How to start a website in 2020 - Beginner's guide


How to start a website in 2020 A lot of people think starting a website is difficult but if you know the sequence or the tips, this will be a lot easier. Breaking the process up into a number of steps and executing them in the correct order, then creating a website won't become such a daunting task as you once thought.

If you want to create a website, you must first know what your website is for, why do you want a website?

If there is no goal in mind you will probably fail!

You must have a purpose - a reason to write your website. Why do you want a website? Are you taking advantage of it to give your friends and family a means of staying in touch by reading your daily diary and making comments?


Do you have a hobby that you want to write about: cricket, fishing, collecting antiques or memorabilia, or even just writing about your life. Our guide applies to all of these needs - just read and follow and you can have a website set up within 15 minutes.

Many say you have to be passionate about your topic to write a website about it. You must commit to writing on your topic and be persistent regardless of your initial results. It takes time to build a large audience so don't expect immediate results. Your commitment to providing these and we will show you how to make this easier.

Here are the steps involved in starting your first website. Once you have successfully created your first website, you will be able to set up as many websites as you like very quickly.

  • Choose a good domain name.

  • Choose a website system.

  • Decide on a web host

  • Design your website to fit your needs (this step is relevant if you want to make money from your website)

1. Choose a good domain name for your web

It is important to decide a good domain name for the website. Not necessarily its name reflects the purpose or content of the web. However, keyword-based names can have a negative or positive effect depending on your website topic.

If you are writing a website about car insurance, then a website called will look like an ad and people can avoid it - while may attract interest. If you're writing a web about rescuing cats, may also be of interest - it's all about how the public perceives your domain name.

2. Choose a website platform

Many people use free website platforms like Blogger and, but find they have to change the platform if they want full control of their web. Most free websites insist on their own ads appearing on your website. You will also be limited to the plugins and applications you can use on your website.


Then you have security issues. Paid services are often more secure than free services.

3. Select Web server

We will show you how to choose a hosting service and then how to install on your website. Self-hosted WordPress gives you much greater flexibility and security than hosted on WordPress servers.

4. Design your website

You don't have to have coding knowledge to create a beautiful website or even a functional website that does exactly what you want it to do. We will explain all the steps needed to set up your WordPress website correctly. We guide you to a very professional looking website that will impress anyone who visits it.

These steps start by choosing the best interface for the web and end up with the best ways to design it to get more visitors, convert them into regular readers, make friends with many friends and Even make money if it's your ultimate goal.

5. Write and publish pages and articles

You can publish your articles immediately once you have written them, or write a number of articles and schedule them to be published at your chosen time and date. Say you're on holiday: you can write a few posts in advance and post them when you're away.

6. Make money from your website

There are many ways you can use the website to make money. In the final part of the tutorial, how to create a website quickly, we will cover the most common and practical ways to make money by taking advantage of the website.

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You do not have to possess any technical skills to start your own website - just read and follow the instructions that we provide to you. These are the same steps we used to create the website you are reading now.