Is PTC website legal or not to prevent fraud?


Is the PTC website legal? - PTC Website is understood as the platform provided for online advertisers to place ads on them and then show internet users these ads.

Every time PTC users click on an ad, they get paid a fixed amount of money that is decided in advance. Therefore, advertisers receive traffic for their ads / websites and ad viewers are rewarded for being this traffic side.

The popularity of the PTC model has spawned several PTC websites. However, before you embark on this model, it is essential to consider whether it is a legitimate online monetization platform or just a scam.

The focus of this discussion is to consider Scarlet Clicks, the PTC website that has been in the news for years. It looks at history, information, platforms, websites, and many other aspects of Scarlet Click to finally know if it is legal and worth participating.

Understand the PTC model for better click evaluation


Online businesses invest huge money in advertising to achieve two main goals - business promotion and high traffic (visitors) to their website. Now, the question is what do they gain by turning traffic to their website into buyers? The answer is that a fair amount of website traffic helps them get the attention of search engines like Google and Bing.

This search engine has several parameters to evaluate the value of different websites. Among these numbers is the amount of time visitors spend on websites spent with it.

If visitors stay on the site for a long time, the search engine concludes that the website has something good to offer about information, user experience and more. Therefore, the website will have a higher chance of appearing in the top search engine results.

Online advertisers use different techniques to organize natural traffic to the website. However, this is potentially time consuming and intense competition is likely to cost some websites to enjoy the desired amount of web traffic.

This is why paid marketing campaigns and advertising models like Paid to Click (PTC) were born. Scarlet Clicks is an example of this model.

However, before we start with the Scarlet Clicks review, you should agree to something like:

  • The PTC website is just a means to earn extra income. Do not consider them a means to make money full time.

  • It takes time to make money with the PTC website.

  • You should be ready to operate on the PTC website regularly. Without this commitment, you will not be able to reap the desired benefits.

What is Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet Clicks is an online money-making platform based on the PTC model described in the previous section. Users who are allowed to use the internet are registered and paid only by clicking and viewing different ad types.

How does Scarlet click Present Itself?


Scarlet Clicks, is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that provides the opportunity to make money online for Internet users like you. Advertisers place ads on their side regarding different types of businesses and niches on the website.

You have the ability to register with the website through several membership options, each offering a different set of benefits. When you register with the website, you have the ability to view several ads.

Clicking on each of these ads will help you earn from 0.0001 to $ 0.01. Different ads will have different rates and the same thing will be mentioned along with each ad.

The website also offers a few other ways besides clicking on ads to make money, which many users report on the website as a fact that the click-through rate is usually in the range of $ 0,0001 to $ 0.001. What seldom happens is that an advertisement of $ 0.01 is available.

As the website claims, it now has more than 806,000 members and has paid over 2,156,800 dollars so far.

Website Scarlet Clicks:

The website has a simple design and is easy to navigate. However, ads sometimes tend to fill the rest of the content, which means there are some design flaws in the website. Another noteworthy point is that website design is not optimized for mobile phones.

If you try to open it on a smartphone, the design will appear cluttered. Therefore, the design of websites not friendly to mobile devices is really a drawback.

Forum and party support Scarlet Clicks


Scarlet Clicks has an active forum with the DimitriosKornelatos administrator on the website who is regularly spotted participating in the discussion. Members of the website update their proof of payment on the forum regularly. In addition, the doubts, concerns and queries of member parties were quickly resolved.

The website also boasts features such as fraud protection and detailed statistics on each member's reference turn. Overall, the website promises a good experience for amateur users as well as professional PTC users.

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History of the Scarlet Clicks party?

Scarlet Clicks was launched as the Aurora PTC website in 2009. The owner and administrator of this site Dimitrios ‘Kordim’ Kornelatoswho also launched another PTC website called GPT Planet in 2010.

He is also the name behind the recently launched OptimalBux. Famous entrepreneur dimitriosis from Greece and actively present online for nearly two decades.

Typically, the PTC website runs for 3-4 years and then disappears from the scene. The successful operation of Scarlet Clicks for 10 years has increased the login information. The website runs on Version 5.2 inside a popular script called Evolution.

It has been reported in several places where Scarlet Clicks features among the top websites running on scripts. It started out as a small PTC platform but soon incorporated the Bux model, allowing the PTC website to offer rental referrals to their members to increase their income.

