How to display ads in posts for WordPress

    Want to show ads in posts for WordPress? This ad position allows you to display ads when your users view article content. In this article, HOSTVN will show you how to display ads in posts for WordPress.

    Why is there need to show ads in posts for WordPress?

    Normally, you see banner ads in the widget or on the header of the website because these are very popular advertising spots, but these positions are often blind spots affecting clickthrough rate and revenue on the page. your web.
    To solve this problem, many people choose to insert ads in the content of this post, which increases the visibility of the ads and helps you get more clicks.
    However, you also need to consider user experience. Placing too many ads in an article can be annoying to users.
    To reduce the adverse effects, you can select the ads to display and select your most popular articles, long posts or featured content.

    Display ads in posts for WordPress

    Step 1: Install the AdRotate plugins

    The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin AdRotate. For more details, see the WordPress plugin installation guide.
    AdRotate is an ad management plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily create ad blocks and display them anywhere on your WordPress site. It works with most ad networks today like Google Adsense.
    For more information, see the tutorial of HOSTVN on how to manage ads in WordPress with plugins AdRotate.

    Step 2: Create an ad

    After activating the plugin, you need access AdRotate »Manage Advert» Add new to create your ad.
    Manage Adverts

    First you need to enter a title for your ad at the section Name. Next, you need to paste the ad code in the box AdCode. Section Activate Please choose Yes, this ad will be used to activate the ad.
    New Advert

    In case you want to place your own created banner, not using the 3rd party ad code, please upload your banner in the section Banner asset
    Banner asset

    At this time in section AdCode You can choose one of the example code available and edit accordingly then fill in

    If you want to count the number of clicks, please tick Enable click and impression tracking for this advert.

    Once done, click Save Advert to create your ad. Section Usage You will find the shortcode code to insert into the post. Please copy this code for later use

    Step 3: Insert ads in posts for WordPress

    First, you need to edit the article you want to insert ads.
    advertisement in the article

    In the post editing section, paste the shortcode into the position you want
    Add ads in posts

    Finally open the article to check if the ad has been displayed or not
    advertisement in the article


    HOSTVN hopes this article has helped you learn how to display ads in posts for WordPress. You may also want to see more ways to insert Google AdSense into WordPress. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below.

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