How to sell and rank on Amazon you should know

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How to sell and rank on Amazon_ Running an online market is one of the hard jobs. It takes time, effort and a lot of knowledge to realize your dream of online sales. Because the internet is a big market. It is filled with everything, so many thousands of people have done what you want to do or sell what you have in mind to sell. Imagine waking up one morning and discovering that the same gift you want to give to your mother is something the other six siblings want. This will make the gift lose its uniqueness and attractiveness. But in the electronic sales business, you're losing both the uniqueness of the product and the sales.

That said, running a business in a large market like amazon, you'll need something to take you to a level where you can comfortably sell without being afraid of not selling. This article will cover how you can achieve top rankings, how you can set up relevant ads to increase sales, how you can create a good product list. The unique product list also allows you to stand out in this vast market. You will see how you can optimize the keywords. These will give you a jump in sales and allow you to enjoy the increased revenue from Amazon.

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There is a simple way to do this:

  • One of the best ways to show off what you want to sell is by taking a nice picture. Besides having your main photo the way Amazon recommends, there's a product that will fill around eighty percent of the photo frame. The image must also clearly show the product and should also be taken from different angles. Basically, having a clear image of the product is a sure boost.

  • Keywords are really good ways to optimize product rankings. By the way, we mean a long keyword with product information is a good way to boost product rankings; Keywords have really important information about the product.

  • Nothing helps buyers more than having all the information they need about a product. For example, if I'm going to buy a phone, I really want to know RAM, Internal Storage capacity, etc. Providing such information and highlighting may attract buyers.

  • The first thing a buyer looks at after reviewing the specifications to determine if they are buying the right product is the price. A good price is always the best way to get, keep shoppers. Unfortunately, competition on Amazon makes it difficult to know what is right and what is not. That is why it is not so rigid with price. Track your competitors and find a way to lead your opponents while not losing money.

  • A good product description is important. A good product description can be short or long, it is important that the quality of your description; Your speech makes buyers feel like buying. And this also makes you stand out among others offering the same item.

  • Another way to get more buyers is to add deals to your products. Something like Buy two get one free and you won't believe how your sales will explode.

  • After sales, give customers a moment to get a review for the product. Some reviews will boost rankings and motivate shoppers if rated well. Comments help drive sales, and those are some of the factors that the Amazon product search algorithm (A9) applies to product ratings.

  • Another way to get reviews on amazon is to use the Early Reviewer Program, where you pay a small fee to customers to write a positive review of your product.


  • Amazon's advertising options include sponsored products, existing ads, video ads, and any ads they make through their platform. This is useful because it helps people discover your product and as a result sales.

  • Also, using other search engines may help. These search engines can help increase more traffic to help your sales. For example, AdWords and Bing Ads work extremely well for amazon users. Also, creating links to your products helps your products rank better.

  • It's good to find a way to get your customers to buy from amazon only. One way to do this is to offer Amazon a discount for them to buy or primarily through amazon. This can be achieved by using emails to target the best with good discounts that persuade them to use Amazon only for their online shopping.

  • With the help of Fulfillment from Amazon (FBA), you can make your sales more effective. To put it simply: You sell it, Amazon ships it, makes you reliable. The great part of this new extension from Amazon is that it serves 23 platforms. That means it is not only delivered from amazon

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You can benefit from these with FBA:

  • Discount for shipping service

  • Multi-platform operation

  • Good customer experience