EMoneySpace, the platform that provides ratings and reviews for online money-making websites, ranked Scarlet Clicks at No. 5 in 2017. Interestingly, the platform ranked this website at No. 3 the following year. . Website occupies the leading position only two steps behind NeoBux is very popular.

How does Scarlet Click work?

For starters, Scarlet Clicks is available in all countries of the world. That means you can participate in any country.

Scarlet Clicks works like any other PTC website. You have the ability to register with the website, after which you will be able to view and click 30-35 ads on a daily basis. Each click takes you to the specific page displaying the ad, and you'll need to see the ad within the allotted time. Typically, watch time is 5 seconds for a small ad and it is likely to last for more than 15 seconds for other ads. So, what makes Scarlet Clicks different from other PTC websites?

The website offers free memberships as well as a range of paid members that promise additional benefits for members. Here are the details:

Free membership:


Registered members are free to view and click on only two types of ads:

  • Fixed advertisement: These ads usually pay $ 0.001 per ad. These ads are reset daily at 01:00 am

  • Small advertisement: These ads have a payout of at least $ 0,0001 per ad. They are reset daily at midnight.

Membership is available for 30 days after which you have the ability to renew.

Premium members:

In addition to small and fixed ads, this member views and clicks on premium ads plus ads that promise higher payouts. Different types of paid members and fees for each type include:

  • Monthly sliver: $ 5

  • Monthly gold: $ 10

  • Gold Plus monthly: $ 30

  • Annual sliver: $ 50

  • Annual Gold: $ 100

  • Annual Gold Plus: $ 300

  • Diamond: $ 700

Please note that regardless of free or paid membership, each website member receives 100% click value for each ad. So, what are the other benefits besides being a paid member? Read about it in the next section.

How to Scarlet click payment: Website has many payment processors through which you have the ability to withdraw money you earn. The processor, along with the processing fee for each set, includes:

  • Payee - 8%

  • SolidTrustPay - 5%

  • AirTM - 5%

  • Bitcoin - $ 3 plus 0.5%

  • Dash - $ 1 plus 1%

  • Skrill - $ 0.6 plus 3%

  • Salesperson - $ 0.5 plus 2%

It is worth noting that websites without PayPal are likely to be disadvantages for many PayPal users.

Minimum threshold: You have the ability to request money as soon as you reach the minimum threshold value of $ 2, very little compared to many other PTC websites. However, if you plan to withdraw money via Bitcoin, the minimum threshold value is $ 10.

Payment time: Usually, Scarlet Clicks pay within 7 days of the request. Many of its members confirmed this to be true.

Cash withdrawal limit: You are able to withdraw a minimum amount each time, depending on the type of membership you have. Here are the details:

  • $ 15 - Standard

  • $ 20 - Monthly Sliver and Gold monthly

  • $ 40 - Sliver annually

  • $ 50 - Annual Gold and Annual Gold Plus

  • $ 70 - Diamond

What do you get with Scarlet Clicks?

As mentioned earlier, you are paid from $ 0,0001 to $ 0.01 ad clicks. However, that is not the only way to make money with the website.

Learn about the other options available:

Program introduction: Scarlet Clicks allows its members to make more money by recommending this website to others. As soon as you register with the website, you will be provided with a referral link. You can post this link on various platforms like social media sites, personal websites and more to invite others. If anyone participates through a referral on your side, that person will become your arbitration and you will receive:

  • 40% of the amount of referrals earned by clicking on the ad if you are a free or standard member

  • 100% of the amount of referrals earned by clicking on the ad if you are a paid member

Please note that there is absolutely no limit to the number of referrals. That means you can invite any number of people to join the website, regardless of whether you are a free or paid member.

Rent or buy referrals: Scarlet Clicks offers to its members to hire or buy referrals. Many people find it difficult to attract large numbers of such people directly. What they are capable of doing is hire or buy referrals from the website itself. This group includes members who have no direct referrals. Many other PTC websites offer rental referrals and have been reported that the program available with Scarlet Clicks is slightly cheaper than. Here are details of the costs for renting referrals:

  • For hired referrals no more than 250, you pay $ 0.15 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 250-500, you will pay $ 0.16 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 500-750, you will pay $ 0.17 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 750-1,000 you will pay $ 0.18 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 1,000 and 1,250, you pay $ 0.19 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 1,250-1,500, you will pay $ 0.20 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired between 1,500-1,750, you will pay $ 0.21 per referral per month

  • For referrals hired more than 1,750, you will pay $ 0.22 per referral per month

You must know that there is a limit to the maximum number of referrals you are able to hire, depending on the type of membership you have. For example, the number of referrals you can hire is:

  • 200 for standard Sliver, monthly Sliver and annual Sliver

  • 500 for Gold monthly

  • 000 for Gold annually

  • 000 for Gold Plus monthly

  • 000 for Gold Plus every year

  • 000 for Diamond

Another option is to buy referrals. This will help you secure referrals forever. However, there are two drawbacks to this:

  • Buying referrals is obviously more expensive than hiring them.

