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In the game Auto Chess Mobile, if races like Goblin, Human or Feathered are considered as ethnic groups, there will always be "ethnic minorities" like Dwarf race and Kira.

Despite the relatively modest number of heroes, the roles and power of these tribes is not inferior or inferior. And today we will learn more about the Dwarf and Kira races.

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I. Information and characteristics of the Kira clan in Auto Chess

This is the clan with the least number of heroes in the game when there is only 1 hero Orge Mage. Sadly, although there is only one hero, the current Ogre is in the "blacklist" of the game when temporarily locked, causing the Kira clan to disappear on the basic battle modes.

Passive of clan: Increases all heroes on your side by 5% vitality.

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#first. Advantages of the Kira

  • There is only one hero in the clan, so he can activate his passive when he has a hero.
  • Ability to increase vitality for all allies.
  • Quite strong in the early and mid game.

#2. Disadvantages of the Kira clan

  • Increasing the vitality as a percentage of each hero's health makes low-powered heroes less of an effect.
  • Only one hero leads to rivalry between players.
  • Not much effect when it comes to late game.

# 3. Details of Kira heroes

3.1. Orge mage ($ 1)

  • Life force: 700/1400/2800
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 60/120/240
  • Attack speed and range: 1.4s / 1 cell

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This is a hero who can support very well for the team, especially your main team. Possessing a Rage skill makes a champion's attack speed increase of 30/50/70%.

With his support, the Ogre mage can optimize the power of your main heroes.

This is a very strong support hero and capable of tanker for your squad. At $ 1 and quick cooldown, Orge becomes a standard support hero.

However, the random acceleration of the target makes the skill sometimes unable to fully utilize the effect.

II. Information and characteristics of the Dwarf race

Dwarf is also a minority in Auto Chess game with only 2 heroes in the clan Dwarf sniper and Helicopter.

#first. The dwarf's passive

Only for a Dwarf hero: The range of heroes in the clan is increased by 2 cells, and will attack the lowest blood target in the range of attack.

#2. The advantage of the Dwarf race

  • Is the clan with the longest range in Auto Chess Mobile game.
  • Has a huge amount of damage, and good ability to kill when prioritizing low-health heroes.
  • Can sit still an attack position without moving, saving time to optimize the damage.

# 3. Disadvantages of the Dwarf race

  • There are 2 heroes so it is quite hard to find, especially Helicopter because it is a $ 5 hero.
  • Only able to increase range for heroes of the Dwarf race.
  • Dwarf heroes have relatively thin vitality, so it is easy to die when approached.

# 4. Details of the Dwarf heroes

4.1. Dwarf sniper ($ 3)

  • Life force: 450/900/1800
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 80/160/320
  • Attack speed and range: 1.1s / 4 cells

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It can be said that the Dwarf Sniper has the ability to be no different from a long-handed assassin when it can shock main enemy damage from a distance.

With skill Bạo đầu Help the Dwarf sniper immobilize an opponent's hero in position, while also dealing 400/600/800 self-sustaining physical damage. For low vitality heroes, facing the Dwarf sniper is no different than meeting death.

This is a hero with huge physical damage and long range, but the low vitality makes the Dwarf sniper become a top target of Assassins, can evaporate in a note.

4.2. Helicopter ($ 5)

  • Life force: 900/1800/3600
  • Armor: 10
  • Damage: 77/155/310
  • Attack speed and range: 0.9s / 3 cells

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This is the hero with the most extensive damage auto chess game. With the ability to Assault the air with a range of up to 4 cells and can activate 2 times to deal 200/300/400 magic damage.

With great damage, Helicopter is a hero who can flip very well if released.

Helicopter's strength is its huge area of ​​damage and basic attack speed quite fast. However, this is a hero who requires high dignity because of a low drop rate, so to have Helicopter you need to raise Lever early to increase the chance of dropping.

III. Epilogue

Above is my article about the 2 tribes with the smallest number of heroes in Auto Chess Mobile (Dwarf and Kira). Hope the article will help you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!

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