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Features watching videos in floating windows, otherwise known as names Picture-in-Picture is a new feature and is very well received from users.

This feature will help you can both work in a normal web browser, and can also watch movies, watch videos on youtube ... with a pop-up window in a certain corner of the screen.

If you use Google Chrome, you have been experiencing this great feature since last year, and until this update of FireFox 71, loyal users of "Fire Fox" got their hands on the feature. Main picture-in-Picture is supported by Firefox itself.

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But it's okay, although it's a bit slow, it's still better than not, right 😀 and in this article I will show you how to activate and Use Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox Please !

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I. Instructions to turn on Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox

The Picture in Picture feature was initially only available on mobile YouTube applications, followed by Web-based Youtube, then Google Chrome also updated this feature shortly thereafter.

And until the 71.0 update of "Fire Fox" on December 3, 2019, FireFox has just been added by Mozilla. Picture in Picture on the part Settings As an official feature, you can easily see in the section New on page Release Notes of Firefox 71.0

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Therefore, the first step is that you need to upgrade FireFox to version 71.0 or higher to use this feature.


#first. Upgrade FireFox to the latest version

To check, click 3 dấu gạch ngang in the top right corner of Firefox => select Helps.

A smaller submenu appears, click on the line About Firefox At the bottom, information of the current version will appear.

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The line displays the first numbers below the letter Firefox Browser The big ass is the version number of your current Firefox.

In my picture, the current version of FireFox is 71.0 already, no need to update anymore.

picture-in-picture-in-picture-on-firefox (4)

And if you are using an older version, now FireFox will automatically download the latest version for you => then you just need to press the button Khởi động lại để cập nhật FireFox it's done 😀


#2. Enable Picture in Picture feature on FireFox

+ Step 1: OK, to enable this feature, now click on 3 dấu gạch ngang at the top right corner of the web browser => and select the line Options to open the general settings of Firefox.

Or Alternatively, you can click on the address box and enter about:preferences then press the key Enter it is OK.

picture-in-picture-in-picture-on-firefox (5)

+ Step 2: In the settings window, scroll down to the section Browsing => and can easily see the line immediately Enable picture-in-picture video controls.

=> Check this line => then restart the browser to apply the changes.

picture-in-picture-in-picture-on-firefox (6)

+ Step 3: Now, restart your browser and watch any video, look to the right will see a Picture-in-Picture icon, click it to Enable Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox Please !

picture-in-picture-in-picture-on-firefox (7)

When you activate, the video playing window will be displayed all over the browser windows that you have open, and on the screen of the video being played, a small screen will display the line. This video is playing in Picture-in-Picture mode to let you know which videos are playing there.

You can use the mouse to hold and drag to change the position of the video playing window as you like, and to exit you click on the icon you drew in the picture, or click the mark. X on the corner of Picture-in-Picture to return to traditional playback mode. OK, just like that!

picture-in-picture-in-picture-on-firefox (8)

II. Epilogue

Above is his very detailed tutorial about How to turn on the Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox, with it you can comfortably watch Livestream on Twitch, Youtube, watch movies on Phimmoi, Netflix ... and still be able to work normally.

Hopefully this tip will be helpful for you. I wish you success ^^!

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