  • If the people you buy don't make it, you'll waste the money you've invested in them.

By choosing to hire referrals, you have two additional advantages:

  • Discount extension: If you decide to extend the length of time you want to hire referrals, the website will give you a discount. Discounts range from 5% if you renew your rent for 30 days to 30% if you extend the referral for 365 days.

  • Recycling Options: After you have hired a few referrals, you have the ability to evaluate party performance in turn. If you find inactive or inactive referrals on the website, you have the ability to remove them. In addition, you have the ability to recycle good performers.

Already paid to sign up:


Another option through which you have the ability to make money with Scarlet Clicks is the PTSU offer. Website display offers to join different websites on a regular basis. As soon as you register with this website, you will earn rewards. However, you should first read the terms and conditions related to each registration and the activities these people provide to you.



It is a fun way to make money on the website. You will have the image behind the grid and you will be asked to click on the different boxes beside the grid. With each click, you will be redirected to a new page that will mention whether or not you won. You are likely to win $ 1 this way. Standard members have the ability to click up to 20 boxes, while the higher limit is for paid members.

Wall offers: In addition, Scarlet Clicks also runs a few incentive Walls such as PTC Wall and Offers4All, where a few offers are posted. Here, you have the ability to view additional ads, participate in surveys and use many different incentives to add more money to your account.

In addition to making money, you can also use the website as an advertising medium. If you have a business or product or service you need to promote, you have the ability to place ads on your website. You also have the ability to select the Traffic exchange option using your ability to direct visitors to your website in return for visits to their website. However, the big problem here is the lack of quality and related traffic. People who will visit your website may not be interested in what you have to offer, but they only do that to ensure your side visits to their website.

How to get started with Scarlet Clicks?

Getting started with Scarlet Clicks is quite simple. You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select membership: First, you must decide whether you want to join as a free or Standard member or choose a paid membership.

  • Registration: You can register with the website by providing general information and a valid email address.

  • Billing Information: You will need additional account information for the various payment processors through which you will withdraw money from the website in the future.

  • View advertisement: Once your party registration is approved, you'll see an ‘View’ option in the toolbar. Click on it then you will be redirected to the page containing ads in different categories. Along with each ad, you will see the rate mentioned when clicking and viewing the ad for the specified time period. Now you have the ability to start clicking and making money right away.

  • Activity level with you: You must make sure to watch ads every day to earn the maximum amount. It is also important if you want to monetize your referrals regularly. This is because Scarlet Clicks has a policy that members only earn from referrals to them only if they click and see at least 4 ads per day.

  • Manage Ads Blocker: Most likely you do not see the ad. This is likely due to the ad blocker in your browser. Make sure you deactivate ad blockers before starting to click on ads.

  • Account suspension: You must note that your Scarlet Clicks account is likely to be automatically suspended in case you have been inactive for 30 days.

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Is Scarlet Clicks legal or deceptive?


There are many indicators that Scarlet Clicks is a legitimate PTC website. Some of them include:

  • The website is active and continuously pays members within nearly 10 years.

  • Its administrators are known to run other similar websites.

  • The forum itself is quite active and one can see that members and administrators actively participate in the discussion.

  • There is a lot of proof of payment not only in its side forum but also in other online sources.

So the better question to ask is whether it's worth joining Scarlet Clicks. Here are some key points not to be missed:

  • The payout for each ad click is too low.

  • Membership costs are likely to appear high to many.

  • Referrals are a good option, but there's no guarantee they will make them. Inactive referrals are likely to limit the potential for monetization.

  • You must spend enough time on the website to review and recycle your referrals


Scarlet Clicks is a good choice when it comes to the PTC website because it offers a minimum threshold of as low as $ 2. Moreover, it is available globally and not just in a few country-side regions. As mentioned at the beginning of this review, the PTC website is just for extra income and Scarlet Clicks is no exception in this regard. By spending a bit of time on the website for a regular time, you are able to generate a small income stream.