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Until now, surely you are not new to the Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium anymore, right. If you are a regular reader of the blogchiasekienthuc (dot) com tutorials, I am sure you will know it.

Because before that, Admin had a very detailed article about this web browser. However, the version that you and I are using before is only a trial version.

And after so many days of waiting, waiting, not eating well and resting @@ to hear from Microsoft, finally, on January 15, Microsoft released the official version of Microsoft Edge with Chromium (Stable). along with many new and interesting features.

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So in this article, I will share you a few things about this browser as well as how to install it on the Windows operating system!

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#first. Introducing the Microsoft Edge web browser with Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium is a project revealed by Microsoft in early 2019, aimed at business users, but anyone can download and use it normally.

This is a web browser that uses Google's Chromium kernel, similar to some prominent names such as Brave, Cent Browser, ...

Because of this, it possesses the typical features of a Chromium browser, is highly compatible with Google services and websites, supports almost every extension on the Chrome app store. Web Store.

But Microsoft Edge still has its own characteristics to separate itself from the rest of the browser world, such as:

  • Improve privacy, cookies of websites.
  • Support Collections feature to pick up, synthesize content and images from web pages.
  • There is even an old Internet Explorer "mode" so you can browse the web like the old version of IE.
  • Provide business tools, management tools ... supporting companies and businesses to work more conveniently.

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Since the launch of Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome's market share in the browser market has been greatly affected, users are gradually switching to Edge Chromium instead of Chrome.

That's because Edge has fixed most of the bugs that exist on Google Chrome, such as Microsoft Edge Chromium, which uses less RAM, runs smoothly on low-end devices, and can install utilities from Chrome as usual.

I have been a Google Chrome user for a long time, but when I tried Microsoft Edge Chromium a few times, I decided to switch to Edge Chromium without any hesitation.

As I said at the beginning of the article, after many days of waiting, finally, on January 15, 2020, Microsoft officially launched the Edge Chromium Stable version on their homepage.

You can download and install for all operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10, installed for Android and iOS operating systems. But except for Linux alone, it's a pity but hopefully in the near future.

Particularly for Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Edge Chromium will be built-in when installing updates or installing the new operating system.

#2. Download Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 10

If you do not know how to download and install this browser, I will guide you always.


+ Step 1: First you visit the introduction page of Microsoft Edge Chromium here => You will immediately see the button DOWNLOAD for Windows 10 in the middle of the page => click on it to download for Windows 10.

Note: Usually it will automatically identify the operating system you are using to have the corresponding download button, but if not, you can click the down arrow next to the button. Download to choose the right operating system!

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+ Step 2: After downloading, run the installation file *.exe => and the installation process will take place automatically. After the installation process is completed, the browser will automatically run, and there are instructions for you to set up to use basically => click Get started to begin.

Actually, there is nothing, just the option of page layout New Tab, only data synchronization option. If your old Microsoft account used to use the Microsoft Edge Chromium BETA version, the installation will automatically sync, you do not need to reset it again, very convenient!

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+ Step 3: And as I said above, this new Edge Chromium browser focuses on protecting your data and personal information, so in the settings Privacy and services, you are provided with a tracking block Tracking prevention with 3 levels are:

  • Basic (Basic)
  • Balanced (Balance)
  • Strict (Block all)

=> Default will be Balanced but I often switch Strict than.

Below are the familiar features that Chrome or some other browsers almost have, so I did not introduce anymore.

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# 3. Epilogue

So I have just introduced, as well as finished instructions for you how Install the official Microsoft Edge Chromium browser on Windows operating system already.

Try downloading Microsoft Edge Chromium to experience right away, maybe you are addicted and delete Google Chrome like me: V

And do not forget to leave your review below the comment section. Good luck !

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