10 wordpress plugins to speed up your website and improve SEO


10 wordpress plugins to speed up your website and improve SEO - Here's how to increase website traffic, conversion rates, improve organic SEO rankings with tools and plugins that optimize wordpress speed.

Never worry about slow loading websites, e-commerce websites, landing pages with wordpress website, after reading this post. In this article, we will introduce you the best plugin to speed up the web and improve SEO.

Benefits of fast loading website:

  1. More traffic

Research shows that reducing download time in 2 seconds, the ability to increase traffic by 20%. This will have a great impact on the website, especially if you are running an ecommerce website. This will also improve the overall visitor / customer experience on the website.

  1. Low bounce rate

Low bounce rates are certainly also important. First of all, google loves low bounce rates because this shows that visitors have found what they were looking for (not having to return to google search). This is also important for the obvious reason that visitors stay on the page for longer periods.

  1. Improve SEO rankings

Combined with the reasons mentioned above, you will improve your SEO rankings by having a faster website

  1. Higher conversion rates

Faster websites will also lead to higher conversion rates, which equates to increased revenue and more profits. Even without running an e-commerce store, you'll benefit from a higher conversion rate with more choices on your landing page or more software downloads, etc. Having a higher conversion rate will also significantly increase advertising ROI (also known as ROAS, pay back advertising spend) because you'll have to spend less money to sell, etc.

Top 10 plugins for wordpress

  1. Prefmatters

10-plugin-wordpress -upup-tang-toc-website-and-design-website

The main way this plugin speeds up your website is to disable things that aren't used on your website. For example, by default emoticons load on every page from the website. If you do not use them, this will slow down the website. By disabling these scripts, the script no longer loads and it will reduce the total number of HTTP requests, page size. Another great optimization is to restrict article modifications. They can quickly turn off the database and backup the website. By limiting them, you ensure fast and flexible databases.


Even if you already have a buffer plugin, this is worth it.

Main features:

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Works with existing caching plugins

  • Disable unused scripts

  • Support for DNS prefetching

  1. WP Fastest Cache


There are simple and advanced plugins, but these are among the easier to use. Just install, activate, and you don't need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically. More than 200,000 people are using it and it also has a lot of positive reviews in wordpress.org.

Main features:

  • Mod_Rewrite, the method used in this plugin

  • The administrator has the right to delete the entire cache file from the options page

  • Administrators can delete the css, js file shortened from the options page

  • Block buffers for specific webs or posts with Shortcodes

  • Buffer timeout out - All cached files are deleted at the specified time

  • Enable / Disable cache for mobile devices

  • Enable / Disable buffers for logged in guests

  • Buffer preloading - Automatically generate buffers of all pages

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  1. Super WP cache


This is also a speed and caching optimization tool very popular with WordPress. It has over 1,000 reviews with 4.5 out of 5 stars and supports almost every feature you need with this type of plugin. It has a lot more advanced features and can be modified when you need it. However WP Super cache feature som should you install, this certainly has some more advanced features.

Main features:

  • Supports many types of buffers (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy)

  • Preloading cache

  • Rebuild cache

  • Serve static html files

  • Support CDN

  1. Cache Enabler


Cache Enabler is an amazing plugin from the team at KeyCDN. This is a lightweight reserve plugin that will set you up in minutes.

It comes with alternatives to set cache expiration times, thumbnail settings and a few different options. In addition, it has few features but that's the whole purpose of this plugin.

When you must include a CDN, you can use a sister plugin with this called CDN Enabler. Apply the same rule - light weight and simple to set up.

Main features:

  • Effective and fast disk cache tool

  • Automatically or manually delete the buffer

  • Manually filter specific pages buffer

  • Display the actual buffer size in the control panel

  • Minimize HTML and inline JavaScript

  • Support 304 Not modified if the page has not been modified since the last archive

  • Works perfectly with Auto Maximize

  • HTTP / 2 focus

  1. W3 Total Cache

10-plugin-wordpress -upup-tang-toc-website-and-design-website

This plugin is very high performance, not easy to use as well as the most difficult but a lot of customization for wordpress website. This definitely helps you improve your SEO rankings. However, we usually only recommend this to advanced users.

Main features:

  • Improvements in rankings for search engine results pages, especially for mobile-friendly websites using SSL

  • Instant page views

  • Optimize progressive rendering: pages begin to render quickly and will be interacted faster

  • Reduce load time: increase the time visitors on the website; visitors view more web

  • Improve web server performance

  • Maximize bandwidth through scaling and compression of HTTP HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds

  1. WP Super Minify


WP Super Minify consolidates JS, HTML and CSS documents so that they are compressed and satisfied to visitors in a way that reduces access time.

As they say on wordpress:

This software combines, reduces and caches JavaScript, inline CSS files on demand to speed up page loading.

It is worth noting that you should be careful when setting up this type of plugin, because we previously discovered that sometimes specific themes and plugins will struggle and create problems with this type of plugin. We don't use this plugin on this website, but we often think it's fine, but not the best.

WP Super Minify gives you the option to disable JavaScript compression or CSS capability just in case there are any conflicts.

Main feature:

  • Minimize JavaScript, CSS and HTML

  • Option to turn off CSS / JavaScript compression

  • Easy to use

  1. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

10-plugin-wordpress -upup-tang-toc-website-and-design-website

Smush is a standardized tool to optimize images to make website loading speed faster. Smush is by far the best plugin to optimize, compress images, and quite easy to set up.

Main features:

  • Optimize images using advanced lossless compression techniques.

  • Set width, maximum height, and large images automatically scale before being added to the media library

  • Processing JPEG, GIF and PNG image files.

  • Automatically blur attachments for super fast compression when uploading.

  • Manually blur attachments in a media library or batch of 50 attachments at once.

  • Blur images without lag when using the fast, reliable Smush API of WPMU DEV.

  • Global and individual settings for Multisite

  • See advanced compression statistics on each attachment and total library.

  1. BJ Lazy Load

10-plugin-wordpress -upup-tang-toc-website-and-design-website

This is one of the less used plugins, but it still has some good performance. This plugin makes website load faster, save bandwidth. This plugin replaces all post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images, content iframes with placeholders and loads the content as it approaches to enter the browser window as visitors scroll through the page. Also works with text widgets.

Main features:

  • Replace post image, Gravatar image and post thumbnail

  • Replace the iframe content with a placeholder until the content needs to load

  • Plugin uses jQuery to operate

  1. Compress JPEG & PNG images


This is the basic JPEG & PNG compression tool. You upload images on the website then you can expect to save between 40-60% on PGN and 50-80% on JPEG, which is still really good. Then you will save memory, bandwidth and wordpress website faster. And again, increasing SEO rankings. However, this is much more basic than some other plugins.

Main features:

  • Compress JPEG & PNG up to 80%

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Batch optimization feature

  • Compatible with e-commerce and many other platforms

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  1. Autoptimize

10-plugin-wordpress -upup-tang-toc-website-and-design-website

Autoptimize makes website optimization really easy. It aggregates, shrinks and stores the script, the buffer style, inserts the CSS at the top of the page by default, and moves and delays the script to the footer. It also shrinks the HTML code, making the page really light. It does a great job at speeding up wordpress / WooCommerce websites, but the support is not as sharp as other pages. Although the FAQ will cover pretty much anything you need. The plugin works great and has great overall performance.

Main features:

  • Join all scripts and styles, minimize and compress

  • Minimize HTML code

  • Lightweight plugin

  • Can be used with some of the above plugins to create synergy