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2018 and 2019 are the 2 years that show the most dramatic change in color scheme on smartphones.

This may seem like just a change to make it more fresh and colorful, but it is surprisingly effective. How does the color on a smartphone affect the number of devices sold? Please find out in this article.

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#first. Color scheme on smartphones

With the popularization of toughened glass for the back of the smartphone from mid-range to low-cost, OEMs have set a precedent to create beautiful colors, and boost sales of the device.

For example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 national smartphone is one of the first mid-range devices to feature a glass back, with a gradient change effect.

This color scheme has to be recognized as very beautiful, youthful and truly unique. It seems that only those colors will sell well, but not. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is a device with a 660 chip that has a performance problem due to heat problems.

But the faulty machine performance will be affected by Thermal Engine similar to Snapdragon 820 chip. But it still sells miraculously, and especially it sells in all colors.

There are colors that you just need to see it very iPhone like Rose Gold or recently Midnight Green. Oppo and Xiaomi have tried to follow those colors to increase sales.

Nubia Red Magic, Gaming Phone line from ZTE's subsidiary, has an impressive blue and red color scheme on the metal back.


And Sony, LG, Pixel or some other less popular brands keep their backs of the same color, but choose very carefully so they don't look too over or purple but full of masculinity, ...

#2. Smartphone color effect

It can be seen that since the smartphone began to change in color, the market began to be more active, especially with the mid-range phone segment.

The national smartphone is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 with a glass back, gradient color effect, and the Galaxy A10 is the best-selling devices in 2019 with youthful, bright blue, striking red and normal black.


Samsung has been revived in the mid-range segment of the Galaxy A and Galaxy M, with hardware restructuring and eye-catching colors, ready to compete with Chinese OEMs.

Colors also become typical or can be said as a brand for a machine. Rose Gold, Gold or Midnight Green became Apple's brand, followed by the companies. Meanwhile, Aura Glow and Aura Blue are two colors typical for this year's Galaxy Note 10 series

And of course, there will be humid machines due to failure to do this. Samsung Galaxy J is typical of the mid-range segment of Samsung a few years ago, died prematurely and merged with the A series, due to the rapid boring in both design and color.

iPhone 5C dull because the colors look like toys, ....


# 3. Conclude

So we can see the color will greatly affect the sales of the machine. The user's aesthetic eye will also greatly affect the number of devices sold in a particular model, although many people say that the device is beautiful or bad, does not matter, it is important quality.

Do you think this is true? Please leave your perspective on this issue!

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