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Recently the number of players Use the Warrior squad Rank rank climb less due to the damage of the Warrior is not great, and there is little control.

And to overcome this limitation, all we need to do is to combine with other teams to maximize strength. That's why I will guide you today climb the rank of Human - Warrior squad Most effective in Auto chess.

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#first. Overview of the Human - Warrior squad

The standard squad consists of 6 Humans - 6 Warriors (because of the 6 Humans there are 2 heroes of the Warrior system).

Heroes in squad: Tusk champion, Redaxe chief, The source, Sword man, Werewolf, Flamming wizard, Doom adjudicator, Pirate captain, Dragon knight and Tortola elder.

auto-warrior-rank-state-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (1)

A special feature when you use the 6 Human squad is that it will activate the intrinsic Mage system because in 6 Human there are 3 heroes in the Mage system.

Passive of squad:

  • 6 Human: Your Human hero heroes have 60 chances when attacking, making the opponent unable to use the ability for 4s.
  • 6 Warrior: All of your Warriors gain 12 additional armor.
  • 3 Mage: Magic resist of all enemy champions is reduced by 35%.

#2. Review of Human - Warrior squad

2.1. Advantages of this squad:

  • Has good resistance from 6 Warriors and has the ability to silence due to the intrinsic Human race.
  • There are both magic damage and great physical damage.
  • The roster integrates many internal races of the clan / system.
  • Strength squad maintained at every moment of the game.

2.2. Defect:

  • Team with many 4 $ heroes has a very low drop rate.
  • There are no assassins to catch the opponent's mainstay.
  • The main damage at the end of the game is accumulated to 3 Mage, otherwise there will be a shortage of damage.

=> Overall this is a quite comprehensive lineup of both offensive and defensive. Can overcome many squads due to multiple intrinsic races / systems.

However, this is a team that needs high dignity, pay attention to raise Lever money early to find the necessary heroes.

# 3. Details of the Human - Warrior squad

3.1. Tusk Champion ($ 1)

auto-warrior-rank-state-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (7)

A Beast of the Warrior-class. Served as a tanker at the beginning of the game but possessed quite large damage from skill. When activated the skill will deal damage 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 normal damage.

3.2. Redaxe Chief (1 $)

Belong to the Clan clan Warrior. Pioneering resistance to satirical skills

auto-chess-in-clan-in-auto-chess (2)

The ability will coerce the opponent within a single box to attack Redaxe Chief and increase yourself by 10/15/20 armor. This is a good guardian hero but also very volatile due to hitting the council.

3.3. Swordman ($ 2)

auto-chess-in-clan-in-auto-chess (3)

Belong to the Clan clan Warrior. Possessing the Perfect Wind ability, Swordman constantly rotates his hand to deal damage around himself. Together with Redaxe chief will activate the Clan clan's internal bonus to help these 2 heroes gain 250 additional energy.

3.4. The Source ($ 2)

Mage-type Human. Although not possessing any skills but this is a very important hero.

auto-chess-human-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

Possessed the ability Thức tỉnh Continuous energy recovery for all allied heroes. This is an extremely important factor to help the squad use the skill continuously.

3.5. Werewolf ($ 3)

auto-warrior-rank-state-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (4)

A Beast of the Warrior-class. Possessing the Turn Wolf ability helps Werewolf turn into a wolf and summons 2 more wolves to attack the opponent.

when the Hoá sói, Werewolf will restore some of his lost health, but due to his long healing skill makes it easy for the hero to die before turning into Wolf.

3.6. Flamming Wizard ($ 3)

Mage-type Human. With the ability to kill slem, Flamming wizard has the ability to shock damage not inferior to the assassin.

Fast attack speed, long range and huge damage have made the "brand" of the Flamming Wizard.

3.7. Pirate Captain ($ 4)

auto-warrior-rank-bang-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (3)

Of the Human-class Warrior. With the ability of U Linh Boat, Pirate Captain has a very strong control and significant damage. However, this is a hero with a low drop ability and a long cooldown time.

3.8. Doom Adjudicator ($ 4)

The last Warrior in the squad and the Demon race.

auto-warrior-rank-state-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (6)

Doom has a Curse that makes it impossible for an opponent to use the skill and burns his vitality over time. This is a very powerful skill that can cause the opponent's mainstay not to discharge damage, helping you easily win.

3.9. Dragon Knight ($ 4)

A hero of both the Human, Dragon and Knight races. Possessing Resonance skill, Dragon knight will merge with dragon and increase damage and attack range.

This is a hero with great damage as well as good resistance when resonating, but this is not an easy hero to find.

3.10. Tortola Elder ($ 4)

The Human race and the last Mage hero in the squad.

auto-warrior-rank-state-human-warrior-in-auto-chess (5)

With the Kamehameha ability, Tortola elder can sweep through the opponent's formation with enormous damage along the way. This is a hero with huge magic damage, but it is very easy to die without using the ability due to the long recovery skill.

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his article about Human - Warrior squad in Auto Chess Mobile game. I hope you guys climb the ranks very well with this squad. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!

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