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How to quickly check NASCrypt vulnerabilities on Windows 10 with BKAV's free tool!

BKAV Antivirus is not an unfamiliar name for most of the readers here, an Antivirus software developed by BKAV Group of Vietnam.

Recently, after the US National Security Agency NSA informed users about a serious security hole on Windows 10, called NASCrypt, Bkav Network Security Joint Stock Company released a software. for free, it helps users to check if their Windows 10 is having this vulnerability problem.

In this article, I will guide you in detail how to check and fix this vulnerability (if any) using BKAV's tool!

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#first. Use BKAV tool to check NASCrypt security vulnerability on Windows 10

Specifically, on the evening of January 15, BKAV released a free tool called BKAV NASCrypt to help users check if their Windows 10 computer is containing a security hole called NASCrypt as I said above.

In Vietnam, it is estimated that more than 2.7 million users are at risk of being used by bad guys through this vulnerability.

check-out-hong-bao-mat-nascrypt-on-windows-10 (1)

The NSACrypt vulnerability (CVE-2020-0601) lies in the module Crypt32.dll in Windows Crypto API Authenticate digital certificates using algorithm Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), is currently the public key standard and is used in the majority of SSL / TLS certificates.

Once successfully exploiting this vulnerability, the bad guys will be able to take advantage of the reliability of HTTPS connections, signed files and emails, and signed executable code launched under user mode, from it forged digital signatures on software, tricked the operating system into installing malware, and impersonated the identity of any legitimate software without our knowledge.

This is also the first vulnerability related to the Windows 10 operating system that the US National Security Agency NSA sent a warning to Microsoft, which shows the seriousness and seriousness of the NASCrypt vulnerability to users.

#2. Instructions for using BKAV Nascrypt software

This is a completely free software and you do not even need to install to be able to use, just select one of the 3 links below to download the file *.exe and run it.

Download BKAV NASCrypt: Direct link / Link MediaFire / Mega Link

Download finished, you run the file .EXE there will be a window called NSASCrypt Scan show up, click Kiểm tra to see if your Windows 10 computer is experiencing this security error.

windows-nascrypt-windows-nascrypt-on-windows-10 (2)

If so, you will receive a notification as shown below with the request to update to the latest patch corresponding to the operating system being used.

Click the button To open the patch download page, in the default browser, similar to the Windows 10 update you are using, here is Version 1909.

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On this page you will be able to find full patches from Windows 10 from 1607 to 1909 latest => click on Security Update to download the update that corresponds to your Windows 10 operating system.

But because I use Windows 10 Version 1909 operating system, in this article I only guide how to perform on Windows 10 1909, older versions of Windows 10 do the same.

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The download page for your updates will appear, you can click on the names of these updates to view details (2020-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4528760).

Or is click always Download to download that update.

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Continue a pop-up Microsoft Update Catalog appears with the download link opened, click on the file name windows10.0-kb…..msu Upload to download the patch update file.

Finally you just need to run the file MSU there => and follow the instructions in it to proceed to update for Windows 10 is done.

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# 3. Epilogue

So I just showed you how to check as well fix NASCrypt vulnerability on Windows 10 with BKAV's free tool already.

This vulnerability is very serious, so please update immediately. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you. Good luck !

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