed from 300 to 250/275/300 (depends on champion level) and is compatible with allied heroes within 2 surrounding cells instead of 2 adjacent cells in a horizontal line.
  • This can be considered a modification to rebalance this equipment, making it easier to activate additional armor for allied heroes, suitable for those who need to be resistant and placed in the middle of the squad.

* Luden Echo:

Magic damage dealt changed from 150 to 120/160/200 (depending on the champion).

* Statikk Electric Knife:

Magic damage changed from 100 damage to 3 enemies to 80 damage to 3/4/5 enemies (depending on champion level)

* Silent Knife:

Activation rate reduced from 25% to 20%

* Red charm:

Burn rate decreased from 20% in 10 seconds to 18% in 10 seconds.

* Devil's Letter Morello:

Burn rate decreased from 20% in 10 seconds to 18% in 10 seconds.

With the changes mentioned above, surely the meta game will have a change. Through the article, hope you will understand the new use of each equipment and effectively play the game.

I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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