How to create content for everyone to share on social networks


How to create content for everyone to share on social networks - Most people use social media just to share the part of life with the world. Some people share a lot, others almost don't share anything. Someone wants to make money from social media presence. Whatever the purpose of posting / engaging on social media, you'll be happy to see your post appear in social media posts. People talk about posts you post and share them with a sense of accomplishment.

This post is primarily for influencers, marketers and small businesses. We hope you find inspirational, new information and great, valuable advice.

The good thing about social media is that it gives you the opportunity to reach more people faster. But if the social media posts you own don't reach enough people, a good profile and helpful posts won't help.

The technique mentioned in this post mainly focuses on organic reach, but it will certainly also be beneficial for the promotional video / post, etc.

Benefits of sharing posts on social media


Here are the benefits you will get when social media posts are shared by the people who see them.

  • You will reach a much larger audience over a period of time. This will not happen if friends / spectators and followers use that content. An increase in visitors when people share content you own.

  • Suppose you are trying to sell a product or service. The increased share of content will lead to increased sales. The effect of social media sharing is similar to word of mouth advertising that companies often target before the age of social media. Sharing, commenting and liking will also help you increase social proof for the post you post.

  • Social media is the perfect forum for two-way communication with customers if more and more people share content. You will get accurate feedback, and you will also solve queries easily. Answer questions, quickly in posts, so people see you care about your audience and customers.

  • The wide range of analytical tools available today makes it easy to evaluate choices and tastes from people who participate in the post. If you get a lot of shares on posts, you can use this analytics tool on a larger sample of people to give you a better idea of ​​who follows you.

  • The more people share, the easier it is for you to convey your ideas. Larger groups will see and hear what you want to offer. If the good article you post is not shared, the reach will decrease.

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The rules must follow to get more sharing


  • The first thing about any post, what gets people interested is the title. If it's catchy, not too long and says exactly what the article says, then people will notice and like it. If you are aware of the keywords you need to rank on the search engine, those keywords should be in the title.

  • In case you need to share a link, then you should use bitcoin links for URLs. You should login to com, and enter the affiliate URL you own there, which will take you to the page with the short URL. This helps you track the number of visitors to that shortened link. According to bitly, users on their side generate more than 300 million bitlinks per month.

  • Remember that most people browse the internet with their mobile phones. Therefore, you must make efforts to make content from you responsive. If it is text, you need to keep the paragraph short. If it's a video or image uploading platform, keep the cropping resolution and size easily viewable on mobile phones.

  • Tagging is a great way for people to come to your post and get involved with it. Depending on which social media platform you're using, you're tagged with friends, colleagues, influencers, or even hashtags.

  • In case you're sharing photos or editing photos on social media apps, you should pay special attention to image clarity. You should remember that on such a platform people pay very little attention to the text, so images are all you have to pay attention and promote engagement.

  • You need to invest if you plan to make money from social media posts you own. For example, if you are on a photo sharing platform, you should own a good quality camera. If you're using a text-based social media platform, then you need to spend money on grammar tools, plagiarism tools, etc.

  • You will find enough empirical evidence on the internet about the best time to post on each type of social media. If you use that information, there's a good chance that your posts will be seen by the people you want them to see. And that will lead to greater opportunities for shared posts. Just for you, for example, the traffic on Twitter can be best between 1 pm and 3 pm, but the traffic for Facebook can be worst between 8pm and 8am.

  • You should be inspired by people whose social media posts you admire and follow. But you should avoid blatant copying of everything. You should create a personal style with each social media profile. That will help you attract attention and share content you own.

  • To share photos on social media platforms Instagram or even Pinterest, pay special attention to image quality. This means taking care of the specifications, which are mentioned below.

  • Use more basic colors, and also dark green, pink. Bright colors like red or orange get a lot of attention. Images should have vertical orientation. The ideal color saturation is 50%.

  • If you want an article you own to be shared, you don't really know who is reading the post you posted. So pay special attention to spelling and grammar, so that people get a good impression of you.

  • You need to combine your surroundings to keep the attention of the viewers. If it's a WordPress website, try adding images. But if it's a YouTube video, try adding short description text. Different social media posts should use the entire tool at your disposal.

  • If your social media post has some truth and not just your opinion, then you should check it out before posting. If you share the wrong information, people will also be wary when sharing articles you post in the future.

  • Web content is not limited to just text anymore. People who click the website are looking for interesting pictures and videos. Video conveys messages more easily. It is also more attractive to visitors. But even so, you are dealing with fierce competition. The measure of video quality is not just the number of people watching it. The challenge is in getting visitors to watch it for a long time. The amount of time visitors spend on videos is called video watch time. This metric is important for digital marketing efforts.

  • You need to remove posts in such a way that each post has enough time to be discussed and shared enough before you take the next post. Your viewers should not feel there is too much content from you.

What metrics to keep track of when people share posts


When you put a lot of effort into the social media posts you own, you want them to be shared widely. But you also need to continue measuring the level of sharing of posts you post. You should track these metrics as much as possible:


As more and more posts are shared, you will see your number of followers increase. Most social media platforms have live counters to show you how many followers you have gained.

Depending on which social media platform (FB, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.) you use, make sure to check their own analytics to measure performance, but there are also a few third-party options available. available.

  1. View:

The direct result of multiple shares will be an increased engagement on the posts you own. You can measure that by looking at the increase in comments and likes.

  1. Hit tag

You will tag certain people or use certain hashtags for posts. A good measure of success is when you or the brand you own is tagged back in another post.


As mentioned earlier, the post sharing replicates reach. Let's say the post is viewed by 1000 people, of which 100 are shared. Posts shared by those who are shared will be seen by several hundred people. Sharing posts will give you better access on social media platforms.

  1. Clicks:

Let's say you're using a Facebook page to create a business. You will get next result from sharing from article. If posts from you are being shared well, you will notice an increase in the number of clicks on links.

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If you focus on increasing your content reach, you will reap the benefits. The steps above show you how to get more shares and how to measure the effectiveness of those shares.