6 methods and apps to see who viewed your Instagram profile


6 methods and apps to see who viewed your Instagram profile - Instagram is by far the most popular photo sharing platform. Because Instagram is part of the Facebook group and Instagram tends to favor video content over image content, more and more. We have seen this trend increase every year in the past few years and it may stay the same.

General introduction to Instagram?

Instagram is famous for its eye-catching, easy-to-use design, huge number of active people participating in the platform and of course because of the useful content on here. You can follow anyone you like, your friends, your neighbors, Kendal Jenner, Forbes or pretty much anything else, just need to be determined by your interests. Instagram covers every topic and you will find whatever you like on the platform.

Instagram is also one of the reasons influencer marketing has become popular in recent years and why the industry is growing so fast. Especially Instagram, also incorporates a feature called plus. partner, in which the brand is directly linked to a sponsored post or partnered with Instagrammer, as shown below.


In this post, we will mention the top 5 methods for h to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

Do you know about 'followers' on Instagram?

At this time, you cannot view the exact profile of people who have viewed your profile. You want to find out who is viewing your profile. Or you feel that there's no need to find out who is viewing your account and follow every move you make on Instagram. But, think about some of these questions.

Don't you really want them to be your followers or your admirers?

Who is following your profile?

Who sees your profile and how often?

However, there are solutions to this problem, and while Instagram does not (like other social media sites) allow you to see the exact profile of people who have viewed Instagram with you, you have some tools to get gain some more insight.

Easiest way to follow on Instagram?

When people follow you on Instagram, you really follow people very easily, because you won't even need to access their accounts from your own account or phone.

A very popular tool is www.insta-stalker.com where you can simply enter your username to view their posts and account stories.

Insta-stalker does not require any login or payment information to use the service on their side, but you will not be able to view your private account, which is why we recommend having an account. private.


There are still methods to see who is viewing Instagram profiles and posts

There are many different approaches to analyzing your Instagram account with the same people who are watching, liking, etc. on your profile and posts. As for the story, you are clicking on the story on your side and you are greeted by some basic details about the story, such as how many people have viewed the story on your side. For example, shown below


As you notice, you tend to see your friends' stories first (at the top of your Instagram feed) and then you'll see celebrities and other people, businesses and page you follow. The reason for this is that the more people or Instagram you engage with, the higher the social rating of your account. If you stop watching, like, click on their profile, their social rank will decrease and vice versa.

For this reason, if your account is not Private, or you just want to know more about your followers besides stories you still have a few options.

  • You can switch to a business account

  • You can use the tool to better understand

How to convert a separate account to a business account

Converting your party account into a business account is fairly simple, easy, and doesn't require any difficult costs or setups. Proces is very simple

  • Go to the profile and tab settings icon by your side

  • Tab on settings

  • Tab on "Change to business profile"

  • In general, this will also require you to connect to the business page next to you on Facebook (because businesses usually use this feature), but you should skip this part and only need to gain detailed information about enterprise

  • Add details about category profiles and contact information

Once you have a business account, you'll have access to business features and insights about Instagram

This means that you can add business features, such as contact buttons for users, phone calls and online information to your account as well as specific information about Instagram, for allows you to get more specific information about your posts, followers and level of interaction with you.

Examples of specific information on Instagram when registering a business account


Use useful tools

When using the tool there are many options for you to choose. Most tools are used for businesses when it comes to adding features, functions, etc. which also means that some tools are paid options.

We will only include the tool in this post, most of which is focused on personal accounts and therefore is also free.

If you are afraid of your account followers, always remember to post responsibly and make your account private so only your followers will see your post.

Here is our list of 3 recommended analytics tools to better understand your followers!

  1. Ins Eye - Analyze followers


Ins Eye is a popular Instagram analytics application. This is the perfect application if you want to know more about your followers, those who are viewing your profile as well as those who like but don't follow.

So you know who sees your Instagram accounts and posts with you.

This tool is great for influencers, personal trainers, designers, musicians, businesses or anyone else intending to develop Instagram with them or get more detailed information. about following their Instagram profile in general.

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  • Follow followers are lost

  • Find the best and worst followers

  • Identify the most popular posts

  • Follow comments, likes deleted

  • Follow people who often comment on your posts

  • Find out who blocked you

  • Insights on users and media

  1. FollowMeter for Instagram


FollowMeter is another popular analytics app for Instagram users with over 3 million downloads. This is also simple to use and allows you to follow the main feature of your profile and then follow the growth of your followers.

FollowMeter also offers a premium paid version with a few extra features, but the features listed below are included in the free version.


  • Follow the number of followers gained

  • Follow the number of followers lost

  • Follow the number of people not following

  • Follow most photos and videos with less likes

  • Follow the total number of likes

  • Follow total comments

  • Follow the average comment

  1. InTrack


InTrack is another Instagram app that allows you to get some interesting and unique information about your Instagram account and followers with you. This tool offers a 7-day free trial and then a $ 4.99 monthly subscription, but try it out and see if you like it.

With InTrack, it's easy to see who has viewed your Instagram account. Try it out to see if this is right for you.


  • Follow 'ghost followers'

  • Follow who has followed or unfollowed you

  • Follow who follows

  • Follow post performance

  • Follow the best followers

  1. Analytics for Instagram + Likes (Instatistc)


Analytics for Instagram + Likes (Instatistc), also known as Instatistc is another great application for you to see people who have unfollowed you, who did not follow you back, follow followers, profile visitors, ....

Instatistc has a separate followers feature, where you'll see the most recent followers on your Instagram profile. The application offers a paid subscription, but this is the cheapest option for only $ 0.99 / month.


  • Follow account analysis

  • Follow increase / decrease followers

  • Follow followers and profile visitors

  • Follow account performance

  • Follow comments with likes deleted

  • Follow the followers you like the article

  1. Unfollowers on Instagram Get


This app is a fast and accurate tool for analyzing followers for your Instagram. You get weekly reports about Instagram performance and analysis on your side, find recent followers, follow people who don't follow your account.

This is another great example of an app where you can see who's viewing your photos and videos on Instagram.

The app offers the option to pay $ 6.99 / month for their party registration.


  • Fast fast un-follow feature to unfollow those who do not follow you

  • General instagram analysis

  • Follow the article you like best (photos and videos)

  • Follow people who view your profile but don't follow you

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  1. Followers Stats + for Instsgram


This tool has great layout and easy-to-use design. This is a popular application for Instagram and you are allowed to analyze your account with likes, comments, hashtags and more.


  • Follow how many people have blocked you

  • General analysis of photos and videos with you

  • Follow popular hashtag

  • Follow how many comments have been blocked

  • Follow people who don't follow you

  • Get to know your followers on Instagram

Those are our recommendations when it comes to some of the most popular apps for Instagram when analyzing your Instagram account and looking for followers. All of these tools offer a free version so you can use them for free. However, some of them offer a premium version with more features and details.

Let's start with the app above and find out who doesn't really follow you and who love you on Instagram.