How to create Pinterest board- Detailed step by step guide


How to create Pinterest boards - Pinterest is a social portal for users to share what they care about and also to discover new interests from others. It allows users to find out information and topics of interest using the internet. This is done by sharing photos, videos and even GIFs on Pinterest through viewing posts that others have posted. The process of posting this on Pinterest is called ‘pinning’ something there and every image (or video) you post is ‘Pinning’.

Pinterest has been around for 8 years now. However, it continues to grow at an incredible rate and has gained over 100 billion pins. Pinterest also comes with Pinterest browser button. The user simply needs to add this button to the browser to save on Pinterest any interesting image he sees on the internet.


What is Pinterest board

We have seen that every piece of content posted on Pinterest is called a Pin. It is embedded with the website URL from where it was made. Pinning can also be shared with others by sending it to the Pinterest account that person is using.

Pins are stored in a delineation area called a Board. Each board usually has a wide theme and all Pins on it follow that theme. You can also create separate tables within a single table to display subtopics for the main topic. This way, you will be able to arrange the Pins easily.

How do I create a Pinterest Board?

As a business owner or social media marketer, it's important to create multiple boards and post pins about services, products, and brands. In this way, you will encourage customers to follow the brand and find out everything about services and products in the most appropriate way.

To make you understand how to create Pinterest boards, below is a detailed guide that will help you learn how to create a board in just four simple steps. Follow these steps and get started with using Pinterest for business:

Step 1: Go to your Profile page and click on ‘Table’


At the top right of the Pinterest homepage, you will see your name. Click on it and you see the profile page.

Right below the name, you will see these four options - Tables, Pins, Tries and Themes. Click on ‘Table’ to create a table.

Step 2: Fill in the Name / Title in the new table


Click the ‘+’ button to create a new table. You will be asked to fill in the Name box with a title for the table. Below it, you will see a button named ‘Secret’. Click here, you will make your board Public.

After filling in the name, click on ‘Create‘

Step 3: Edit the table


After filling in the table name, the table you want will be created. Select the third option ‘Edit’ from the three options you will see above Board’s Name.

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After clicking the Edit option, you will see several more options to fill out. Under Board’s Name, you will be asked to fill in the Description box. Put a short, relevant description of your side table there.


The next option would be to select the table category. You will see many options on the drop down list. Choose the most suitable category for the Board. Fill in the other options as required.

Click to save ’.

Step 4: Start pinning


You are now ready to add pins to the table you own. Return to the Pinterest homepage. You will see the ‘+’ button at the bottom right of the page. Click the + button and you'll see options for adding a pin either by uploading a Pin from a PC or by saving a pin from a website.

Choose 1 of the two options and add a description for Pin.

Now you can add more Pins to the table or you can create more tables.

How to use Pinterest for businesses?


Business people often disregard the power of Pinterest. But here are some benefits you will get by using Pinterest:

  • Pinterest relies more on images than text. This is consistent with the lower attention span of people today. Very few people are willing to read long texts about the benefits of a product or service from you.

  • Usage statistics say that Pinterest is being used by more and more millennials, who are also responsible for most of the spending. Therefore, it makes sense to target millennials through Pinterest.

  • According to Pinterest demographics, 250 million users are using Pinterest every month, of which 80% of Pinterest users are accessing through the App. Use the Pinterest board for promotions that help businesses exploit this spending.

  • The power from referrals and repins on Pinterest gives Pins and boards a big progress.

  • Another report published by Pinterest said that 93% of potential buyers reported logging in to Pinterest to get referred before deciding what product or service to buy.

  • Each campaign on Pinterest will cost much less than a traditional advertising campaign.

These facts make Pinterest an obvious choice for businesses and marketers.

How to use Pinterest to increase traffic to your website


  • Instead of making all Pins on the board or randomly pinning images on multiple boards, it is better to arrange the board by subject.

  • Create the expected structure before you begin. Think about all the topics you want to follow, and create matching boards. Things you don't want to highlight should be removed from the list of topics. Also, repeating similar Pins on different boards will be confusing.

  • When the list of topics is ready, start with the first table you own.

  • Instead of creating videos and images right away, use the existing stock of images. This will allow you to evaluate interest for specific types of Pins.

  • Remember that Pinterest boards are storytelling tools. Images and videos you post must weave the story. That will allow you to generate interest and drive traffic.

  • Pinterest boards are dynamic tools. You do not have to put all the content of the day as advertised. Continue to order pins for newer products, special offers, interesting customer feedback, etc.

  • Pay attention to the relevant group table where the business will be involved

How to grow followers with your Pinterest board and account

When you create a new business account and create the first table, the novelty value is sure to attract initial traffic. But as time goes by, you will see the number of followers decrease. That's when you need to take action. Businesses need to continue to retain interest from visitors and increase their followers organically. Here are some tips you should follow:

  • To grow your list of followers, you need to keep creating new content. This is where the Pinterest board differs from regular marketing. Pinterest is so dynamic that you can quickly lose user feeds if there's no new content.

  • Repins cannot be completely ignored. You can repin feedback from customers. You can also repost the developments in your industry. If you already have any press coverage, that will make for a great representation.

  • Speaking of Domain Authorities, you must develop a habit of following people on Pinterest. Domain Authorities are the first type you must follow. But there are also other regular users who are linked to the business and are widely followed. When you follow people, they will most likely follow you back.

  • Keep the interest. Make things interesting with quotes, memes, employee engagement photos, contests and quizzes. This will help you gain followers quickly.

  • It is true that social media is free or costs very little. But it requires a lot of time. If you don't have enough time to use Pinterest, hire someone to manage the Pinterest board.

  • Weave Pinterest into the overall social media presence you have. Having a business account in other social media platforms is fine. Use backlinks from all of them on Pinterest boards and vice versa.

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Pinterest boards - Things to avoid


We said a lot of things you have to do to increase followers on your Pinterest business profile. At the same time, there are also mistakes you should avoid.

  • Pinterest is a dynamic platform. It is not a good idea to keep it with the rules you have. Allow people to pin what they like on the board instead of letting them choose from options.

  • Do not ask them to include comments in pins. Focus more on creating good content.

  • If you post regularly, make sure that each post is different and attract viewers to click.

  • Do not forget to place the share button on the website you own.


It is very clear that using Pinterest correctly is a very good tool for business owners. It will act as a platform for targeted advertising for a growing customer base, or a means to disseminate information to stakeholders, customers and business partners. Different panels are used for different topics, and using relevant, relevant pins will make Pinterest a great tool for business owners.