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Want your posts to be more shared? Want to add share buttons in your posts? Some visitors will use them and share them with others or on their profile.

Adding social media sharing buttons to WordPress is really easy. In this article HOSTVN will guide you to add share buttons in posts for WordPress.

How to add share buttons in your posts

There are many free WordPress plugins that help add social sharing buttons to your website. In this article, HOSTVN will guide you to use the plugin Simple Share Buttons Adder. Here are some reasons why we chose this plugin:

  • This plugins are provided free of charge
  • You have control over where the buttons appear
  • There are many different style options
  • Especially it does not slow down your page loading speed

Simple Share Buttons Adder

The first thing to do is install and activate plugins Simple Share Buttons Adder. If you do not know how to install plugins for wordpress, you can see the instructions for installing plugins for wordpress of HOSTVN

install plugins Simple Share Buttons Adder

Select social network

On the settings page of the plugins, you will see there are three tabs included Classic Share Buttons, Modern Share Buttons, Share Bar.

settings Simple Share Buttons Adder

Classic Share Buttons, Modern Share Buttons is the function to create article share buttons, but you should use Modern Share Buttons Because these buttons give faster download speeds.

At tab Modern Share Buttons, drag and drop the social networks you want to display in the box below.

Modern Share Buttons

You can add and delete social networks anytime as you like.

Choose where to display the buttons

Section Locations You can set this location to display the share buttons you want.

Locations settings - share button in posts

Customize more buttons

In case you are not satisfied with the style of the share buttons, you can completely customize them to your liking

style - share button in posts

Plugins allow you to customize colors, fonts ... and even if you are familiar with CSS you can completely insert custom CSS as you like

CSS overrides - share buttons in posts

After installation, don't forget to press the button Save The floppy disk image is on the right hand side to save your settings.


Through this article HOSTVN has shown you how to add share buttons to your article with plugins Simple Share Buttons Adder. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below. In addition, you can view more articles about other wordpress of HOSTVN.