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The Spirits are a tribe used by many players when climbing ranks in Auto Chess Mobile, thanks to their large damage and extremely uncomfortable fighting ability.

With most skills are wide area damage, combined with the ability to petrify when attacked melee, this is an important key for you to counter short-hand formations. Learn about the power of Spirits.

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#first. Introducing the Spirits

Until now, in Auto Chess Mobile, there are 4 Spirits heroes including: Water Spirit, Thunder Spirit, Dark Spirit and Stone Spirit.

However, since Season 2, Stone Spirit has been temporarily locked, but so far there has been no sign of his return.

As I said above, the Spirits are one of the most annoying clans of Auto Chess game with the ability to petrify when attacked. When petrified, heroes will not be able to move or attack and also have to take additional physical damage.

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Passive of Spirits:

  • 2 Spirits: When all of your clan's Spirits are attacked by melee, there is a 30% chance of petrifying an attacker in 4s.
  • 4 Spirits: When your side is attacked by melee, there is a 50% chance of petrifying an attacker in 4s.

#2. Evaluation of the Spirits

2.1. Advantages of the Spirits:

  • Very good at fighting melee squads like Warrior, Assassin.
  • The petrified effect is applied to the entire lineup when there are 4 Spirits.
  • Most Spirits heroes have very large area of ​​damage.
  • Can combine with many different squads.

2.2. Disadvantages of Spirits:

  • Passive of the clan only applies to melee heroes, does not affect ranged heroes.
  • Having a $ 5 Dark spirit makes it difficult to get 4 Spirits.
  • Heroes have a long cooldown and slow energy recovery.

=> In general, the Spirits are very strong in the game when they have strong damage and can control hard.

However, the fact that the Stone spirit is locked makes it impossible to have 4 Spirits at the moment, so most squads combine with 2 Spirits.

# 3. Details about the Spirits heroes

3.1. Stone Spirit ($ 1)

  • Life force: 650/1300/2600
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 80/160/320
  • Attack speed and range: 1.8s / 1 cell

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The Stone spirit plays a role of blocking and controlling in the squad. With the ability to control strong throwing skills, but this is also the ability to "squeeze" very high teammates can save the opponent when thrown away. Specifically, the Stone spirit will throw the opponent's hero to the end of the field, causing 100/200/300 damage and stunning for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5s.

3.2. Water Spirit ($ 2)

  • Life force: 550/1100/2200
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 57/115/230
  • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 3 cells

toc-spirits-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (2)

This is the only Assassin in the Spirits. Having a long range to help Water Spirit can attack the opponent's mainstay from a safe distance.

The shockwave Waves ability helps the Water spirit dash behind the farthest hero while also dealing 100/200/300 damage along the way.

3.3. Thunder Spirit ($ 3)

  • Life force: 750/1500/3000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 55/110/220
  • Attack speed and range: 1.1s / 3 cells

toc-spirits-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (3)

This is one of the two main sources of damage for the Spirits. With the Lightning skill, the Thunder spirit will create an electric field that extends to a range of 3 cells dealing 10 to 100/175/250 magic damage.

With his ability, the Thunder spirit can drain the opponent's heroes within 2 consecutive times thanks to the skill's opening and closing mechanism. However, the drawback of this hero is quite long cooldown

3.4. Dark spirit ($ 5)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 1.5s / 3 cells
  • Magic Resist: 40%

toc-spirits-in-game-auto-chess-mobile (4)

This is a $ 5 hero so has a very low drop rate, but if you own this will be the main chess piece in your squad.

With the skill of darkness, the Dark Spirit challenges every kind of hero that can be withstand. The ability will create a dark area and subtract health based on the percentage of enemy heroes' blood (4/6/8%) for 10 seconds.

If fully equipped with regeneration equipment, the Dark spirit can drain the life of the opponent squad.

# 4. Lineups combined with Spirits

6 Assassin - 4 Spirits - 2 Marine

4 Spirits - 6 Mage - 4 Human

2 Spirits - 6 Hunter - 2 Marine

# 5. Epilogue

Above is his article about Spirits race in Auto Chess Mobile. Hope the article will be helpful to you.

I look forward to the support, interest and suggestions of brothers and sisters on my writing. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!

Wish you happy playing games 🙂

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