How to use Chatbox for customer support and some examples


How to use Chatbox to support customers - Email marketing used to be the most important element of a digital marketing strategy. And then we saw the emergence from the alternative mobile app. Most websites have begun incorporating some form of chatbot into their customer service initiative.

Some businesses use Facebook to promote their businesses. Now Facebook has also launched Facebook Messenger Chatbox. So let us explain the chatbox

what. And we will also check out the Facebook Messenger Chatbox. We will try to help you understand how it is used for customer service.


What is chatbot?

Chatbot is a messaging software controlled by artificial intelligence algorithm to talk to people. These bots are programmed in such a way that they understand basic questions and simple requirements. Accordingly, they provide helpful answers and perform simple tasks. Most customers are no longer satisfied with having to wait on the phone line when they call for assistance.

They also do not want to overload the phone with other applications. It is convenient to chat via Chatbox. Facebook Messenger Chatbox is a convenient way to expand customer service through Facebook. When you use the Facebook Messenger Chatbox for your next business, you will easily access all users who log in to Facebook daily.

Messenger bots from Facebook will also be controlled by an integrated third-party app such as Multiple Chats, where you have been programming your own instant messaging chat bots.

Advantages from using Facebook Messenger Bots for business owners

Two advantages of using Facebook Messenger chatbot for customer service:

  1. Low barriers for both customers and you:

There is no number to dial and do not wait for a representative to appear. Facebook is something that most people open all day on smartphones. They just have to open Messenger chatbot and enter queries or complaints.

For business owners, there is no need to set up complex infrastructure. The Facebook application is the way to use the chatbot service. Most users have downloaded the Facebook app on their smartphones. This makes chatbots on Facebook a much cheaper option.

Everyone will have access to the messenger bot at the same time, whenever, where, and will receive immediate feedback within the app. This will also work great with other Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns where you are setting up custom channels for the customers or leads you capture. You also use bot messenger to retarget or publish news and special offers.

  1. Less market:

Compared to more than 6 million Facebook used to promote businesses, only 300 thousand chatbots. Therefore, you can locate your business conveniently without fear of competition.

However, no one knows how long this will change if many businesses discover this type of advertising and incorporate this into their social media marketing strategy.

Advantages from using Facebook Messenger Bots for customers

We can't just talk about how certain features benefit business owners. Using Facebook Messenger chatbot brings countless benefits to customers who are looking for services and support. That's why nearly two out of every three consumers use the company's social media website to serve their needs.

The following advantages will make it easier for you to use Facebook Messenger as a customer:

  • There is no change in performance from a customer perspective. You can open the Facebook application anyway. And in there, a few chat windows will open. That just means customers will have to open a new chat window and attract Chatbox from the company. If you only consider the younger user group as the target audience, Messenger is the best choice for you.

  • Customers will contact you easily via chatbot. No need to call toll free and wait for a long time. No need to write long explanations on email.

  • Chatbot is much more professional. Due to the artificial intelligence feature from Facebook Messenger Chatbox, customers have a feeling that they are actually chatting with people. See the results from this survey. More than a quarter of the respondents said they would like to ask questions through Facebook Messenger.

  • Chatbots are used to provide the latest information and updates to queries from customers. The problem that customers face will be solved in real time.

  • There will be no cut back time for customers who want to take advantage of customer service. Chatbot is maintained active throughout the day and night. This is great for customers who will receive useful and effective service at any time of the day.

Few examples of the best Chatbot

  1. Spotify


This music sharing application also gets requests from customers on Facebook Messenger. Searching and sharing music are all done using the Facebook Messenger Chatbox. The client will make requests for specific music genres. Chatbots help the selection process by understanding where customers are and how they feel.

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  1. UNICEF’s U-report bot


UNICEF’s U-report gathers opinions from people from around the world on different things in life. With these ideas, the goal from it is to unite the voice of people on the issue that affects them and communicate the problem to world leaders to come up with new policies and laws for the benefit. citizen. More than two million followers are part of the Facebook Messenger bot.

  1. Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Magazine is the leading news and article publication in the United States. It has created a great chatbot that brings news directly to the Facebook account of their fans.

Several handy tools to build Facebook Messenger Bots

Many business owners build their own chatbots using the Facebook Messenger platform. These chatbots are built with NLP featuring using Dialogflow (formerly, or Node.js. But not all business owners with coding expertise do it. And hiring outside companies won't make sense for new or small businesses depending on their goals. In this case, use any of these tools to create chatbots without knowing the code. However, we have also built custom chatbots for our customers as part of their Facebook marketing campaign.


They believe that nearly 90% of Facebook messages are opened. This is much better than having an unopened email marketing message. They are new and you need a 14-day trial subscription to be ready to use the tool with them. They have a simple drag and drop interface for building chatbots. You make your customer support and marketing services perfect without knowing the line of code.


Customers like HTC, Adidas and KLM Airlines, have used this free tool to power their customer support functions easily with Facebook Messenger Chatbox. It is free to use and available in the cloud as SaaS. You will set up a simple messaging rule. For example, the first welcome message, followed by a command or query based on the query from the customer.


They consider themselves "the solution to all customer support issues on your side". You will integrate chatbot with them with Alexa and WordPress. You also build a form of conversation. Their strength lies in using effective calls to action after each interaction from customers. This bot requires no training for its staff. They will help you answer customers immediately even when there are no employees.

Few best practices for customer service

Like every useful technology, this technology has a few caveats.

  • Many people ping you with a major dissatisfaction with your product or service. If you do not respond quickly, you will lose that customer forever. Even if the complete solution or the right answer is not immediately available, prompt recognition will help customers less frustrating. Remember that Facebook also marks your response speed for everyone to see. If you answered within 15 minutes for every ping in the last 7 days, you will receive a badge.

  • In addition to the time taken to respond, the frequency of responses is also important. The simplest metric to follow is to reply to 100% of the message. Even if the customer has not approached but left a comment on your Facebook page, he should still contact Messenger and ask about what he needs help or clarification.

  • Chatbots need training to get basic information quickly. This will eliminate the need for a standard question that will only stimulate the customer even further. Questions should only verify few basic details. But unlike that, your chatbot should retrieve past interactions, customer purchase history, etc.

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It is still too early to draw conclusions about whether Facebook Messenger Chatbox will completely replace all other means or not. There are still customers who prefer to hear the voice on the other end of the line. There are other customers who find it easier to vent their feelings in long emails. But there is no doubt that Facebook Messenger Chatbox is coming and growing fast.

We use Facebook Messenger Chatbox with our customers and most of them have really good results. However, it depends on the type of business, the core audience and the product. While the best option is to include support for e-mail, phones, and chatbots, as well as the option to divert livechat from people from the chatbot itself to answer more complex questions or issues.

Please let us know if you use the Facebook Messenger bot in your business and how will this help you? What kind of results do you get? Do you use this primarily for customer service or marketing / sales?