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Buy domain from reputable vendors

Domain - The domain name, which is also the 'brand' of the Website, needs to choose reputable suppliers to avoid the loss of domain injustice after the Website is famous, or cause difficulties when you want to transfer to another provider. .

Currently, the domain price depends on what extension the Dot is and there are some differences in each vendor:

  • .Net or .com domain names from $ 8 - $ 13 should be purchased at Namesilo, Namecheap, Name.com or Godaddy.
  • National domain name .vn or .com.vn / .net.vn is only distributed by local suppliers with prices from $ 25 - $ 35 in Nhan Hoa, Z.com
  • Super cheap domain names like .xyz, .pro, .club or .info cost only $ 0.88 at Namecheap.
  • Special domain names like .co, .org or .shop cost from $ 3 - $ 10 at Namecheap, Name.com or Godaddy.

Domain recommended 2020

  • In particular, Exabytes 2020 is the cheapest provider of .com / .net domain name! Use coupon FACEBOOK, NPS, NAMEPROS, LET, COM-COUPON or COM-NAMEPROS you will get a discount of $ 4.99 - each coupon is disposable!
  • Namesilo and Namecheap, CloudFlare in 2020 Free offline lifetime information.
  • Inside Namesilo is the cheapest provider of renewal - so if used long term should choose Namesilo!
  • If buying domain name dot VN must buy VN suppliers. And other regions are best not to buy from Vietnamese suppliers, because of the high price extension and difficult transfer.
  • Some providers such as PA, Vinahost, Nhan Hoa ... are very difficult when they want to move the domain to another place.
  • Some promotions drop sharply in the first year, but the next year you have to renew high prices, not to move away (unless you compensate for the rebate - Oh my Banana !!!)

Use an SSL certificate appropriate to the Website

SSL security certificate - 2020 has become a mandatory factor for websites to be trusted and ranked high SEO.

Browsers will warn users if they visit the Website without installing SSL, and Google also confirms that SSL will be one of the factors affecting the ranking of websites on Google Search:

  • Can use free SSL of CloudFlare Flexible SSL or Let’s Encrypt, meet the normal needs.
  • With personal websites, shop sales, to be more stable and compatible with many mobile devices, we can choose DV SSL, priced from $ 9 - $ 29 at Namecheap. Especially if you buy the domain name, the price of Positive SSL is only $ 1.99 at Namecheap.
  • For organizational websites, businesses should use SSL certified with OV SSL or EV SSL priced from $ 29 - $ 89 at Namecheap.


Most of the Shared Hosting service providers in 2020 will have built-in SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate in cPanel, activated in one click - very convenient.

See how to Activate SSL on cPanel

If you buy hosting somewhere that does not have this feature, you should review the quality of that ncc hosting.

If using VPS, please see this tutorial:

Instructions for installing SSL Let's’s Encrypt on VPS

From 2018 onwards - the lack of an SSL certificate will be warned by browsers as "Not secure" - Your website will lose serious points not only for users but also for search engines like Google Search!

Prioritize the free Whois Privacy service

Whois Privacy - Domain security service, selectable or not. If you want everyone to know who the website owner is, phone number, email, address ... then you may not need this service.

In contrast, prioritize buying domain names at Namecheap, Name.com, Namesilo to get free Whois Privacy, .. in other places like Domain.com or Godaddy, Whois Privacy prices range from $ 3 to over $ 10 / year.

Where to hunt cheap domain names

You can buy most types of domain names from .com, .net, .vn, .shop ... with very cheap prices only from $ 1 / year if you follow CanhMe.com blog, this is a blog that offers promotion news. hosting, the largest domain in Vietnam today.

CanhMe.com has a great feature, which is the price list of the domain, to update 24/24 prices of all types of domain names - new registration - renewal - transfer to help you easily buy the cheapest domain in All the time from reputable domain providers around the world:

See Domain price list Canhme.COM

Explore more: Top cheap domain name provider

Use Domain Mail to create a professional style

Domain Mail, or email under your own domain name, when you conduct email marketing campaigns or contact customers, using email with the domain of the website will create trust and professional style, such as [email protected].

Sign up for free at Yandex (see Yandex signup instructions) or Zoho, or paid service Google Apps-G Suite if you like.