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In trading goods or services, Marketing is an indispensable step if you want to succeed. As is the smartphone industry, smartphone manufacturers have been making marketing investments that are sophisticated, professional, and sometimes strange.

So how did those OEMs market their products? Yes ! If you are interested in this issue, then let's find out more in this article.

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#first. The effect of Marketing?

In theory, marketing is the work of an individual or a group, seeking to bring information about the products or services they are selling to customers, thereby creating trust, relationships and brands. products or services we provide. Literally, advertising is a form of marketing, leaflets are also marketing ....

It is not an overstatement to say that marketing greatly affects the survival of a brand. It is clear that Samsung and OPPO are very aggressive in marketing, and their achievement is to have the world's leading market share.

In contrast, LG and Sony's smartphone segment is very bleak because their business strategy almost doesn't spend money on this.

Companies that don't market at all are miraculously known, their products reach consumers. Or it could be that the product is extremely outstanding and has PR users helping them, which is very rare in this case.

So how have firms been marketing their products?

#2. The Marketing Forms of the OEM smartphone?

Firstly: They will attend technology events. CES or MWC are playgrounds for OEMs with breakthrough technology or they simply participate to promote their products. With the magnitude of such events, their products will be known by many people around the world.

Next: Own your own event. Most OEMs do this to launch products. Just organizing events, inviting highly influential characters, is easy to attract the attention of users, or even non-users.

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Most common: Rely on the media. It is not difficult to catch ads of Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, ... on Facebook, or ads of Vsmart, Samsung, ... on television. Information about their products is also widespread on online newspapers, or even Youtube.

To kicking each other: Huawei carries the performance score of Kirin 980 on the Huawei Mate 30 compared to the Snapdragon 855 chip of the X company, or the Exynos 9820 chip of the Y brand, and also the A13 chip of the Z brand.

Xiaomi has also posted a price comparison poster: A smartphone combo, their laptop costs the same as an iPhone XS Max. Seems like the guys are pretty fond of this kicking game ..

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Renting a brand representative face: In our country market, Oppo hired Son Tung M-TP and Chi Pu as the representative faces. This will help promote the singer to Oppo users, and promote Oppo to that singer's fandom. At the same time, the fact that they invest MV for these singers is also not a bad way to advertise.

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Lurking in the big brands: Most Chinese phone companies do. They copy what is unique to Samsung and Apple and sell it at a cheaper price to boost sales. Oppo and Xiaomi have come up this way.

Use each other to promote: Xiaomi regularly launches flagships just before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S. This will get them noticed due to the influence of Samsung's brand.

Similarly, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Fold on the day the iPhone 2019 was delivered to Vietnam to confirm its higher price segment than Apple.

And there are many other marketing tricks are being applied very thoroughly by firms ...

# 3. Conclude

In order to sell products, everyone needs to be marketing, but putting them together to drown or to take advantage of the brand is not very good.

Which marketing company do you like best? Feel free to leave a comment about your view below the article!

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