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On the occasion of the New Year with a series of festive occasions, Stablehost is having a huge promotion program - with 80% discount code when buying a Hosting package, especially applicable to all Shared Hosting.

Featured Shared hosting packages:

  1. Stablehost Starter package: use 1 main domain - unlimited all parameters & sub domains
  2. Stablehost Pro package: use unlimited domain & all other parameters

StableHost's Pro Shared Hosting is suitable if you run many small websites, because the domain, storage and bandwidth parameters are not limited.

The promotion only lasts a few days, so please take advantage of it:

Use coupon newyear80 When making a payment, if the 75% discount code expires:

Stablehost registration link 80% OFF

Offer lasts from 6/1/2020 -> 12/1/2020.

  • Especially, Add a domain name when buying hosting - because you will get a free domain when buying hosting Stablehost, regardless of choosing to pay by month or by year.
  • To receive the offer, you should create a new account that is easier to succeed, Paypal payment method or old VISA Debit card are ok.
  • The promotion has no limit on the number of packages, applies to the first bill, so it is best to choose the period from 12 months pointing up.

Latest Stablehost discount code


When buying StableHost Hosting, one month's payment has been given a Free domain name!

This is a confirmation from StableHost:

You should be able to get the free domain on any billing term as long as you get a Hosting Plan. If you decide to cancel the hosting plan, the domain will be canceled also as it comes free with the hosting plan. Domains can be transferred after 60 days of the registration date.

Meaning you can get free domain no matter which term you choose to pay when buying hosting. If you cancel hosting service, the domain name will be canceled. And the domain name can be transferred after 60 days.

Immediately after 60 days, you transfer to another provider, then cancel hosting at StableHost also no problem!

Right at the first step when buying the Hosting package you need, enter the domain name you want to donate in the Search Box to check that the domain name is owned, if not, you can buy it - of course for $ 0 !

Get a free domain name from StableHost

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Have fun!