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In Minecraft, each update of the new version of the game will have the addition of many things, from the context to the objects. So the number of items in the game is countless.

In the recently released version 1.13 there were many interesting additions, but the most unique is still the Trident. The trident was inspired by the movie Aquaman Currently storming the world film market.

Thereby you can see that the game was born a long time ago but still catches the Trend of the world 😀 And today I will introduce to you a few more basic things about the Trident - a weapon of the ocean

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#first. What is Trident in Minecraft?

Trident in English is Trident. A versatile and underwater weapon.

It is a non-craftable item, which you can only earn by defeating drowning zombies.

In the wild, the Drowned only have 15% to hold the other trident. When you kill them they will drop rotten meat and Trident (for those that need trident) but the drop rate is 85%, which means you still may not get trident when killing monsters.

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#2. How to use the tree Dinh Ba

Trident is a quite useful weapon because it can be used in two forms: melee and long-throw.

Close-combat When in melee mode, the trident has the same effect as a sword. The level of damage when attacking monsters is 9 damage (higher than diamond damage 2 damage) which proves that it is quite strong.

Throw away: When thrown, it serves as a bow and arrow. You will have to hold the mouse to launch it.

If you hit a block, they will immediately stick to that block, and if hit, they will pop out.

In particular, trident thrown by Drowned will not be able to collect, this mechanism is similar to Skelton.

But if you launch it, you can still pick it up. The amount of damage done by Dinh Ba on launch will be 8 damage (weaker than in melee). In addition, they are better than the name in that the name when underwater will be obstructed by water and the trident will not, otherwise it will be more flexible when underwater.

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The basic strength of a trident is 251, it has the same strength as an iron sword.

There are two ways to fix the trident when broken. The first way is to use two damaged Dinh Ba sticks in your stitching item. This will create a new trident that is 5% more durable than the old two. The second way is to use an anvil to force them. The mechanism is similar to Method 1.

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# 3. Enchant Trident

As you know, the objects in Minecraft can Enchant to increase durability, power, features, ... so does this trident. Although new, they also have many ways Enchant.

5 types of Enchant for trident:

Channeling: To enchant the trident in Channeling form you need an anvil and an Enchant book. To create a channeling trident is very simple.

You just need to put the trident with the book Enchant channeling (1,2,3) inside and you have an Enchant trident.

The use of Enchant is that you can use it to summon thunder. At this point you become true Aquaman, you can control the thunder and lightning anywhere.

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Loyaty: Similar to Enchant Channeling, the only difference is that you have to change the Enchant Channeling book with the Enchant Loyaty book.

After Enchant is complete, you will have a new trident with new abilities. For the trident to be Enchant Loyaty, you will have a trident capable of returning after launch.

It is equipped with an additional cord that will allow you to pull the trident back after launching. The mechanism works similar to a Bumerang, it allows you to collect the trident launched from a distance without having to run to the place to retrieve it.

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Riptide: There is a way Enchant similar to the previous Enchant. You only need to change the book to Riptide type.

In this form, your trident will launch you along. You can use this to quickly move underwater. Note: This type can only be used when underwater or when it rains.

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Impaling: Use Impaling books to enchant your trident. Its main effect is to increase the dame for monsters that live in the water such as: Drowned, turtles, fish, …… or other monsters on the shore but falling into the water are subject to additional damage from trident impaling .

Anbreaking: When pressed on this form, your trident will gain additional durability. This helps your weapons last longer, more efficient.

Mending: When you have Enchant your trident into Mending, it is difficult to realize its use.

Because it does not have any additional stats, but instead is a pretty good use that converts all the experiences that fall out when killing monsters to the durability of the trident, instead you are not can level up.

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# 4. Application of the trident to survival

Trident including normal to Enchant have many useful applications in survival.

4.1. Used as a weapon

This is considered their most common use. With two types of attacks you can change as you like to increase the damage and flexibility in combat.

Its damage is quite high so it is very useful as a weapon. Especially they are very useful when underwater.

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4.2. Used to open and close types of remote switches

You can throw tridentes into the switches to activate them over long distances.

Enchant Loyaty trident should be used to be able to zoom and retract trails easily, otherwise the finished launcher and take out are also equal.

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4.3. Summon all kinds of mobs from thunder

While in Channeling mode you can summon thunder (save ya can only be used when it rains).

From there you will be able to make some variations of Mobs with thunder, such as: Electric Crepper has 3 times the destructive power of normal people, villagers become witches can use strange drugs, pigs to ghosts Pigs have extraordinary power and can attack humans.

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4.4. Use to move quickly when underwater or rainy

In Riptide state, when you launch the trident, you will be dragged yourself (this can also apply when it rains).

Taking advantage of this you can use it to move quickly in the water and even fly if paired with wings when it rains.

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# 5. End

Above are a few basic things about pcs Trident in the game Minecraft. Through this article hope you can use proficient Dinh Ba tree.

Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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