10 tips to help attract more participants on social networks


10 tips to help attract more participants on social networks - There are two things that make social media such a difficult thing to conquer. First, it is growing every day. What you know or learn about it today may no longer be relevant next month. Second, is that it needs to be new. A post that many people like and share might have been content in the past week.

Social media started out as a way to keep in touch with people. It then became a way for people to broadcast their information and opinions. Today it has evolved into a highly effective marketing tool used by all types of businesses. With its first mission (keeping in touch with people), participation in social media is absolutely unnecessary. But for now, many times your business situation depends on your social media posts.

Easy way to engage on social media

Every business needs to tap social media for two reasons. First clear on business development. Second, many consumers use social media to solve queries. Or they use it to register complaints. If a business doesn't participate sufficiently on social media, bad publicity can be harmful. Let's take a look at ten easy ways to get more engagement on social media.

1. Use images:

A viewer would love to read all about your business. However, a post on a social media channel with only a long paragraph will not catch people's attention. You have to put in graphics, photos, videos and even some memes. At Facebook itself, more than 100 million hours of video watch every day. A video and image are effectively exploited to describe the products and how to use them.

But product descriptions may not be the only purpose. Many companies use gifs or memes just to attract their viewers better for the purpose of creating humor. This non-text supplement can also sometimes be used to make fun of competitors. However that is only if it fits the brand. In fact, according to a study done in 2016 by Quintly, it was shown that Facebook videos won the race for engagement rate, 186% higher than from YouTube videos.

2. Positive responses:

People will have a lot to say on social media posts. They are your guests, partners or potential guests. You need to make sure you answer all comments and queries on your profile.


You should note that sometimes people are very upset. This is especially true if they have problems with the product. The reaction you need should be objective and polite all the time. Other potential guests will follow these conversations. They will form brand ideas based on the answers.

3. Post as planned:

If you depend on social media to create a business, you need to be consistent. You cannot post three updates for the week, and then remain silent for the next two weeks. To be consistent, it's best you can have monthly, quarterly plans. Depending on the products and services you have, you may choose different things based on your plan.

You may want to post around festivals and holidays or you may want to choose political events. You can also post before, during and after sporting events. If you have a schedule in advance, you can take the time to create content first, instead of being in a hurry. You will find many content creation tools on the internet.

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4. Please respond:

In the past, advertisers often created ads based on what the brand wanted to convey. But social media is not a one-way communication. You need to understand what your followers or audience want to say. This will assist you in creating the right content. Also, sometimes post content that is not about your brand. An article on a common topic that will start an exchange can give you useful insights. Listening to the story will give you insights on your guests.

5. Use content created by followers:

You can get two obvious benefits if you use the content your followers or fans create. First, you can easily reach out to your other followers. Second, when you ask users to create content for you, it will improve their level of participation more.


Depending on what your product is, you have many options. You can ask users to create a logo, write a slogan or post their picture using your product.

6. Concise and quality content:

An article will only get involved if the reader reviews the whole article. But it's difficult if you upload a 10-paragraph post or a 20-minute video. That's why you need to remember, keep things short. If your video or text is too long, the average watch time will decrease significantly. Viewers will not read to the end. That is almost impossible to create participation. So you need to keep it short and quality.

7. Be consistent:

The consistency stated here is not what was mentioned earlier in this article. Consistency here refers to a repeat look and feel across all social media profiles. You can have a consistent color scheme, and you can have the same post type everywhere. If you have an interesting personality from the brand, you can align the color, the profile layout. Everything changes if you have a more serious way of engaging with followers or users. In that case, the social media profiles have a corresponding view.

8. Seek cooperation:

The market is not always competitive. You should join with other brands. You can set up a shared advertising drive with a partner company. This will help you best share and use each other's resources. The ideas you use are contests, exchanging gifts, linking back to each other's websites, tagging each other's social media profiles, etc.

9. Using social media tools:

If you have not generated enough traffic thanks to your own efforts, you should see the various tools available on the internet. These tools will automate your effort to get involved without you having to spend time and effort.


You don't need to find short links for web. These tools will do it for you. Finally, an important activity is to find ways to measure the effectiveness of social media engagement efforts. This tool provides analysis to help you evaluate the effectiveness and recommend corrective actions, if any.

10. Select a reasonable time to post:

You should create more posts on social networks, when more people are online. If you post at a time when fewer people are online, your post will be pushed down below by the time people actually log in.

A quick search on the internet gives you the results of several studies that tell you when is the period when the amount of activity is the most and least. If your potential guests are in some countries, then you need to give priority to the area. For example, people in London can spend time for social media on different days and times than those in India.

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The end Comment

All of the above tips are essential when businesses want to use social media to generate leads and generate revenue. In particular, these tips are still useful even if you are an amateur who does not have any commercial goals from your social media posts. A good social media profile, good quality posts deserve a lot of engagement.

Without high-quality traffic, social media posts are simply a waste of time and effort. That is why it is important to combine those two factors. You should keep creating great content. Besides, you should do everything to ensure that good posts, reach more people, make them interact with you.