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Every day you visit dozens, even hundreds of different websites, and even if you use tracking blocking tools, these URLs are capable of tracking you.

For example, link shortening services (URLs) like 123link,, etc. can collect the number of visits as well as the click on that link. So how to prevent this?

Yes, utility ClearURLs Which I am about to introduce in this article will help you solve all the above problems in a very simple way!

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How to prevent being tracked by the URL

This is a free add-on for both web browsers that use Google's Chromium kernel and also Firefox browsers.

You will be protected by this utility right after the installation is completed. To install, go to the link below => and press Thêm Vào Chrome to install this add-on into the browser


After installation, you will see an orange trash icon of the utility appear in the top right corner of the browser, click on that icon to view information and can set more (if necessary):

  • Filter: Filter, enable add-on blocking of the gadget.
  • Logging: Keep a record of the websites that have been cleaned up on your computer, by default they are off.
  • Badge: Displays the number of URLs cleaned up on the gadget's icon.
  • Statistics: Statistical functions of the utility, enable or disable anything.

how-to-get-the-info-on-urge-url-queries (2)

Statistics show the number of detected elements, the number of blocked elements and the total percentage of blocked elements.

You can also reset the button usage statistics Reset red and status updates with buttons Updated in the interface of the utility.

Alternatively, you can get the original link of the link using ClearURLs in two ways:

Method # 1. Click the wrench icon in the main interface of the utility => then paste the URL that has the tracking function in the first box => click Clean URLs and the clean URL is in the box below.

how-to-get-the-info-on-urge-url-queries (3)

Method # 2: Method 2 is faster and more convenient: You just need to right click on the link => select Copy clean link location to get a clean link and put it on the clipboard. When needed, just paste it in the address bar and access is complete.

how-to-get-the-info-on-urge-url-queries (4)


Yes, blocking and deleting tracking information of the URLs you visit is simply that 😀

From now on, you no longer have to worry about being tracked every time you use the Internet to access URLs. Hope this article will be helpful for you, wish you success!

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