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Instructions on how to check the Internet speed with the Speedtest application on Windows 10!

Network speed is one of the determinants and directly affects your Internet usage experience.

To know what your weight is, make sure you use a scale, similarly to know network speed - we need to use a special tool to measure them.

Speaking of network speed testing, nobody knows the site Right: D, and now it has an official app on Windows 10 already.

That's why in this article, I will show you how to install and Use the Speedtest app on Windows 10 Please !

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How to install and use the Speedtest application

Speedtest is a free website, developed by Ookla, that lets you check the current Ping, download and upload speeds of the Internet, to see what information your network service provider is offering. exactly or not.

In addition, it also records the history of the test so you can assess the stability of your Internet, or share with others. Here are some salient features of Speedtest app:

  • Ability to identify the geographical location of the user.
  • Processing information quickly and accurately.
  • The interface is simple, eye-catching and easy to use.
  • Support many application platforms: Chrome, Android, macOs, Windows ....

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In this article I will guide you to use the application Speedtest Free Internet Speed ​​Test Tools. This is an application version of Speedtest, but is made by a 3rd party based on Speedtest's core to develop.

This application is different from the due application Speedtest - Ookla Develop it on Microsoft Store!

If you want to use the Speedtest application developed by the website, you can download it here:

  • For Windows:
  • For Android:
  • For Apple TV:
  • For iOS:
  • For macOS:
  • For Google Chrome:

+ Step 1: First, you open the application store Windows Store In the Start menu up => enter the search box with keyword Speedtest => and select the application with images as I circled in the picture!

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+ Step 2: Click on the button GET is all the download and installation of the application will be done by the Microsoft Store.

If the download fails, check that you have turned off Windows Update! Download finished, click the button LAUNCH to launch the application.

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+ Step 3: This is the main interface of the software, the first time it opens, an introduction window will appear, you click Start Now to continue.

Striking into our eyes is a familiar dark green color of Speedtest with buttons GO very big in the middle. You clicked GO to start the speed test with the default server selected by the application.

The server that the application chooses to test will be the Server that the application deems optimal, you can choose by clicking on the name of the Server that is displayed.

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+ Step 4: The resulting interface is also very familiar, including 4 main parts: Ping, download and upload speed, Jitter (this is something I don't know either: D)

You can change back to the Server test and click the button Again to check again with the new or old server. However, for the most accurate test results, you should do the following:

  • Use network cable RJ45 to connect your computer to the Modem instead of Wifi because it will be given priority for data transmission.
  • Do not make uploads or downloads, watch videos, watch movies during the test.
  • Do not use any VPN software during network testing.

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In addition, you can view your IP and current location, but quite a bit. I live in Hà Tĩnh but it says I'm in Bắc Giang as in the picture 😛

Section left What’s My IP It only shows the IP of the network you are using, and because of security issues, so I do not take screenshots! 😀

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Above is the whole guide to installing and using the Speedtest application to check internet speed Your home on Windows 10 operating system.

Note again this is not an application developed by Ookla, if you want to use the original application, please follow the section I framed above. Good luck !

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