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As you know, there is a general in the Army who has always been called the god of the forest since his debut. And from there he also took the title of the most mobile general of the Mobile Union.

Speaking of which, you probably already know and guess that he is Nakroth - The blade of judgment. So today, let's Let's analyze about this champion!

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I. Characteristics of General Nakroth

Nakroth Although a strong general, it is very difficult to play, requiring players to have high skills, good judgment and handling of situations.

So in order to play this general or counter it when meeting, let's analyze the characteristics of General Nakroth ha.

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#first. Pros of General Nakroth

- Nakroth is a champion with high mobility, which makes him able to fly around the map, which is hard to catch.

With his mobility, Nakroth is extremely variable in the fighting phase. Can enter the end of the target and go out like a ghost that no one can do. Not only that, the mobility also helps Nakroth make the odd phase pushing extremely uncomfortable.

- Nakroth is an assassin, so he possesses enormous amounts of damage. This is very useful in finishing the target, especially the gunner. Not only that, the possession of a lot of damage also helps kill soldiers quickly to move ganks, support teammates.

- Not only possesses high mobility and large damage, but Nakroth also gives me the amount of control at a stable level. That would help Nakroth when he chose the target it would be very difficult to escape from his blade.

#2. Cons of General Nakroth

Strong is so but Nakroth also has certain weaknesses. And remember these weaknesses to limit when used and overcome when the enemy team uses!

- First of all, despite being a champion with high damage, the defense is weak. Especially very low blood, susceptible to damage shock. Therefore requires players to have a good sense of the situation and appropriate handling. Especially required to know how to get in and out of fights properly and capture the main force.

- In addition, Nakroth's difficulty lies in his ability. With the mobility from the move, it requires the player to know which skill to use properly and how to combine the strongest combo. Not only that, Nakroth's second move is a reverse move, so it is easy to turn around. So please practice carefully before playing to avoid unfortunate events that occur offline!

II. General Nakroth's skill set

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uu-va-nhu-diem-crab-tuong-nakroth (4) The majesty of the Magistrate: The 4th attack kicks the enemy away, and increases their attack speed by 50% when the enemy returns to the ground.

Analysis: With this passive will add more control to Nakroth to easily jungle and kill enemies. Not only that, increasing the attack speed will help Nakroth farm faster in the early game.

uu-va-nhu-diem-crab-tuong-nakroth (3) Jury: Nakroth rushes in the direction of the target within range to knock enemies and causes physical damage. Deactivates rushes back into the direction indicated and causes damage.

Analysis: The double glide adds extra maneuverability to Nakroth to chase prey or cross the terrain. There is also a knockup effect that makes Nakroth easily kill his prey, making them on the scoreboard without understanding what is happening.

uu-va-nhu-diem-crab-tuong-nakroth (1) Source of trouble: Nakroth flipped in the direction indicated and strengthened his next basic attack.

Analysis: With just one more surf, it's no different than the speed for Nakroth.

In addition, the enhanced damage of the next attack helps Nakroth receive massive damage.

Especially when combined with appropriate equipment, critically, the damage caused is immeasurable. This is the premise to carry out the main fighting phase of Nakroth.

uu-va-nhu-diem-crab-tuong-nakroth (2) Sword of Execution: Nakroth swings his sword on all targets in the area, damaging and knocking down enemies at the end. Especially, while using the technique will be exempt from control.

Analysis: As the name implies, Sword of execution is the trick to kill every enemy In particular, the exemption and removal of unrestricted effects will be used in many cases as being poisoned by Mgana, Or my ultimate D’Arcy.

III. Epilogue

So I have just Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of General Nakroth for you guys already. Hopefully through this article you can use General Nakroth better.

Do not forget to visit regularly for a lot of useful knowledge and experience in life. Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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