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To increase the attractiveness, retain gamers as well as profit from their products, many game developers have chosen to add items, costumes (skins) generals, characters, guns, etc. for my game.

Normally, to own these items, you must deposit a certain amount of money or be given by others (this is very rare: V)

In addition, you can also receive limited items, especially through events, using that game's Gift Code.

This also applies to the national League of Legends game, and in this article I will show you how to receive items from the League of Legends Giftcode game!

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How to enter GIFTCODE - Gift code of the game in League of Legends 2020

Not like the game L or game title A I don't know the name, you won't be able to find the Giftcode entry in the Leage Of Legends Client, because it's simply not there :))

So it is not mandatory for you to own a PC, Laptop or to go to the Net to rent the machine, because you only need a Smartphone or a Mini PC is more than enough.

Before proceeding, please note that you must have a gift code and this gift code is still valid and usable.

There are many ways to receive a gift, whether it is from an event, naturally sent by Riot Games, or contributed to the League of Legends community, for example ... in general is very diverse, all Of course, it is not easy to want a GIFT Code.


+ Step 1: To do so, first you need to access the address use a web browser as well as any device as long as there is a network connection.

Domain Surely familiar to those who played League of Legends before 2017, because this is where you access to download the game.

+ Step 2: As soon as you have accessed, you have been asked to log in to your Garena account to receive gifts => press Đăng nhập to go to the login page.

enter-giftcode-game-lien-huyen-thoai-nhat-nhat (2)

+ Step 3: The familiar login page of Garena VN appears, enter the password and account you want to receive here => and then click login.

enter-giftcode-game-Lien-minh-huyen-thoai-nhat (3)

+ Step 3: Finally, you only need to enter the CODE code you already have in the box Nhập mã => and then select NHẬN QUÀ, if the gift code is correct, you will receive a success message and the gift will be sent to your respective game account in the next few days.

If after 3 days but you do not see anything, you should contact Garena Customer Service for detailed support, in addition if you do not understand anything, you can comment below or click on Hướng dẫn dentist.

Enter-giftcode-game-lien-huyen-thoai-nhat-nhat (4)

In addition, League of Legends is also having events Loạn Thế Thần Binh 2020, you can use the GIFTCODE available of Streamer participating in the event such as: Mr. Ba, Sena, OPTIMUS, ViruSs or Ha Tieu Phu to receive gifts of the god of arms of the generals.

These badges will appear in your account during this event, for more details visit the League of Legends event page of League of Legends here dentist.

Below is a list of GIFTCODE codes of the above Streamer:

  • Teacher Ba Code: LMHT2020XTHAYBA
  • Sena Code: LMHT2020XSENA
  • Code Optimus: LMHT2020XOPTIMUS
  • Code ViruSs: LMHT2020XVIRUSS
  • Code Ha Tieu Phu: LMHT2020XHTP

You choose to copy a gift code of your favorite Streamer then visit this address: => and then select the section CODE in the right navigation bar.

You will also be asked to log in to your Garena account, if you have already logged in before or logged in when you entered the gift code above, just press Đăng nhập is this site will automatically detect your Garena account.

enter-giftcode-game-lien-huyen-thoai-moi-nhat (5)

Next, select one of the gift codes you put above and paste it into the box Nhập code then press Xác nhận. Here I take the example of Sena, I will enter LMHT2020XSENA then click confirm to be.

enter-giftcode-game-lien-huyen-thoai-nhat-nhat (6)

Please wait about a minute or maybe shorter, due to the sudden increase in traffic, Garena's website is experiencing lag, processing the request very slowly, so try to wait!

If entered correctly, there will be a window displaying the badge of generals for you to choose, the badge generals include: Jax, Garen, Draven, Leona and Sett.

Everybody, like everyone else, can only choose one of these 5 generals => and you press CHỌN is done. Now just wait for the results 😀

enter-giftcode-game-lien-huyen-thoai-nhat-7 (7)


So I have just guided you How to enter the Giftcode code of League of Legends To receive the gift then, hurry up because the event The Avatar Infantry is coming to an end!

You should also note that only the account login to the site ends with Come on, if it is a different tail, the likelihood of fraud is very high, when logging into these impersonating websites, the risk of losing your account is very high. Do not be too greedy to receive gifts to fly away the account.

Good luck !

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