7 tips for using the Facebook business manager


7 tips for using the Facebook business manager - There are many people who create their own Facebook account and use it for over the long term. But there is great potential for commerce on Facebook. This has encouraged many people to maintain or be part of some Facebook pages. Many agencies assign several people to work on multiple pages. For such a scenario, Enterprise Manager will be of great help. It helps you manage the entire site conveniently.

Another problem many people encounter is while moving from one account to another. The Facebook business manager helps you do that smoothly. Additionally, you get help managing the people who work on that page or group. Let's take a look at some aspects of Facebook Business Manager.

Create and manage Facebook Business Manager accounts


There are two ways to get your account up and running. First, set up your side account, then request your site and group. Next, you are assigned the role for different people to access and use that page. The role you assign is either a Business Administrator or a Business Manager. These people will be part of your profile. You can use it differently if you don't have any existing pages or groups you want to add. You create the profile first and then create the page or group you want to add to your profile. If you are the person who manages the site for someone else, then you are required to access that page through your profile.

In case you've never been there before, you'll need to log in to Facebook Business Manager to create your account. The username and password on this profile must be different from your personal Facebook account. That page will not display in the new Facebook Business Manager profile you created. Once you've created your profile, you'll have several columns to work with. This column is Plan, Create and Manage, Measure and Report, Assets, and Settings. We will talk about each column later in this article.

You also have the option of creating an advertising account in your side profile. When creating your profile, you see the ‘Create an ad account’ button you can use. You should be careful when entering the correct time zone with you. In addition, you will need to provide your preferred currency and payment mode. You will also have to assign separate roles and access levels to different people. For example, your employee will have a different role from an external supplier or partner.



This section has three options to help you plan your marketing campaign. It is very useful when you are using pages and groups on Facebook. This option is ‘Audience details’, ‘Campaign planners’ and ‘Creative hubs’. When you want to plan a new marketing campaign, you start by reviewing the previous campaign if you have any. When you select ‘create plan’, you make the new plan. You also have the option to upload several version side plans. This will help you compare different versions. Outline your side plan will touch on several aspects. These aspects are budget, target audience, campaign side goals, ad placement, frequency of ads and targeted spend per day.

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Measure and Report:


The best designed campaign will likely be damaged if you don't check it often. That will allow you to check how the campaign is performing. That's why you also need to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign. Facebook business manager you are allowed to see the campaign progress with you. It will also give you specific insights about specific campaigns. You are chosen to receive reports within a specific time period. Depending on your goals, you will be able to restructure the order on that metric. You get to the top of the people you care about. You can choose to report from an existing set of report formats or create custom reports. You can do this by selecting specific columns to highlight in your side report. You are set up this report to be generated automatically each week and emailed to you. Each report should be assigned a unique name. This will help you bring content out easily from the report party's name.

When you start using the Facebook Business Manager to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign, it's important to remember your goals. Some campaigns are intended to spread awareness about new innovations or new products. Some campaigns are essentially loss control for previous negative conversations about your company. Some campaigns are specifically made to generate revenue.

Of the most important thing that the Facebook Business Manager used to measure is return on investment. This is the ratio of the total revenue generated by the campaign and the cost of that campaign. If a specific website has several product variations, the ideal ROI (return on investment) will need to be calculated separately for each variation.

There are some useful metrics you can use for your account. Some of them are Pixel, Split Testing, Mobile SDK, Brand Enhancement, and Conversion Upgrade.


There is a useful feature called Projects inside Facebook Business Manager. You can use it to track and use your entire property. You organize all of your assets as a project if you add more assets to the project. Only things to remember when you do this. The business manager will give you a view of certain assets. You will only see a different page or group with your personal Facebook account.



Once your side profile has been created, you have the flexibility to modify something in your side profile. You can change the profile name or associated email id for your party profile after it's ready. Every profile has the main page among the properties on it and you can change this main page by modifying the ‘Business information’ section. The Facebook business manager usually sends you notifications when something changes. You are in control of the mode and frequency of this notification party.

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7 tips to use Facebook Business Manager effectively

  • Keep tabs on Metrics: The number of Facebook users is increasing almost every day. That is why the figures available on this tool sometimes fail. You cannot afford to continue using the selected report for many years. You need to keep track of the latest developments.

  • Choose smart ads: Facebook is gradually limiting the number of ads currently on any news feed. So you need to choose your ads so that they have the greatest impact.

  • Fix it yourself: The Facebook sales manager doesn't provide any help phone numbers to call if you're having trouble. Emails you send will not be answered immediately but only after about 24 hours. That is why you need to fix the problem yourself. You also have access to the user community for answers.

  • Everything is not perfect: There are several benefits to Facebook Business Manager. But you also need to accept that there are still some unresolved issues. There was a problem paying, blocking the account without knowing the reason. You should see some deleted or blocked ads and other issues like this. But Facebook Business Manager is still a great tool in your hands, despite unresolved problems.

  • See what you ask: The business model for a particular asset will be required by any entity. Therefore, you have the choice to allow your agent to request a specific property or you are entitled to request that property yourself.

  • Separate Businesses and Individuals: Although Facebook's Business Manager necessarily separates your personal Facebook Account from your business profile, it doesn't have any such mechanism to avoid confusion. while you provide access to employees. You need to make sure you only add their work-related email ids, not their personal ids.

  • Follow those you admire: Most business users want to follow people who like their side of the property. But you should also keep track of other property owners you liked earlier. It helps you keep track of what they are doing and also generate ideas for you to accomplish.

It is true that not everything on Facebook's Enterprise Manager is perfect. But it's still a really useful way to get everything you need in one place. We are sure the feature will improve further in the future.