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2019 goes through with quite a lot of fluctuations in the smartphone market.

There are fun things, but there are also sad things and even things that don't know whether to be happy or sad. So, in the past year, what is the smartphone remarkable? Please join me in reviewing!

I. What is the highlight of the 2019 smartphone market?

#first. Breakthrough in design

This is a year where quite a lot of OEMs have launched products with unique and strange designs: Trend of the retractable camera starts from Oppo F11 Pro, the folding screen design of Royole Flexpai, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Motorola RAZR, waterfall screen with Vivo NEX 3, dual-sided screen of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, ...


#2. Breakthrough on features

As technology develops, new features are gradually appearing and becoming more popular: For example, 30W, 50W or 100W fast charging technology, under-display fingerprint sensor, gesture control technology, anti-shake algorithm for video recording, algorithm for astrophotography, low light, etc.

And there are many other new features.

# 3. The birth of HarmonyOS operating system

HarmonyOS is the replacement for the Android operating system that Huawei was reluctant to choose, when Google and Huawei were forced to stop cooperation due to the US-China trade war.

# 4. Super Zoom race

Only Huawei and Oppo play. They equipped the periscope for the rear camera, giving the camera the ability to zoom scenes or objects up to 10, 20 or even 30 times while maintaining the same resolution.

# 5. Digital camera race

Nokia 9 Pureview is the first to own 5 rear cameras. Chinese OEMs have also equipped 3-4 cameras for their products, even in the low-cost segment.


# 6. Remote iCloud lock by Minacriss

This is one of the security issues that Apple rarely encountered. The tool is quite destructive, but unlocking services have become more popular, and Apple itself has also supported users to unlock iCloud for iPhones.

# 7. 5G technology race

5G technology has appeared on flagships since early 2019, and until the last few months of the year, 5G has also arrived in the mid-range segment thanks to the Snapdragon 765 chip and MediaTek Dimensity 800.

#8. The flaw cannot be patched on iPhone

This vulnerability exists and can be exploited from iPhone 4S to iPhone X, and this is a vulnerability that cannot be patched with software. Exploiting this vulnerability with Checkra1n can bypass iPhone and jailbreak any affected device.

# 9. The Vietnamese machine is like a Chinese train

This was discovered when a Youtuber performed "abdominal surgery" on the Vsmart Live and Meizu 16XS machines. The exact same hardware makes users gradually lose confidence in Vietnam OEM. Not long after that, Asanzo also launched a smartphone similar to Ulefone's device. Clearly bored!

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#ten. Best-selling iPhone of the year

iPhone XR is the best selling phone in the world this year. However, the situation seems very opposite in our country market.

Smart-phones-in-2019-smartphones-in-2019 (1)

# 11. Best-selling Android phone of the year

It's a Samsung Galaxy A10. This is a mid-range price segment device from Samsung, showing the revival of the Galaxy A series.

#twelfth. Best gaming phone of the year

Not to mention, it's an ASUS ROG Phone 2. This is predictable given that ASUS already has extensive experience in the production of Gaming devices.

# 13. Best smartphone of the year

This award belongs to Oneplus 7T with good price, good finishing, smooth operating system, stable performance, ...

# 14. Best smartphone smartphone of the year

DxOMark chose Huawei Mate 30 Pro, but I don't know!

# 15. Smartphone the most beautiful design of the year

I think this should give the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 color version Aura Glow With a combination of glass and metal design, masculine and very firm grip.

# 15. The weirdest smartphone of the year

This should belong to Nubia Alpha, a smartphone with flexible OLED screen, designed to be worn as a watch.

2019 smartphone-year-old-smartphone-promotion

# 16. The most disappointing smartphone of the year

That is probably Sony Xperia 1.

Joining CES 2019 with such technologies is okay, but the commercialization is too late to make this machine obsolete: a fingerprint sensor on the side, a screen without moles or rabbit ears, no 5G , only 1 RAM option is 6GB, no outstanding technology.

Smart-phones-in-2019-smartphones-in-2019 (4)

II. Conclude

The above is Highlights in the smartphone industry in 2019 Last. What do you expect from this 2020 Smartphone? Please comment below this article for you to discuss.

Wishing you a happy new year!

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